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Sailor Moon

In the first season of Sailor Moon, the inner sailor senshi learn of their past lives, and discover their destiny. The original mission of Luna's was to first, find Sailor Moon and her court so they could protect the earth from the evil Queen Beryl. However, the most important part of her mission was to find the princess of the moon, Princess Serenity, who was discovered to be Sailor Moon. Throughout this series the sailor senshi have to defeat Queen Beryl's strongest generals: Jadeite, Nephrite (Neflyte), Zoisite, and Kunzite. Each General had a mission:

Jadeite's mission was to collect energy from humans in order to activate the power of Queen Beryl's Dark Forces. Jadeite was defeated by Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars.

Since Jadeite failed, Queen beryl punished him with his life, and Nephrite was sent to continue Jadeite's mission. He believed that the stars rule everything. He found victims, and brought their energy to its maximum peak, and then took their energy, turning them into youmas. On his quest, he met Naru, Usagi's best friend. She instantly fell for his great looks, and eventually came to love him. Nephrite didn't understand this "love" she had for him, but he did sense a special energy in her. However, once he had fallen for her as well, Zoisite, who had been planning a way to succeed him, had him destroyed. Sailor Moon, Mars, and Mercury were witness to his downfall as well. Poor Naru :(

Zoisite's mission was to collect the 7 rainbow crystals containing the 7 great warriors for the dark forces. Zoisite never collected all of them, mostly because of Tuxedo Kamen. He had been dreaming of a Princess who could tell him who he was. She told him to find the crystals. He got a hold of 2 of them. Zoisite had the other 5. He challenged Tuxedo Kamen (Yes, Zoisite is a HE, for all you DiC Dub viewers!) to a duel for all the crystals. She tricked him, and he was defeated, but not without Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon was revealed as Princess Serenity of the Moon, and the 7 crystals formed her Ginzuishou (Silver Crystal). She then used the crystal to defeat Zoisite, who returned to Queen beryl a failure. Then, to Kunzite's dismay, Zoisite was killed like Jadeite.

When Tuxedo Kamen was defeated, they erased his memory to turn him to their side. Kunzite then, grudgingly, took over the mission with help of Tuxedo Kamen. Sailor Moon really took this hard. She loved Mamoru at this point, and she was in a horrible state when put up against Tuxedo Kamen in battle, but she did. Sailor Moon eventually used her ginzuishou to destroy Kunzite. At this point, the sailor senshi had to face the evil queen herself.

Jupiter was first to die on this fatal day. She was surprised by Queen Beryl's youma, and she used her "Supreme Thunder" attack to destroy the enemy, in turn, killing her as well. Mercury was also surprise attacked. She was killed by the youma. Sailor Venus wasn't surprised b the youma, however. She pushed Sailor Moon out of the way of an attack she had forth seen, and she used her Crescent Beam attack to destroy the youma, and unfortunately, herself as well. Mars realized it was her destiny to defeat the last youma, and Sailor Moon would have to face Beryl alone.

Once Sailor Moon was alone, She was sent in with Queen Beryl, and Prince Endymion. Endymion was sent up against Sailor Moon, who was forced to fight him. She did however, bring back his memories, but too late. Queen Beryl tried to destroy Sailor Moon, but Endymion block the attack, and was killed by it. Queen Beryl then got more energy from her superior, and went up against Princess Serenity. With help of her friends, in spirit, they helped Princess Serenity Destroy Queen Beryl, banishing her eternally from earth. However, the ginzuishou also killed Sailor Moon with its massive power. This fatal day of destiny concluded the Sailor Moon first season.

Sailor MoonR: Part One

There are 2 parts to the Sailor Moon Romance series. The first part is known as "The Doom Tree Series" which Wasn't a part of the manga. In the Doom Tree Series, to aliens named Ail (Alan in the American version) and Ann crash down to earth creating an explosion. They disguise themselves as brother and sister, and attend Usagi's school. They survive of of energy of The Doom Tree. In order to feed the doom tree energy, they have to steal it from the living beings on earth: Specifically the humans. They tried to collect energy through "Cardians," but unfortunately for Ann and Ail, they were unaware of the existence of the female warriors on earth.

