History of the Big *D*

Duhay, Duhaylonsod, Duhaylongsod, Duhaylongsud, Duhaylunsod, Duhaylungsod...

...with so many *variations on a theme*, we're gonna make every effort to piece together the genealogy puzzle of our family. This is especially important for our younger generations. (Being born in Hawaii, or California, or where ever, is just not good enough!)

Uncle Felix and Uncle Pete have lots of info on this already, but there's still lots of unanswered questions...(how did our name take on so many different forms?, etc...) If you're still in contact with our relations back in the *Home Country*, ask questions!!!

Historical Overview...

The Duhay men and women came to Hawaii in search of fortune and a better way of life. The first contract workers began in 1909...they were called *laborers*, and were given 3-year contracts. Upon completion of contract terms, they were entitled to free passage back to the Philippines. (At the present time, we have no info on those Duhay's who opted to move to the mainland).


From December 20, 1915, through May 24, 1924, a total of 34 Duhay men and women came to Hawaii. They all came from Siquijor, with Macaria Duhaylongsod being the lone exception...coming from Dapitan, Zambuanga, on the island of Mindanao.

Of the 34 men and women;

        * 14 completed the agreement and returned to Manila
        * 22 were single
        * 5 women came with their husbands
        * 7 men came with their wives
        * 15 had no record of completion of agreement
        * 5 died and were interred on Oahu
        * 2 completed their contracts, remained on Oahu, then returned to Siquijor later

Youngest in age was 21; oldest in age was 42...Average age: 28.7 years old.

Spelling of the family surname:

        * Duhaylonsod - 1
        * Duhaylongsod - 14
        * Duhaylongsud - 10
        * Duhaylunsod - 3
        * Duhaylungsod - 6

** But...notice how all 34 surnames began with "Duhay"? It is now believed that all names should have been identical, but due to language and translation problems, we now have at least these 5 variations.

The following is a list of the Duhay's that immigrated to Hawaii. It's presented in chronological order of arrival. Click on a name to see more info...

