"Charles Scott, aged 95 years and 6 months born in Dumfries, Scotland and resident in Gloucester co. (a first in Bathurst and later Janeville for over 60 years, & who worked on the first steam railroad in England died at Janeville, January 18th ,A.D. l900 and was buried in the church yard of St. George's Church, Bathurst this 20th day of January A.D. l900.
          by me
         The Rev. Street
         Rector of Bathurst & Gloucester"
    Who was Charles Scott ? What was the name of this first raiload in England ? When I first found this burial registration I was faced with more questions than answers. I have been able to piece together some of the story from  letters  ,maps and emails.

Engine No. 1       The first stream railroad in England was the STOCKTON & DARLINGTON
                  RAILROAD which ran across northern England from Cumberland to Durham
                    county. The S & D started operations in l825. This would agree with family
                       information as Charles Scott married Anne Irving in Kirkbampton, Cumberland
                           county close to Carlisle, the rail head.

a clipping from a newspaper,

In the parish of New Bandon, N.B. twelve miles from Bathurst, there is living a man named Charles Scott, who worked in England on the first twelve miles of railway that were built in the world, and he used to ride back and forth on engine No. 1 the first engine that ever ran on a rail. He is now 97 years old and still in good health and is no doubt the only man in the world who worked on that railroad. The clipping is marked ---- Jan 18th l900

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