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Last updated 10th February 2001

Hi there and welcome to the BARNWELL FAMILY GENEALOGY INDEX.

My name is Dave Barnwell. I have been researching the BARNWELL family for a couple years and during that time have collected items that may be interesting to other BARNWELL and BARNWALL researchers. The information on these pages I hope will help fellow Barnwell's and Barnwall's in search of their roots.

If you have any related information that you'd like to share, I'd be happy to include it in this web page, and if you wish, add a link. You can reach me, at Dave Barnwell

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Barnwell Family Genealogy Links

Middlesex& London IGI Index of Barnwell's & Barnwall's
Birth, Marriages & Deaths (BMD's)of Barnwell's & Barnwall's
Barnwell Family History
Barnwell's in Ireland
Barnwell's in England
Barnwell's in London
Barnwell's in the USA
My Barnwell Family Lineage
Barnwell Notice Board
Michael Barnwell's Chi'en-Lung Dynasty China Service
UK & Ireland IGI Index for Barnwell's & Barnwall's
Superb Genealogy Links
The Study Web (links for learning)
What's new in the Barnwell Family Genealogy Homepages
ALLEN Interests

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Dave Barnwell
United Kingdom

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