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This was the first layout used on "Dark Angel's Evolution." Before this layout I had used frames, and the name was called "Dark Angel's Sailor Moon Lair." I didn't care too much for that name, or the layout, so I changed it! You May have seen this design up between the Winter Of 98 up until this current layout has been installed in the early summer of 99. The original images of the corner layout I had got from Team Venus. At the time, I just loved the idea of a cute corner layout, but it does take a while to load!

This is a very recent design, and it is currently seen on the lite version of this page. I like this layout. It's simple, and pretty! I got the original layout from Sailor Moon Free Graphics, owned by Anna. I always try to change any borrowed layout ideas found in Graphics pages, mainly because I want to have the satisfaction of knowing that I have the only page that looks this way (unless someone is ripping me off..). Anyway, I like this layout, and you can still see it online here.

This is the original version of the summer-fall front page. For once, I am also happy to say, that this is the first layout in a long time that was completely made by me! The other 2 layouts were borrowed from Main Page Design sections of Graphics pages, But this was all me! There is nothing more satisfying than seeing what I can really do with images when I set my mind to it. I hope all of you like it since it's original! I am very happy with the way it has turned out, and I hope all of you are too!

This is the current layout. It is just slightly revised from the original version above. It is still very simple, but I thought I would add some background to it. I was staring to think that it was getting to dull looking...

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