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Reunion News
How many of you guys have been checking these updates?... web site hit counter ?...That's all? C'mon, it's OUR FAMILY REUNION!!!

When Is The Next Big *D* Reunion???

UPDATE: 05 June 2006

I have just received information from my sister, De Andra, that she is interested in helping out with some coordinating concerning a possible reunion in 2008. This will hopefully give everyone enough time to save up and make arrangements for a long-delayed gathering. I know that things have not been easy for many of us with the situation around the world and the economy as it is. But, with some careful planning and early contacts, we may be able to pull this one off. What my sister is interested in this early in the planning stages is being able to identify and contact ALL FAMILY HEADS. So, if you have any info on your branch of the family, and would like to do the coordinating for your group (or know of the person who would like to be in that position), please ...Email me or De Andra!!! As the song goes... "Let's Get It Started!" Aloha! Bruddah Daren

The Next Big *D* Reunion Is Just Around The Corner...

UPDATE: 05 MAR 2005

I have not received any emails from anyone lately, regarding the next big family reunion. As many of you already know, our family usually has a pretty good-sized get-together around the Labor Day Weekend, and this is usually an annual thing. We all need to put our differences aside, and rebuild that 'ohana spirit that most of us in the older generations know and remember. This really concerns our future generations. So, please think about it and make an effort to contact those relatives you do know. Let's get something going again! ...Email us if you have questions/concerns/etc. Aloha! Bruddah Daren

UPDATE: 27 FEB 2001

It's been a long time since anyone's discussed another big family reunion...most say that Hawaii's poor economy has been playing a major part in this in that it costs so much to host such a large event. I would still like to hear from any of you regarding an upcoming reunion. Please keep in mind that most participants at our last two reunions came from Hawaii. Vegas was fun, but it may be more economical to host these in Hawaii. I've got several proposals already in writing, and I plan on posting them here in the near future. In the mean time, think about it and us if you have questions/concerns/etc. Aloha! Bruddah Daren


Our recent family reunion in the Ohana Room at the California Hotel went very well. Although many felt that we did not have enough time to spend with the many relatives we rarely get to see on a daily basis, it was an overall success.

I've suggested to my mom that any future reunions may need to be held in Hawaii, since the majority of participants came from there. We could have an all-week camp-out, and include more outdoor activities (ie. fishing contests, a chili cook-off, treasure/scavenger hunt, Paradise Cove, The new Water Park, etc.) to try to keep overall expenses down.

...Annually...every two years...let me know what you think. We could even create some kind of a fund to help out with travel and other expenses for those that otherwise may not be able to attend. I also have to agree with Auntie Martha in that it is difficult to get any kind of a response from most Big D families on the mainland. Can you think of any other ways besides having to always call? Drop me a line and give me your input.

Hats off to all those who worked so hard to pull this off! Without you, none of this would have been possible! But, with this most recent reunion still fresh in our heads, we need to start making arrangements now for our next gathering. And, we wish more of you will participate in our next reunion. I've gotten so many email messages from relatives most of us don't even know. I'm sure the older generation would like to meet you and hear of how your family has grown over these past hundred years or so.


As per the meeting on 26 SEP 98, the following changes and confirmations are in effect:

* Banquet date is now 16 FEB date, only 30 people have paid for their banquet...and we've gotten no responses from our Family Heads on the mainland. If other dinner arrangements will be made for your children who will later join in at the banquet, please indicate a count on your checklist, so that we may include them in our set up as far as seating and room.

* My sister, Debra, is handling bookings through her agency, Hawaiian Vacation, which will book the charter flights with Vacations-Hawaii. Terms: $40 down to reserve (date is temporarily extended); $65 due on 15 OCT 98; balance due by 10 DEC. Rate is $339 + add'l $17 (for tax)=$356 (double occupancy) at the California Hotel. Dates are 13 FEB 99 - 18 FEB 99. Includes meal ticket(s). Those using Makana Checks must book directly with Vacations-Hawaii!

