Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with A

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Allison, James (ca1757-)
Allison, James Whidden (01 DEC 1795-)
Allison, John (1753-01 MAR 1821)
Allison, Joseph (ca1720-1795)
Allison, Mary Jane (03 OCT 1798-1867)
Allison, Nancy (ca1759-)
Allison, Rebecca (ca1755-)
Allison, William (ca1750-)
Allison, William (1680-1766)
Atwood, Joshua (-1833)
Atwood, Mary (--abt1760-1857)
Audley, Joan (ca1331-)
Audley, Nicolas (ca1260-)
Audley, Nicolas (11 NOV 1289-00 NOV 1316)