After the defeat of Queen Beryl, the senshi lived on, but without their memories of ever being senshi, or even being friends. They were enjoying being normal teenagers, but it wouldn't last. First, Luna had to revive Sailor Moon. With her memories intact, she whipped the first cardian. Even though Sailor Moon was back, just her wouldn't be enough for the cardians, since she had lost her crescent moon wand when she died in the first season. Luna was forced to revive the others, so that together they could triumph. In this season, the senshi all got new powers, and a new transformation. Sailor Moon got the ginzuishou back from Queen Serenity, as well as the moon scepter. Using the scepter, she got the new power "Moon Princess Halation," and along with the crystal, she got her new transformation "Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!"

As the senshi's will to protect the weak from the cardians, they learned new attacks. Sailor Mercury learned "Shabon Spray Freezing," Mars learned "Fire Soul Bird," Jupiter learned "Supreme Thunder Dragon," and Venus leaned "Crescent Beam Shower." During all this time, Mamoru-San still had not recovered his memories of being Tuxedo Kamen. Instead, a mysterious man appeared to help the senshi called "Kishi Tsukikage" (The Moonlight Knight). In the mean time, Ann had her eyes on Mamoru, and Ail had developed a great interest in Usagi.

One day, Mamoru and Usagi were visiting Ann and Ail, because they were believed to be sick. Ann, in Jealousy, wanted to get rid of Usagi, whom Ail had been lusting after, and to eliminate the competition for Mamoru. There was also a unique energy in Usagi. Ann through Usagi in a room with the Doom Tree, and it started taking her energy. Usagi's screaming, and the growing tree got the attention of Ail and Mamoru. They ran in, and Mamoru tried to save her, and the tree got him as well. At this time, the other senshi were aware of what was going on and were able to get to the senshi to try an help. Ann and Ail were too strong for them. (At this point they had revealed themselves to be the Aliens.) Usagi then new that she had to become Sailor Moon in order to save everyone. Ail and Ann were in shock. But still, Ann relentlessly attacked them. Ail then realized the great love Sailor Moon had for him. She would die before she let them hurt him. Mamoru tried to protect Sailor Moon, and he took a fatal blow. At this point, the Doom Tree had enough. It attacked Ann, nearly killing her. It spoke out, and told them of the past.

The Doom Tree, in reality named "The Tree Of Life," was a tree in space. it got lonely, and blossomed life. It was a happy time, until evil evaded. All of the aliens had been destroyed, except 2: Ail and Ann. At still a young age, they went around stealing energy for the tree, it was the only way they new to keep it alive. They had been feeding it dark energy, that was killing the tree. It only provided enough energy to just barley keep it alive. The tree then asked Sailor Moon to rid it of the horrible energy that it's been full of for many years. The tree was reborn as a seedling that Alan and Ail could nurture with positive energy: Love and Happiness.

At this point, Kishi Tsukikage had arrived on the scene, and was now ready to share his identity. He was in fact the soul of Mamoru. Even though Mamoru didn't have his memories, a part of him still wanted to protect Usagi, Sailor Moon. His alter ego was then created, Kishi Tsukikage. Mamoru now needed him, so he would have to return to Mamoru to give him back life, and his memories. Mamoru and Sailor Moon were then reunited, a couple once more. (What A Happy Ending!)

Sailor MoonR: Part 2

The Second part of Sailor MoonR was about the Dark Moon Family. This is also the series in which we discover who Chibi Usa is. Chibi Usa Falls from the sky in the arms of Mamoru, knocking Usagi onto the ground. She then turns to Usagi, demanding the ginzuishou. When Usagi returns home, her family kept insisting that she was her cousin. Usagi, grudgingly, had to except it. At the same time, an alien space craft appeared over Tokyo. Inside help the Sailor Senshi's next Challenge: The Black Moon Sisters. Rubeus of the Black moon family had taken the 4 sisters: Cooan, Beruche, Petz, and Caraveras. The sisters' job was to help Rubeus get the Ginzuishou, and Chibi Usa.