* Committee Reports:

* Kid's Activities...Tentative Schedule: * Sunday, 14 FEB 99 - Showcase Mall, Excalibur, Luxor, NYNY, Fremont Exp. (evening) * Monday, 15 FEB 99 - MGM Youth Center ($8 per hr, per child for game room, etc.) while adults go shopping * Tuesday, 16 FEB 99 - Free day...Banquet in the evening * Wednesday, 17 FEB 99 - Circus Circus/Adventure Dome, Treasure Island Requirements: An adult must accompany your child(ren) Information on bus transportation (at a cost) to be provided later, if needed. * Adults interested in participating or waiting to meet up with a group at a certain function/place, please inform my sister, DeAndra. * Suggestions: 1. Children not allowed near the casinos (gambling areas), but are able to pass through with adults. Use judgement. 2. Curfew at 9:00 pm. 3. Always accompany your children to restrooms, etc. 4. Appoint one or two older teens to "babysit" during the evenings if/when adults are out. And...don't forget to reward your babysitters! 5. Instruct them not to open any doors when someone knocks. We adults have room keys. 6. Set up and utilize a "Buddy System". 7. Suggest activities early morning start until later afternoon. Dinner with family. Evenings to themselves. Stock up on drinks and snacks to avoid them having to leave rooms. Bring games to play. 8. BLOCK OUT X-RATED MOVIES ON THE T.V. AS SOON AS YOU CHECK IN FOR YOUR ROOM!!!

* Aloha: Favors for the men and women will be made with ti leaves (for good luck). We need more volunteers to make them within a week of departure. Call Auntie Remie.

* Donations: To date, $86.45 have been received from the following generous "voluntary" donors: Steven Batungbacal, Betty Deinhardt, Fred Duhaylonsod, Janice Herchenhan, Anthony Magalion, Kenneth Magalion, Veronica Magalion, Remie Magalion, and Stephanie Nishizaki. Salamat! More donations are welcomed to offset expenses and/or add door prizes.

* Door Prizes: Family-Designated Heads (FDH) need to indicate on their Banquet Lists, "Guest(s)" attending. It was agreed upon that door prizes will be brought in by everyone EXCLUDING Guests. Reminder: Each couple or single adult must bring in one adult prize AND 1 child/teen prize. Bring your prizes to the Banquet...they will be collected at the reception table.

* Budget/Expenses: Just a reminder...Everyone over 18 is assessed a $5 fee to cover expenses (rental of banquet room, equipment, etc.). This payment is due with your Banquet payment.

* Program: Fred Duhaylonsod and Martha Ancog will coordinate their programs. For those in Hawaii who want to be a part of our entertainment, call Fred Duhaylonsod. For those on the mainland, please contact Auntie Martha Ancog. No Be Shy!!! This is Our Family Reunion...Be a Part of It!!! A finalized program will be sent to Uncle Pete Duhay to be included into the Souvenir Program. Uncle Pete will be our designated Master-of-Ceremony.

* Photography: Ransley Duhaylonsod will be our designated photographer, should the Chans be unable to attend.

* T-Shirts: A round circle with the words "Pride of Siquijor" Duhaylonsod Reunion within the circle on pastel blue was unanimously accepted. (Ash gray-2nd choice). Logo colors to be based on silkscreen costs. Order forms were circulated to FDH's. Please complete the forms ASAP and mail it back to my brother, Damon. Based on quantity, he will work out the t-shirt costs and notify you of the total cost per shirt. If agreeable, payments will need to be in to him by 15 NOV 98.

* Souvenir Program Inserts: Suggestions: Banquet Activities; List of Reunion Coordinators/Chairpersons; "UsaDuha" theme song; Forefathers Photos; Brief Siquijor History; Reunion Activities. **By NOV 98 meeting, most of this info will be finalized and submitted to Uncle Pete Duhay, so please voice your questions, comments, and or suggestions ASAP!!!

A final note...we have not received any checklists from any of our Family-Designated Heads to date. If you, or anyone in your group, have decided not to attend our reunion, please contact Auntie Remie immediately. Also notify her if you have appointed a new FDH to take your place. Also will still be winter in Las Vegas. Temperatures will be between 37-67, dress accordingly! Keno tips from my dad, Fred?..."Good Luck".:) Look at samples; pick four numbers; study patterns.

Check back for the latest information/updates regarding our family reunion. Our next meeting will be in November, with time, date and location to be specified at a later date.


Change #1...The reunion dates have been moved to 14-18 FEBRUARY, 1999. This has taken effect due to the cheaper airfare for our relatives from Hawaii. The banquet is now scheduled to take place on 16 FEBRUARY 99.

