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See Besu Besu


Viluy Viluy is the fourth witch of the witches 5 who appear in SailorMoonS. She uses technology to try and get heart crystals. Viluy only lasted for one episode.


Wicked Lady

See Black Lady


Wiseman The Wiseman appears in the second half of the second season of Sailor Moon. He uses the Black Moon Family to try and summon the Doom/Death phantom, and to get revenge on the Earth. Wiseman had done a lot of awful things.. He Brainwashed Chibiusa, and turned her into the Black Lady; He tricked Esmeroodo into believing she could be queen of the Earth with Demando; He killed Safiiru, and He killed Demando. Neo Queen Serenity and Small Lady were able to defeat Wiseman using their ginzuishou.







Ziorconia Ziorconia recieved orders from Queen Neherenia in SMSS, and gave orders to the Amazone Trio and Amazoness Quartet. She had tried to be leader of the Dead Moon Circus. She may look odd, but she is indeed a woman! Her job is to try and find the pegasus withthe help of the Amazone Trio and Amazoness Quartet.


Zoisite Zoisite is the 3rd general in the first season of Sailor Moon. He is the one who has Nephrite killed. Zoisite was trained by Kunzite, who he had some kind of romantic relationship with. Zoisite was defeated by Sailor moon, and Queen Beryl killed him for all his failures. Kunzite was devistated.

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