Ever since Chibi Usa fell from the sky, Mamoru had been having nightmares telling him to stay away from Usagi, or he would put her in mortal danger. He hated to do so, but he did, leaving Usagi distressed, and rejected. She also had become extremely jealous of Chibi Usa, who had seemed to have replaced her. Still, the Dark Moon Sisters tried to capture Chibi Usa, failing each time. The Sailor Senshi, and Tuxedo Kamen protected Chibi Usa. Still Tuxedo Kamen wouldn't accept Sailor Moon. He hated seeing how hurt she was, but he didn't want to endanger her.

Each one of the sisters is equal to a senshi: Cooan is Mars's equal; Beruche is Mercury's equal; Petz is Jupiter's equal, and Caraveras is Venus's equal. Each senshi eventually sees the good in their equals, and the sisters, after being rejected by Rubeus due to failure, allow Sailor Moon to use her Ginzuishou to heal them of the evil inside them to become regular girls. Once the sisters leave the Dark Moon Family, we are introduced to some new members of the Dark moon Family. One being Esmeraud, with a profound love for the prince, and ruler of Nemesis. She tells Rubeus of his 24 hours to get his act in shape. Rubeus then makes up a plan. He captures the senshi, and forces Sailor Moon to choose between her friends, and Chibi Usa. Also at this point, Chibi Usa had discovered Usagi is Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon decided she had to face Rubeus alone. Chibi Usa went after her. They were both sucked up into a space ship, where Sailor Moon eventually defeated Rubeus. His ship was set to explode. He thought he would die with honor knowing the senshi would die with him, but he forgot something. The senshi have the power to teleport! Sailor Moon found the others, and they teleported back to safety, leaving Rubeus to die alone. Esmeraud appeared, but not to save him. She left him there to die alone. Esmeraud reported to her beloved prince, Prince Demando, of Rubeus's failure. Demando now gave Esmeraud her chance.

The Dark Moon family lived in the future. The Tokyo of today is known as Crystal Tokyo, where Neo Queen Serenity rules the Universe with King Endymion. The Dark Moon Family was banished to Nemesis. The wiseman persuaded Demando to try and get revenge on the people of earth for banishing his family to a dark cold land. Now Esmeraud was trying to do this by capturing the Crystal Points Of tokyo, and destroy the Tokyo of Today so that there would never be a Crystal Tokyo in the future.

Sailor Moon does eventually figure out why Mamoru had been avoiding her, and they were brought back together in time to travel to the future. Chibi Usa had explained to them that she needs the ginzuishou to save her mother in the future. While Traveling to the future, demando discovers Sailor Moon. He instantly falls in love with her, since she looks exactly like his beloved Neo Queen Serenity. The senshi struggle to make it through the time portal to the future as Esmeraud tries to stop them. They do make there, where they meet the spirit of King Endymion. King Endymion reveals that Usagi is the future Queen of Tokyo,a nd the world; Neo Queen Serenity. He also explains that Tuxedo Kamen is himself in the future, King Endymion, and Chibi Usa is their daughter. He then goes on to explain what happened to Tokyo, and how the senshi, Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter have been protecting Crystal Tokyo from being destoyed by the Dark Moon Family's attacks.

At this point, we have also met Sailor Pluto, the keeper of time. She opened the gate of time for the senshi. She is the voice of Luna P

After King Endymion left the senshi alone, Demando appeared, and captured Sailormoon in an attempt to make her his queen. He tried to hypnotize her, but it didn't work. Tuxedo Kamen eventually came and rescued her. Esmeraud let them escape, she was happy to see that Sailor moon was far away from Demando.

Later on, Wiseman tricks Esmeraud into thinking she can be queen. In pain and vengeance, she is turned into a monster that attacks the senshi. They defeat her, ending the reign of Esmeraud, whom only wanted to be Demando's Queen.

