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About Me

In case anyone wanted to know a little bit more about me (which you probably don't) here is a little bio.


Name: Josh
Age: 21
Birthday: 06/12/80
Height: 5'7
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown, almost black
Pets: 1 Dog (named Chi-Chi)
Family: Little brother named Jordan
Residence: Anchorage Alaska


Where I've lived

My father is EX military, so I've had the pleasure, and sometimes the pain of moving frequently, and widly across the globe.

Anchorage: Alaska (currently living here)
Tampa: Flordia
Ft. Huachuca: Arizona
Kansas (birth state)
South Carolina

As well as:

Germany , and Guam


Stuff you wouldn't care about

Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Reading, Basketball, Sketching, Websites
Favorite Food: Pizza, by far.
Favorite TV Show: Dark Angel (Jessica Alba is so hot!) hehe
Favorite Game: Phantasy Star Online
Music: Rap, R&B, Rock, and Celtic style.
Taste in cloting: Usually just jeens and a white tee because I'm lazy, but the rest of the time I'm in Kakis, and button up, un-tucked shirt.
Taste in Women: ^_^ Gotta be able to make me laugh, and enjoy a good joke. Have similar taste in music and hobbies. Red hair is always a plus :smiles:, as well as green eyes, I love em. As for other features, it really doesn't matter.


How friends would describe me, probably

Easy going, quick to make friends, but not strongly outgoing. Maybe even a little shy, espically about approacing women. hehe. Book worm, I'm sure they would say. Not so much a party animal. Not really affected by peer pressure, and stubborn as a mule sometimes. :smiles:

Well that was a little bit about me, if you have any questions, just give me a quick email.