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Hi, and welcome to the Ohio tour.
We hope you enjoy what we have
put together for you. Maybe
you will find out something
new about the Great State of
Ohio.On this page, you will
learn about the state's symbols
and a few other interesting facts
about Ohio!! The song you hear
is Ohio's state song,
"Beautiful Ohio",
which was adopted in 1989.

This is Ohio's State Flag, it
was adopted May 9, 1902. The
large blue triangle represents,
Ohio's hills & valleys, and the
stripes represent the roads &
waterways. The 13 stars grouped
about the circle represents
the original states of the union,
the 4 stars added to the peak
of the triangle symbolize that
Ohio was the 17th state admitted
to the union.The white circle with
its red center not only
represents the "O" in Ohio but
also suggests Ohio's famous nickname
"The Buckeye State".

A permanent resident of Ohio,
the Cardinal is known for its
clear, strong song & brilliant
color. This is the reason
Ohio adopted the Cardinal as
its state bird in 1933.

The carnation was adopted
as Ohio's flower in 1904.
The carnation was William
McKinley's favorite flower
& his "Good Luck Piece".

The "Buckeye State" received
its nickname and adopted the
Buckeye Tree because of the
many Buckeye Trees that once
covered its hills & plains.
Ohio received its nickname
Sept. 2 1788.

Now, let's all hop in the
Chevy so we an get on to
the fun stuff!!! "S"

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