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  Hot Links
Pete Duhay's Family Home Page
What a great looking site with lots of info! Check it out...but be sure to come back here!

Vegas Resorts and Reservations
Need info on lodging? Don't wait too long!

Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine
Bruddah Damon's awesome magazine

Hon. Star Bulletin Story
Covering the birth of the best skin-diving magazine in the world...

Local Kine Recipes
Can't remember how to make Laulau?...If only we could get luau leaves up here!...

UH Athletics
Check out your favorite sports/teams...

UH Football
For those of us too far away from home to catch it on T.V...

UH Men's Basketball
We gonna go to the *BIG DANCE* this year?...

UH Wahine Volleyball
Wanna know how the best college women's volleyball team is doing?...