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ParaPara ParaPara is a member of the Amazoness quartet of the Dead moon Circus that appeared in the 4th season of Sailor Moon. ParaPara actually switched the ages of Usagi and Chibiusa! ParaPara and the other members of the Amazoness Quartet were all healed by Sailor Moon, and parapara became a senshi of her asteroid.


Pegasus Pegasus appears in the 4th season of Sailor Moon. Queen Neherenia wanted to kill Pegasus in human dreams. Pegasus is really Elios, who is the preist of Elyson in the center of the Earth.


Peruru Peruru is a spirit from the SMSS movie who meets Chibiusa. After just meeting her once, she changes his life as a spirit. Peruru is Puplan's younger brother. Peruru cares very mch for Chibiusa, even if they had only known each other a short while.


Petz Petz is the oldest Ayakashi sister of the Black Moon family in SailorMoonR. Petz was very power hungry, and it was even more severe when she got a hold of Rubeus's strobe. Petz was healed when she noticed the Error of her ways. Her attack was Dark Thunder. Petz had also had a relationship with Safiiru in the past.

Prince Demando

Prince Demando Prince Demando is the ruler of the Black Moon Family. He has a younger brother named Safiiru. Demando fell in love with Neo Queen Serenity, and when he could have her, he went after the younger version: Sailor Moon. Demando tried hypnotizing Sailor Moon to make her love him, but her love for Mamoru was too strong for it to work. Demando protected Sailor Moon from an attack by Wiseman, and died because of it. He had realized the error of his ways, and that his brother Safiiru was right about Wiseman. Demando actually did love Sailor Moon...

Princess Kakyuu

Princess Kakyuu Princess Kakyuu is the Starlights Princess. Many people often translate her name as "Princess Fireball" but there is no official translation yet. Kakyuu's planet was destroyed by Galaxia.

Princess Snow Kaguya

Princess Snow Kaguya Princess Snow Kaguya is the enemy in the SMS movie. She is trying to use her snow dancers to freeze the earth and add it to her collection. The senshi were able to stop her by using the Silver Crystal Power of the Ginzuishou.


Ptilol Ptilol is the 5th witch of the Witches 5 with her twin Cyprine in the third season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, SailorMoonS. Ptilol and her sister Cyprine used their staves to reflect the senshi's attacks, but they were tricked into reflecting attacks at each other, and the senshi were able defeat them.


Puplan Puplan is the older brother of Peruru. He is a spirit from the SuperS movie. He was turned into a bird by Sailor Uranus. Puplan and the other spirits weren't really bad, they were just convinced by Queen Vadilianne that "A place where children can be children forever" was a good thing.


Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl Queen Beryl was the main enemy from the first season of Sailor Moon. She sent Generals out to gather energy. Queen Beryl was also the first who attempted to take Mamoru away from Usagi. Sailor Moon, with the [spiritual] help and strength of her friends were able to defeat Queen Beryl, but the power of the Ginzuishou destroyed Sailor Moon as well.

Queen Metalia

Queen Metalia Queen Metalia is the higher power that Queen Beryl always turns to. She is only seen and given the real name in the manga of Sailor Moon.

Queen Neherenia

Queen Neherenia Queen Neherenia appeared in SailorMoon SuperS. She also tried to take Mamoru away from Usagi unsuccesfully. She was the head of the Dead Moon Circus. She wanted to kill the pegasus in human dreams and become queen of the earth with Mamoru. Queen Neherenia was destroyed by the end of the season, but Galaxia awakened her so that Saturn would be awakened, and she could then collect Saturn's starseed.

Queen Serenity

Queen Serenity Queen Serenity was Princess Serenity's mother durring the Silver Millennium. Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion were killed by Queen Beryl, So Queen Serenity gave her life to have her daughter, as well as eveyone else who had died, reborn on Earth. Queen Serenity appears periodically throughout the series and helps out Sailor Moon, but after the 2nd season, Queen Serenity isn't really part of the storyline anymore..

Queen Vadilianne

Queen Vadilanne Queen Vadilanne tried to suck the earth into her Black Dream Hole, and she used spirits to try and get them to bring children there. She believed that the Black Dream hole was "A place where children can be children forever." Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon used Their Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack to destroy the black dream hole.

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