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I apologize about this area. For the longest time I had these movie fles uploaded onto my server at Homestead. Someone had informed me that Homestead wouldn't allow the files to be downloaded from my website here, so I am in the process of moving the files to my server on (I don't have enough disk space on this server to keep them here.) Please inform me of any problems you may have with the Xoom server, thankyou!

Preview Description File
aquamirage.mpg Sailor Mercury's Special attack, "Aqua Mirage." In .MPG file format.
burningmandala.mpg Sailor Mars's "Burning Mandala" attack in MPG format.
cytake.avi Ptilol takes the pure hearts of students. Avi Format;(Japanese)
deadscream.mpg Sailor Pluto uses her "Dead Scream" Attack; MPG format.
flamesniper.mpg Super Sailor Mars's "Flame Sniper." (MPG Format)
HOCHAIR.avi Hotaru in a chair;AVI Format (Japanese)
jupiteroakevolution.mpg Super Sailor Jupiter's "Jupiter Oak Evolution." (MPG Format)
loveandbeautyshock.mpg Super Sailor Venus's "Love And Beauty Shock." (MPG Format)
pinksugarheartattack.mpg Sailor Chibi Moon's "Pink Sugar Heart Attack." (MPG Format) Eternal Sailor Moon comes to late to save Pluto and Saturn; .MOV Format. (Japanese) Sailor Star Healer and Maker Transform(MOV Format)
chain_of_black_roses.mpg Evil Prince Endymion throws a black rose at Sailor Moon(MPG Format)
change.avi Sailor Pluto's transformation.(AVI Format)
demando.avi Prince Demando dies saving Sailor Moon(Avi Format)
hardream.avi Haruka dreams of Sailor Neptune(AVI Format)
hot-sat.avi Sailor Saturn's Transformation(AVI Format) The inner senshi die after protecting the Stalights and having their starseed taken (MOV Format; Sailor Stars series) Sailor Mars dies after protecting the starlights; a continuation of the file above [] (MOV format)
reixfrom.avi Sailor Mars's Henshin(Mov Format)
rtrans.avi Sailor Moon uses the Ginzuishou and becomes Princess Serenity. (SMR Movie; AVI Format)
justar.avi Jupiter's Henshin(AVI Format)