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My Dodge Daytona ES  "General Lee"

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Isn't that beautiful country?? In 1992, only 13,478 Daytonas rolled off the production line.  In 1993, the only other year with this body styling, 9,037 were produced.  This makes a total of only 22,515 in this body style.  Base model Daytona's were not available with the ground FX, and since they make up for about 50% of the total production, spotting this style Daytona isn't something you can do everyday.  Finding year-specific parts isn't any easier.  Thus making it an instant collector's item.

The entire vehicle history is known.  This particular specimen came from Sterling Heights, Michigan, sold brand new in New Richmond, WI.  Neither previous owner put any mechanical abuse to it, and it has never seen a lit cigarette within 5 feet of it.  The result is a car 9 years old in excellent shape.   It pays to be gentle with equipment.
I love the MidWest  
       The car has been trouble free except for routine maintenance items.  The exhaust fell off, front brakes were shot, tires replaced, one rear shock leaked, a bad clock spring, and a flaky hall effect sensor have been the only problems.  It has only clocked some 18,000 miles in the last four years (not bad, eh?) but its been pretty much everywhere.  The 5 mile trips to work and winter storage keeps the miles down.  

The car appears 100% original.  Look sharp and closely, and you'll find the items on my extensive list of small modifications I've made using all genuine Mopar stuff.

I bought the car with a bra on the hood, so when I popped the hood to take a peak inside, I didn't notice the rust on the underside lip of the front of the hood.  When I took the bra off, I immediately noticed that the entire lip was almost completely rusted out, especially in the middle.  I assumed the bra was responsible for that, but it turns out that all '92-'93 winter-driven Daytonas have this problem.





strtbrc2.jpg (74393 bytes)

Here's the strut tower brace.  Click on the image for more details.



dixie.jpg (80938 bytes)


This is what gives this car its name "General Lee".  All this was possible with the generosity of Mike, in GA.  Notice the missing A/C belt.  The A/C doesn't work, so I figured I would save half a horse by gettin rid of the belt.   But its getting fixed next spring!!