The Caldwell Connection

       Two of the daughters of William Cooke and Lucinda Powers married Caldwell men. This was the start of the connection between the families of Cooke and Caldwell. A series of marriages extracted by the Drouin Institute of Quebec include a page of Caldwell marriages. This series of about 60 books is often called the "Blue Drouin books". Note; these books do have errors as they were transcribed by French speaking clerks.


              Andrew-Robt                          m.       Sarah Bryse                               New Carlisle
              s/o James & Eunice Beebe                  d/o Wm & Mary Brown              24 Dec 1867

              Andrew Todd                              m.    Caldwell,Sarah                          New Carlisle
              s/o Henry & Sarah Billingsley                d/o James and Julia Cooke         31 Dec. 1867

              Andrew                                        m.  Clark, Sarah Jane                       New Carlisle
            s/o James & Rebecca Beebe                    d/o Andrew & Marg. Lefurgy    16 Aug. 1860

             Henry                                          m.   Billingsley, Sarah                        New Carlisle
             s/o Andrew & Sarah Caldwell               Richard & Eliz. Billingsley           4 Mar. 1837

               Jesse                                                      m.     Julia Ann
               s/o  Andrew & Sarah Caldwell                        d/o William Cooke & Lucinda Powers      New Carlisle
                                                                                                                                                      19 Feb. 1841

              Matthew                                                     m.   Anne Eliza
              s/o                                                                     d/o William Cooke & Lucinda Powers      New Carlisle
                                                                                                                                                        25 May 1842