Fortunato Duhaylungsod 26 SS Tenyo Maru 12/20/15 Kahuku, Oahu   Interred in Kahuku, 1/6/44
Ciriaco Duhaylungsod ? SS Tenyo Maru 12/20/15 Kipahulu, Maui NONE
Irineo Duhaylungsod ? SS Nippon Maru 3/19/16 Waipahu, Oahu NONE
Narciso Duhaylungsod ? SS Tenyo Maru 8/9/16 ? Ret. to Manila via Empress of Canada
Cirillo Duhaylongsod ? SS Persia Maru 3/16/18 Koloa, Kauai NONE
Dionisio Duhaylongsod ? SS Columbia 4/16/18 Hutchinson Plantation, Hawaii NONE
Gabriel Duhaylonsod ? SS Tenyo Maru 12/19/18 Ola'a, Kauai NONE
Sergio Duhaylongsud ? SS Tenyo Maru 12/19/18 ? Ret. to Manila via Pres. Cleveland
Alesandro Duhaylongsud ? SS China 2/25/19 Hawi, Hawaii Returned to Manila
Jose Duhaylongsod ? SS Tenyo Maru 5/25/19 Aiea, Oahu Returned to Manila
Marciano Duhaylungsod 20 Siberia Maru 8/26/19 Kahuku, Oahu Returned to Siquijor, 1969
Segundo Duhaylongsod ? SS Shinyo Maru 9/3/19 Kahuku, Oahu Ret. to Manila via Pres. Wilson
Telesforo Duhaylongsod ? SS Venesuela 10/1/19 Waialua, Oahu Ret. to Manila via Pres. Lincoln 5/12/32
Julio Duhaylongsod ? SS Korea Maru 10/5/19 Onomea, Kauai Ret. to Manila via Pres. Cleveland 5/8/23
Lorenzo Duhaylongsod ? SS Columbia 11/25/19 Ola'a, Kauai NONE
Issac Duhaylungsod ? SS Columbia 11/25/19 Ola'a, Kauai NONE
Leon Duhaylongsod 22 SS Korea Maru 10/20/20 HI Commercial & Sugar, Hawaii Ret. to Manila via Pres. Taft
Leoncio Duhaylongsud 22 SS Shinyo Maru 12/13/20 Koloa, Kauai   Ret. to Manila 12/6/24
Ambrosio Duhaylongsod 22 Golden State 7/22/21 Kahuku, Oahu ret. to Siquijor 9/8/63
Higino Duhaylongsud 31 Empire State 9/19/21 Maui Agriculture Co. Ret. to Manila via Pres. Hayes 5/2/25
Vicente Duhaylongsud 22 Ginyo Maru 10/10/21 Grove Farm, Maui NONE
Hermogenes Duhaylunsod ? SS China 11/24/21 HI Commercial & Sugar, Hawaii Ret. to Manila via Pres. Pierce 10/22/26
Julia Duhaylongsud 27 SS Tenyo Maru 12/20/21 Lihue, Kauai NONE
Bernabe Duhaylongsod 26 SS Korea Maru 12/28/21 Kahuku, Oahu NONE
Nicasio Duhaylongsod 30 SS Korea Maru 12/28/21 Kahuku, Oahu Interred, Kahuku 1935
Sixto Duhaylongsud ? Rakuyo Maru 1/23/22 Hutchinson Plantation, Hawaii NONE
Roman Duhaylongsod 42 SS Tenyo Maru 3/12/22 Waialua, Oahu Ret. to Manila via Pres. Lincoln
Cipriana Duhaylongsud 34 SS Korea Maru 3/19/22 Koloa, Kauai NONE
Eustaquia Duhaylongsod 20 SS Seiyo Maru 6/25/22 Aiea, Oahu Union strike; ret. via Pres. Pierce 10/22/26
Eugenio Duhaylunsod 24 Pres. Lincoln 9/7/22 Kahuku, Oahu Discharged due to union strike 4/9/24
Macaria Duhaylongsod 24 Pres. Cleveland 10/4/22 ? Ret. to Manila via Pres. Coolidge 5/25/33
Maria Duhaylunsod 21 Pres. Wilson 7/20/23 Aiea, Oahu Ret. to Manila 2/21/24
Simplicio Duhaylongsud 21 Pres. Lincoln 10/3/23 Waialua, Oahu NONE
Filomino Duhaylongsud 25 Siberia Maru 5/24/24 Kahuku, Oahu Until 5/29/37
Fortunato Duhaylungsod Bernalda Magpiong (wife)    
    Lazarina Gil Valdez (husband)
    William Lucy (wife)
    Felix Yasuko (wife)
    Manuel Mercy (wife)
    Pauline Eugene Belcher (husband)
    Bea Ben Balangsag
Ciriaco Duhaylungsod No Info Provided
Irineo Duhaylungsod No Info Provided
Narciso Duhaylungsod No Info Provided
Cirillo Duhaylongsod No Info Provided
Dionisio Duhaylongsod No Info Provided CHILDREN CHILDRENS' SPOUSE
    Martha Ben Ancog (Husband)
Gabriel Duhaylonsod No Info Provided
Sergio Duhaylongsud No Info Provided
Alesandro Duhaylongsud No Info Provided
Jose Duhaylongsod No Info Provided
Marciano Duhaylungsod Rosie Duliva (wife) CHILDREN CHILDRENS' SPOUSE
    Alfredo Angelita Canianis (wife)
Segundo Duhaylongsod No Info Provided
Telesforo Duhaylongsod Epifana Manos (wife) CHILDREN CHILDRENS' SPOUSE
    No Info Provided
Julio Duhaylongsod No Info Provided
Lorenzo Duhaylongsod No Info Provided
Issac Duhaylungsod No Info Provided
Leon Duhaylongsod No Info Provided
Leoncio Duhaylongsud No Info Provided
Ambrosio Duhaylongsod Aliha Atis (wife) CHILDREN CHILDRENS' SPOUSE
    Remedios Jerry Magalion (husband)
    Virginia Nick Batungbacal (husband)
    Pedro Sophie Ebert (wife)
    Delfin Ramie Lanet (wife)
    Frances Wilfred Munar (husband)
    Betty Chuck Dienhardt (husband)
    Frederico Frances Villafuerte (wife)
    Ronald Ginger Gella (wife)
Higino Duhaylongsud Julia Olpoc (wife) CHILDREN CHILDRENS' SPOUSE
    No Info Provided
Vicente Duhaylongsud Brigida Agan (wife) CHILDREN CHILDRENS' SPOUSE
    No Info Provided
Hermogenes Duhaylunsod No Info Provided
Julia Duhaylongsud Nicomedees Baluan (husband) CHILDREN CHILDRENS' SPOUSE
    No Info Provided
Bernabe Duhaylongsod No Info Provided
Nicasio Duhaylongsod No Info Provided
Sixto Duhaylongsud No Info Provided
Roman Duhaylongsod No Info Provided
Cipriana Duhaylongsud Eustaquio Caycay (husband) CHILDREN CHILDRENS' SPOUSE
    No Info Provided
Eustaquia Duhaylongsod No Info Provided
Eugenio Duhaylunsod Beatrice Dela Cruz (wife) CHILDREN CHILDRENS' SPOUSE
    No Info Provided
Macaria Duhaylongsod Enrique Flores (husband) CHILDREN CHILDRENS' SPOUSE
    No Info Provided
Maria Duhaylunsod Apolinario Dimagnaong (husband) CHILDREN CHILDRENS' SPOUSE
    No Info Provided
Simplicio Duhaylongsud Francisca Catada (wife) CHILDREN CHILDRENS' SPOUSE
    No Info Provided
Filomino Duhaylongsud Benigna Bation (wife) CHILDREN CHILDRENS' SPOUSE
    Jae Elmer Canfield (husband)
    Cris Stanford Baker (husband)
    Florida Bud Villaroz (husband)
    Ernicia Alfred Gunir (husband)
    Kathy Vernon Holland (husband)
    Doris Norman Sujulga
    Genie Bobby Cadelinia (husband)

Researcher's Notes...

It is interesting to note that the Japan Shipping Lines dominated the Pacific Trade Routes. The voyage itself took 4-6 weeks. The *Sakadas* (or large groups of contract workers) came during the years of 1921 and 1946.

Sailing Route: Cebu - Manila - Hong Kong - Osaka - Hawaii

All of the above information were gathered from handwritten or typed 3x5 index cards from the files of the Hawaii Sugar Planter's Association. Many were difficult to read due to illegibility and age. Also, some pertinent information were inadvertently left out.

Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of this information. Our most sincere apologies to you for any and all errors. Should you notice these mistakes, please notify us immediately so that corrections may be made.

Also, information regarding the lineage of those *Duhays'* who settled on the mainland is not available at this time. We would like to document this important information for our future generations. It will be greatly appreciated if anyone who has this information please step forward and provide it to us.

Much Mahalo...Pete Duhay, Felix Duhaylongsod, and Daren J. Duhaylonsod

Sorry about the length of this page, but I felt that it was extremely important that you get all of this. In the future, as more info rolls in, I'd like to link each of the original 34 Duhays' to their own pages.

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