The next scheduled meeting concerning our reunion will take place on 26 SEPTEMBER, 1998, at Auntie Remie's house in Wahiawa. More on this later...


The Big *D* Reunion Is Just Around The Corner...

I hope you all know about the Big *D* Reunion in Vegas that's coming up...Pete Duhay, up in WA State, is organizing this colossal event, with the help of all family heads. If you haven't been contacted yet, there's still time...Drop us a line with your info, and we'll push it through the proper channels to insure that you're aware of the latest news.

Remember, if you are a Duhay, Duhaylonsod, Duhaylongsod, Duhaylongsud, Duhaylunsod, or Duhaylungsod, this reunion is for you...(If you're interested in joining this awesome family, we still have lots of single relatives out there...Hahaha!!!)...this is inclusive of those that married into the family, were adopted by a Big *D* family member, etc...whatever the case may're a part of this family now, and one of the goals of this reunion is to document the history of this family.

04 JULY 1999

Our reunion is presently scheduled to take place from 22-26 MARCH, 1999, at the California Hotel in Las Vegas. There will be a slot machine tournament at the California Hotel on the 22nd, which will cost us $10 (per adult). They're gonna rope-off an area for which we'll compete with the one-armed bandito, to try to get as many points on a card (more later). The winner will win the total that's in the *pool*. During the evening, we're invited to attend a *Salute to "Forever Plaid"*, at the Flamingo Hilton. Cost is $21.95...make your reservations now...submit your name, etc. with a check payable to Auntie Martha (Ancog).

Anyway, the banquet will be held at the California Hotel facilities from 6:00p.m. to 10:00p.m. on Tuesday, the 23rd. This is the main event of our reunion. Everyone will be recognized. We're also required to bring one adult door prize, and one child door prize. Please keep in mind...most folks will be flying in, so try not to bring door prizes that bulky, too long, etc. Might I suggest something *Home-made*, from da heart, and maybe somehow related to the reunion itself?!

On the 24th of March, there will be a *State Line Casino Trip* & *Cal/Lotto Stop* (casino-hopping) from 7:30am. - 4:00pm...bus and meals are *FREE*, kids on the bus...some may have to rent vehicles to bring kids...Dietrix and DeAndra Duhaylonsod are trying to work out some kind of baby-sitting arrangement...maybe bring all the keiki's to those free putt-putt golf places or something. We may need extra chaperones for this.

More information will be available soon, so keep checking this website, and Uncle Pete's Home Page.

The next scheduled meeting for Ambrosio's Family will be on 26 SEP 98, at a site yet to be determined...I'll alert you of any changes as soon as I find out more.

23 JUNE 98

My dad, Fred Duhaylonsod, is responsible for coordinating the entertainment...if you're interested in showing off your stuff, please let us know...we need to try to keep the chaos down to a minimum, since you know that any big undertaking such as this always comes with some confusion. But, you know, we're very flexible and can adapt to anything, right?

Tuesday of reunion week will be the main day and/or evening for the reunion. Monday and Wednesday, there are activities scheduled which are optional, but since we're family, I'm sure we'll see you there!

It also looks like keiki's over 2 yrs. old will have to pay $22 for the that outrageous, or what? Any ideas? My son, Drake, just turned 3 on the 21st of June, I know that he won't be able to eat $22-worth of food...maybe we got to feed the younger ones at one of those small sushi stands prior to the buffet.

If you have any suggestions as to activities for the keiki's (kids), please drop me a much of this reunion planning has been centered on the adults...but, what are our kids gonna do while we're out playing? My sister DeAndra is responsible for finding out about kid-activities for the family. Maybe we need a spokesmodel from every branch to put their heads together and *Brain-Storm*. What do you think?

For all you Family Heads who are coordinating activities for your branch of the family...E-mail us your names with your contact info so that I can publish it on this site...our families need to know who they must to contact, and how...

There's more to Vegas than gambling, (and I'm not talking about the *Mustang Ranch*)...anyone else have ideas? Let me know so that it can be investigated!!!

So, again, if you haven't been contacted, please don't feel left out...this is a GIGANTIC family, (we could easily fill any convention center anywhere in the world), and most of you aren't even listed in the phone book!!!

I'll update this section whenever I get new info, so check back often. Aloha and Mabuhay...Bruddah Daren

Keep going!...

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