BMD2 B        James, son of Asa and Mary Bebee born 11 September 1819 and baptised 25 September 1822

B        Daniel Secord, son of Asa and Mary Bebee born 16 November 1821 and baptised 25 September 1822

D       27 November 1822 Robert Caldwell son of John and Mary Caldwell aged 27 buried 29th November.

B.      13 April 1823 William son of Asa and Mary Chatterton of Hopetown born 28 Febrary 1823.

M       22 April 1823 John Todd Caldwell and Jane Stearnes.

D        7 September 1823 Margaret daughter of Amos and Anna Chatterton born 25 June 1823.

M       12 August 1824 Richard Billingsley and Mary Caldwell.

B         15 August 1824 Rebecca daughter of Asa  and Anne Bebee born 14 April 1824.

B         19 September 1824 Hugh and mary Jane child of Andrew and Mary Chisholm
             Hugh born 22 Cotober 1820 and Mary Jane born 21 April 1823.

M        Elijah Fergy of Restigouche and Judith Bebee in presence of her father Asa Bebee.
           12 Septbember 1825

M        16 April 1832 John Rickey to Christina daughter of Robert and Agnes Caldwell

M        5 September 1832 Jos. Turnbull of New Carlisle married Deborah daughter of John Caldwell.

B         Catherine Isabella daughter of Amos Bebee of Port Daniel and Jane Ross born 19 October Baptised
            15 November 1835

B         James William Milne son of John Milne and Elizabeth Rosa Cooke 17 July 1854