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Maria Stuart circa 1570

Madame de Montespan  circa 1660*

Madame de Fontange circa 1685*

Madame de Pompadour circa 1760*

Princess Labelle  circa 1776*

Marie Antoinette circa 1780*

Young Countess Danner circa 1843

Older Countess Danner circa 1865

Kate's Wedding Dress  circa 1990?

This is the very first costume I made the year it represents is 1760 that is why I use it for the email.

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To see some costumes I have made for the castles of Denmark please follow this link to the Selsø Slot (Selsø Castle).

The photos on this page are owned by Bjarne Drews and permission must  be asked before copying or using them. Please email me with questions or comments, By clicking on the photo below.  

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