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See Kunzite.

Meiou Setsuna/Sailor Pluto

Meiou Setsuna/Sailor Pluto Setsuna doesn't appear until Sailor Moon S, but she appears as Sailor Pluto, and the voice of LunaP in Sailor Moon R. As Sailor Pluto, she is the lonley guardian of the gate of time. Sailor Pluto is in love with King Endymion in the future, but doesn't dare pursue anything with him; She knows how much Usagi cares for him, and she has too much respect for their relationship. Setsuna wants to be a fashion designer. She is older than all the other senshi, she is already out of school. Setsuna is very wise, and she cares very much for for Chibiusa, or "Small Lady," as she's known her. Small Lady is really like Sailor Pluto's closest thing to a best friend. It's kind of sad how isolated she is...


See Umino Gurio.


See Kayama Mika.


Esmeroodo Mimete was the second of the witches 5 in the Sailor Moon S season. Mimete kills Eudial by tampering with her brakes to make her drive off a cliff. Mimete loves Bishounens, and targeteted them for their pure hearts. Mimete tried to make herself stronger using some machine, but Tellu pulled the plug, and Mimete was killed.


See Aino Minako.

Mistress 9

Mistress 9 Mistress 9 had possessed Tomoe Hotaru. Mistress 9's mission was to summon Master Phaoroh 90. Mistress 9 killed the reserected Kaolinite. Mistress 9 was destroyed when Hotaru repossesed her body, and Sailor Saturn was discovered.

Mizuno Ami/Sailor Mercury

Mizuno Ami/Sailor Mercury Ami-chan is the first inner senshi to be discovered. She is a very intelligant girl, at the top of all her classes! She spends most of her time studying. She is also an excellent swimmer, nearly as good as Michiru! Ami-chan is the senshi of water, more specifically Ice, Sailor Mercury! Sailor Mercury's attacks aren't very strong, but Mercury has a visor that scans, and a computer that can get them out of binds. Problems are a lot more easily solved when you have Mercury! Ami doesn't have very high self-esteem. She can be easilly upset by other people who reject her.

Momohara Momoko

Momohara Momoko Momoko is one of Chibiusa's friends who appears in Sailor MoonR and Sailor MoonSuperS. Other than the fact that she is one of Chibiusa's friends, and that she has purple hair, I don't really know anything else about her. She is a very minor character.


Nayotake Himeko

Nayotake Himeko Himeko appears in the SailorMoonS movie. She is Kakeru's true love. Himeko and Kakeru went to college together, and Himeko was the one who got to live their dream: To go into Outerspace. Himeko was a part of the Lunar Frontier Project. When Himeko was in space she saw what she believed was the "Princess Snow Kaguya" that Kakeru had tried to tell her about. When Hime came back from space, Kakeru was there to greet her :)

Neo Queen Serenity

See Tsukino Usagi.


Nephrite Nephrite was the second General to work for Queen Beryl in the first season. Nephrite believed that the stars ruled everything. He used the stars guidence to find his victims. He would bring their energy to its peak, and then they would transform into one of Nephrite's youma-things. Naru fall in love with Nephrite, and still loved him after she discovered the truth about him. Nephrite had discovered the truth of who Sailor Moon is, but Zoisite had him killed, and Sailor Moon's true identity died with him. Naru was devistated when Nephrite died, and she was depressed for a good while afterwards.


Oozora Kakeru

Oozora Kakeru Kakeru appears in the SMS movie. He is the man that Luna falls in love with. Kakeru is in love with Himeko. Kakeru finds one of Princess Snow Kaguya's ice drystals, and it takes his energy. Luna brakes the connection by becoming human to be his Kaguya, and to tell him to go to his true love (Himeko.) As much as Luna loved him, all she cared about was saving his life. In the begining of the Movie, Kakeru had jumped in front of a car too keep Luna from becoming Kitty road kill. Luna had to let him go though, and she found her true love to, Artemis ^_^


Oranjiya Oranjiya is a very minor character, but I thought I'd tell you about him anyway. He is a spirit from the Sailor Moon SuperS movie. He is turned into a bird by either Sailor Uranus, or Sailor Mars (I'm not sure witch one.)

Osaka Naru

Osaka Naru Naru is Usagi's best friend. She first falls in love with Nephrite, but later she falls in love with Umino Gurio ^_^ Naru is often targeted by youmas. Naru is very close to Usagi, and she knows that she can count on Usagi for anything. Usagi is the first person that Naru calls when she needs help... Naru appears in the first season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

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