The Day Family of Oregon

John George Day
This grainy newspaper photo is of Colonel John George Day, (John Day, James Day, Esq.) was born 4 Feb. 1837 in New Carlisle. His biography says that at age 15 he left home for Haddonville ,New Jersey to find work. He had a natural aptitude for carpentry and became involved in the construction industry. In 1855 he returned to Canada to marry Sarah Smith , a girl from his home town.
At least one of his sons, Isaiah N. was born in New Brunswick. In 1865 the family moved to Boston so that J.G. Day could pursue his construction contracting business. In 1875 the family moved again, this time to San Francisco where J.G. Day was involved in the building of the Supreme Court Building.

 This postcard is of the Federal Court House as it looked in 1905. In 1892 the family made a final move north to Oregon where John G. and his son I.N. Day were the contractors for the building of the Cascade locks on the Columbia River.
Cascade Locks - Columbia River, Oregon
The family settled near Portland in Roseburg. When contruction of this massive project was finished Col. Day stayed in Oregon. In 1927 the Colonel and Sarah Day celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.  He died 12 March 1930 in Portland at the age of 93 years old.

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