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Hi to everyone and
to the Nebraska tour.
First I would like to
tell you a little history
about this wonderful state..

The Ottoe, Omaha,
Ponca, and Pawnee
tribes were settled
in Nebraska when
the first white
man arrived here. Other
tribes like Sioux,Cheyenne,
Arapahoe,and Potawatome
lived in "Portable Skins"
and followed the buffalo
herds across the central
and western plains.
Approximately 40,000
Native Americans lived
here in peace when the
first white settlers arrived.

Nebraska is an Indian
word meaning "broad,
flat water".

Nebraska was the 37th
state admitted to the
Union. It was admitted
in 1867.

Lincoln is the State
The state motto is,
"Equality Before
the Law"
Nickname is
"Corn Huskers State"
and "Tree Planter State",
because Arbor Day was
founded here in 1872.

Here is Nebraska's State
flag. The state seal is
in the center of the flag
and is in gold and silver
colors, which probably refer
to the natural wealth of
the state. There is a
picture of a blacksmith,
wheat strands and a
settler's cabin. There is
also a picture of the
transcontinental railroad,
which was built westward
from Omaha in 1865.

Here is the state

The state flower is
the beautiful Goldenrod

The state tree is
the wonderful Cottonwood

The state bird is
the lovely Western
Meadow Lark.

And the state song
is "Beautiful Nebraska",
Which you are
now hearing.

Now on to
the FUN stuff !!

Click on the sign
to start the tour.