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Hello, and welcome to my homepage.
Just in case you haven't figured
it out yet, my name is Debbie,
I live in Ohio. (I guess
I like wondering what the
weather will be like from
hour to hour, (LOL). I'm married
to a great guy who doesn't
seem to mind that I spend
more time on here than I
should. I'm the mom of two great
boys and I'm very proud of
them. My oldest son shows Paint Horses
in Texas and does very well at it.
My youngest son, well he just
has fun, and hasn't figured
out what he wants to do yet,
but they both make me a very
proud mom. Thank you for
visiting, I hope you enjoy
what I have put together
here. Please sign my guestbook.
I dedicate this page
to my mom, who is the
greatest mom in the world.
Thanks Mom!!!
I also would like to Thank
my internet Angel.... Delia!!!
Without ALL her help these
pages wouldn't be possible.
Thank you so much Delia!!!

"This we know: the earth does not
belong to man. Man belongs
to the earth. All things are connected like
the blood that unites us all. Man
did not weave the web of life,
he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web,
he does to himself."
–Chief Seattle

"When a man moves away from
nature, his heart becomes hard."

Copyrighted by Jerome Bushyhead

"We will be known
by the tracks we leave behind"
–Dakota proverb

This Award is very Special to me, because
it was given to me by my son. This is Tommy
and *Awesome*. Thanks Tommy, I am very proud
of you two for becoming National Champions at
the 1999 Pinto Nationals!!
Congratulations Tommy and Awesome for becoming
Reserve World Champions at the 1999 Paint
World Show !!!!

Thank you Wolf Whispers
For this Wonderful Gift !!

Please visit my other site for
any of your Background needs.
I have many beautiful bordered
ones to choose from. Go take a
look and let me know what you think !!

Please go here to read a story written by my wonderful friend Dennis. This great story is about my Native American name and how it came about... Thanks Dennis, it is beautiful, just like my name "Waya Little Rain"

Thank you for making me
this cool banner JAN

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  All items on these pages were collected in public domain..I have tried to find all owners, but  sometimes I don't succeed. If you find any are your creations, inform me and I will follow your wishes.