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Warning:  Do not stick hands or other object out window at speeds in excess of 120 mph.

(Don't worry. Its just a bad oil pressure sending unit.)

This page last updated 10-22-2000

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The former "Ultimate Dodge Daytona Page" is no more.  It wasn't exactly "ultimate" because I lack the time required to update, complete, and maintain such a site.  Instead, this'll be a page on my own cars, and not everyone else's.  (that selfish SOB) I will provide links to other sites that are "Ultimate" and will provide plenty of information for my viewers.  I will also share handy-dandy tips and tricks of my own such as how to wire a Lebaron traveler computer in a Daytona.

This is not a site designated for the muscle car era Daytona's.  I have nothing against the muscle cars cuz I'm an all American and am no Rice Boy.  Plus I will have one of my own one day.  I do however, recieve frequent emails criticizing these so-called piece of shit front drive cars.  Those people have to grow up and give some respect and understand power-to-weight ratio's.  Face the facts that a modern day car FWD, RWD, or AWD can do circles around one from the 60's.   But I do understand.  It's about heritage and my heritage lies 20 years after the muscle car era.

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