November 9, 1942
        A stranger appeared at the Carlisle Hotel looking for a meal and a room for the night.Although the hotel was called the Carlisle locals referred to it as Annett's. Earle Annett, the 18 year old son of the owner ran the place. Due to a knee injury he had not been able to serve in the armed forces and was forced to stay home. He joked that that was not a problem he would catch a Nazi spy as his contribution to the war effort.

     The stranger spoke with a thick accent. When he was asked where he came from he replied that he had been walking down the road for a long time. Earle Annett noticed that he had the smell of diesel oil in his clothing.It reminded Annett of when the men working on the boats would come into the hotel. Perhaps he was a Nazi spy ! There was another thing, the man paid for his meal with money that had a picture of the old king on it. This currency had been out of circulation for years. The man left the Annett's and went to the train station to book a ticket on the train to Montreal. Earle felt certain now, that the stranger was a Nazi spy.
He called the RCMP with a description of the man. The RCMP boarded the train at Bonaventure, the next stop. They arrested the man and searched his belongings.

     In his suitcase they found a radio transmitter, American money,a .25 calibre automatic, maps of New Brunswick, Montreal,Quebec and Toronto. He also had a Toronto driver's licence.Werner Janowski , the Nazi spy, had been dropped off by a U-boat. He was supposed to send information back to German intelligence on Canadian military matters. It has been said that Janowski turned double agent but I have not been able to find any proof of that so far.
source: Private e-mails from S. Beebe, Feb.2000 , McLean's magazine,Jan1st,2000 issue.

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