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Stone's links

the official site
A good source of information.
The Unofficial Truth
Best unofficial site.
Tour Dates
The recent dates of their UK tour.
Interviews taken from various music magazines.
Gig reviews
Reviews of UT gigs i've been to.
Message Board
Leave your messages about the Unbelievable Truth here.

Unbelievable Truth

Ok, welcome to the beginnings of my Unbelievable Truth pages, at the moment there isn't much but soon I hope to add lots more information for you eager people out there.

So, what do I have to do with the Unbelievable Truth? Well not much really apart from being a really large fan and seeing as there wern't that many pages on the net I decided someone better so I set down to creating a page. I first got into the Unbelievable Truth when I bought the Stone EP, it blew my mind. I then bought Higher Them Reason an equally excellent EP and from then on was hooked. I first saw them play live in Middlesborough on the 31st March 1998. Anyway, here are my pages, I hope you enjoy! A HUGE big *hug* to Andy, Nigel and Jason for being fab and groovy and providing the world with damn good music!

Unbelievable Truth Live On-line Set

The Unbelievable Truth will be playing a gig over the internet on Friday 22nd May at 6pm GMT. Those who have bought the album will find when you put it in a PC it links you straight to this site so you can vote for the songs you want them to play. You can only choose those off the album so no chance of getting them to play 'tyre tracks' but even so it's going to be great. The gig will take place in Nigels flat.

Go to to make your vote and to see them on the 22nd. Enjoy!

This is a very good UT the Unofficial Truthone of the best Unofficial sites.