Wiseman also tricks Chibi Usa. He tricks her into thinking that she's not loved by her friends and family. She then allows him to transform her into Wicked Lady, a very useful asset to the Dark Moon Family.

The senshi get news of the enemies returning to the past, so they are forced to leave to the past again. When they arrive, they are greeted by Wicked Lady. At first they don't realize who she is, but when they do, they desperately try to turn her back, but Wiseman puts more false ideas in her head, so she stays Wicked Lady.

Also, at this time, Sapphire, Demando's younger brother, discovers that Wiseman is conspiring against them. He tries to warn his brother, but its too late. Wiseman killed Sapphire, greatly upsetting Demando. Wiseman claimed he had committed treason, but he was really just trying to cover his tracks. The wiseman wanted to destroy the earth by reviving the Doom Phantom. With Wicked Lady's power, he could now do this. He didn't need Demando anymore.

The Senshi were forced to have to enter the huge alien craft that had landed in Tokyo. Sailor Moon falls through a hole, and falls through to Demando, who again tries to hypnotize her. It doesn't work. She gets to talking to him, and informs him that in reality, The people of earth would have accepted his family, and that Sapphire was right. Wiseman was using him, and his family to revive the Doom Phantom. Then the wiseman appeared. He tried to destroy Sailor Moon, But Demando blocked the attack, and retaliated. As he died, he told Sailor Moon that he really did love her.

Wiseman had survived Demando's attack, and was ready to take on Sailor Moon. He tried to convince her that Tuxedo Kamen had went over to their side, and it was useless to fight it. But she had faith in him. Good thing. He eventually showed up, and shown her the way to where wicked Lady was. The senshi found Wicked Lady, and Sailor Moon was able to turn her back into Chibi Usa. Sailor Moon, in the form of Neo Queen Serenity, and Chibi Usa then used their ginzuishou to destroy the doom phantom and the wise man. Chibi Usa then returned to the future to be with her family.

Sailor Moon R Movie

In the Sailor Moon R movie, the inner sailor senshi encounter another alien, but his purposes of coming to Earth were much different that Ail and Ann's. The movie, to me, seems to be about lonliness, and the great importance of friendship. The movie begins in a garden, where the girls; Ami, Rei, Minako, Makoto; and Chibi Usa are spying on Usagi and Mamoru. They're about to kiss when Mamo-chan realizes they're being watched, and backs off. They all leave the green house, where outside petals and falling down from the sky, and a tall figure appears, and starts speaking to Mamoru. The guy, Fiore, obviously had some deep connection to Mamo-chan.

The girls leave for school the next day after having a meeting the previous day. Rei senses an evil force. The girls turn the corner to discover a hoard of passed out people. They come to life, and attack, being controlled by plants. Rei uses her charms, saying "Akuryou Taisan!" The people fall to the ground, only for them to discover the source of the evil is a small flower that comes to life. It goes after an unknowing Chibi Usa, and Usagi dives through glass saving her. The youma- flower next goes after Rei and Ami. Rei's charms all miss the youma, and it begins to drain their enery. Mako and Minako transform, and give the youma a hefty blow, but its not yet defeated. Rei and Ami then transform, and even the 4 of them could not defeat it. In the mean time, Chibi Usa is trying to wake up Usagi, who had passed out after diving through the glass to save her. When she comes to, Chibi Usa thanks her, and Usagi transforms to help the others. She uses her Moon Tiar to cut off the vines taking energy from the senshi. Mercury then uses her "Shine Aqua Illusion" attack to freeze it so Sailor Moon can destroy it. Then, Fiore appears in his Alien form.

He is being controlled by the Xenian/Kinsien flower. He takes down Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, but before he has a chance to dispose of the one who would "betray Mamoru-kun," Tuxedo Kamen appears to convince Fiore to trust the senshi. He agrees until the Xenian flower controls him again. He pulls out a sword, and tries to attack Sailor Moon, but Tuxedo Kamen stops him. He then grows his nails out to kill Sailor Moon with, but Tuxedo Kamen blocks her, and takes a bad blow! Fiore takes him away from a distressed Sailor Moon, leaving her crying, as the other senshi are still passed out.

