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HELLO! I am currently building this page for a mirc channel named #AllWaves.
This page is built for you, so if there is something
that you want to see here, or something you don't want to see here, PLEASE come to
mIRC and see me, or email me. I want this page to be supportive and informative for
new users and old users alike. As Number 5 would say.. Need INPUT hehehe.

New!! Stats page for #AllWaves now in service :)

mIRC Animal sounds zip

mIRC Laughing sounds zip

mIRC Miscellaneous sounds zip

mIRC 13codecp.exe * mIRC mpeg.exe

I also have many .wav files. Here is an alphabetical listing, but!!...
you must come to mIRC to get them :) Detailed instructions below.

mIRC is an Internet Relay Chat program made by
Khaled Mardam-Bey
and it's the best chat program I have ever used.


Once you have downloaded the program
double click on the application
to install.
It will create its own directory in C:\mirc
You will then be asked if you want to run the program.
Please do *smiles*.
After the program opens, a mIRC Options box pops up asking for a
little bit of information. Choose a Fullname (make it your nickname)
Choose a nickname in the box below and an alternate.
You can use characters in the name( ` / \ | ^ ).
Once you have decided on a nickname click on the menu arrow box
named IRC Network to expand it, find UNDERNET:
Click Undernet.
The box below that one can be expanded to choose different servers.
*HINT--Washington is best to start with.
Once you have done this, choose the "Connect to IRC Server" button.
If the servers are working properly, you will see server information;
Once this has stopped, please type where you see your blinking curser
/join #AllWaves
That will bring you to my channel. There are several friendly people
waiting to help finish your set up. :)
Let us know if this is how you found us. See you soon! :)

You are the person to visit!...Thank You :)

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