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Sailor Starlights

Japanese Name: Kou Seiya Kou Taiki Kou Yaten
Name Meaning: Light Of The Star Arrow Light of The big Air Light of The Night Sky
Birthday: July 30 May 30 February 8
Astrological Sign: Leo Gemini Aquarius
Blood type: A AB B
Resposibilities: Lead Vocals Lead Guitar Keyboard
Hobbies: American Football Reciting Poetry Cameras
Favorite Food: Hamburgers Sushi Caviar
Least Favorite Food: ----- ----- -----
Favorite Gem Stone: ----- ----- -----
Favorite Subject: Physical Education Literature Art
Least Favorite Subject: Literature None Physical Education
Strong Points: ----- ----- -----
Has trouble with: Girls Arguments Physical Exertion
Dream: ----- ----- -----
Height: 5'5" 6'2" 5'0"

Attack Chart

Starlight Series Transformation Attack
Sailor Star Fighter Sailor Moon Stars Fighter Star Power, Make Up Star Serious Laser
Sailor Star Maker ----- Maker Star Power, Make Up Star Gentle Uterus
Sailor Star Healer ----- Healer Star Power, Make Up Star Sensitive Inferno
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