The senshi devise a plan to teleport to the "comet" where Fiore is keeping Mamoru. Sailor Moon didn't want to. She didn't want to endanger anyone elses life. Chibiusa gave her courage (sorta). The senshi then teleported to the comet. They were attacked by a youma, but used "Sailor Planet Attack" to destroy it. Looking around, Mercury checked out a object that turned out to be Mamoru. They suspected it was a trap but Fiore said "I would not use "Mamoru-Kun as bate for a trap." They also discovered that all the flowers surrounding them were youma's, and all the senshi backed up Sailor Moon so that she could destroy them all with her "Moon Princess Halation." She destroyed many of them, but Fiore realized that she could destroy them all. The monsters formed to make one and as it started to attack, Mars through Moon out of the way, and the mass covered them. Fiore accused Sailor Moon of being a coward for crying over her loss. She was about to attack him when he showed her what had become of her friends. They were tied together with vines. He threatened to hurt them if she didn't throw away her weapon (weapon being her moon sceptre.) Although the senshi told her not to do it, she did. She couldn't stand seeing her friends in pain.

Watching that, for a moment, made Fiore realize what he was doing, but then the Xenian/Kinsien flower takes control of him. Fiore begins to take all of Sailor Moon's Energy. As he speaks, saying things like "You've never felt such lonliness. You don't know what it's like to be a stranger to everyone.." etc. etc. The senshi remember events from before they had met Usagi. As he is about to finnish of Sailor Moon, the senshi beg him not to. Mercury says "She gave us something Valueble." Firoe, not believing her says "What can this False-hearted person give you?" (or something like that) Mars explains to him that she gave them fredship. Without Usagi, they would all be alone. The flower takes control of him again, this time lending her power. He's about to kill her when Mamoru throws a rose at him. All of his attacks miss. Fiore then completely loses faith. The flower asks him, "Fiore, what's wrong?" He remarks, "Mamoru-kun has left me too..." All the flowers die. The flower again attempts to destroy the earth. The flower says "Yes, even if you die Fiore, I will kill all the humans on earth" (or something like that.) Sailor Moon won't allow it. She's sits up, holding the ginzuishou. He grabs it, asking if she's trying to change the course of the asteroid. He causes her to de-transform. She then asks, "what are you afraid of? Your Not alone." Fiore doesn't believe her. He thinks she's just acting nice to him. Then Sailor Moon makes him remember.

Mamoru (as a child) is crying in his hospital room. Usa-Chan (Usagi as a child) walks in and rests her head next to him. He explains that his friend (Fiore) is going away and he can't do anything. Usa-chan explains that she's going to be a big sister that day (her brother Shingo is being born) and she gives him a rose.
~~End Flashback~~

Fiore then says "Sailor Moon gave Mamoru-kun a flower. The flower came from Sailor Moon!"
In the beginning, and throughout the story, Mamoru has flashbacks of an accident he was in as a child. His parents had died in the crash. Fiore had tired and came down to earth. Mamoru found him. When Fiore had left, Mamoru gave him a rose. The rose was given to Mamoru by Usagi.

The ginzuishou then destroys, or more so heals, Fiore, and he and the flower disapear. Sailor Moon then transforms into Princess Serenity, and uses the Ginzuishou. Her friends, the senshi back her up, and together they manage to change the course of the asteroid, but the power of the Ginzuishou was too much, and it shatters killing Princess Serenity. Mars is hystericlly shaking Sailor Moon saying "You Liar! You said you wouldn't dies." They are all sad and crying when Fiore appears. He tells Mamoru that it is his turn to give Mamoru a flower. He tells him to take the dew of the flower and give it to Sailor Moon; it contains life energy. He kisses her with the dew on his lips, and she awakens, and her broach is revitalized. They all hug Sailor Moon, and the story ends!