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This first page contains info about my family and an *enlightening* story called *The Nutcracker Sweet*, submitted by Uncle Pete Duhay. Clicking on the spinning *treble clef* sign will take you to page 2 of *Special News*, which contains more stories as well as a list of birthdays.

Much Mahalo!...Bruddah Daren

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Special News

...from the Big *D*...

Singers, Dancers, Musicians, Doctors, Architects, Engineers, Teachers, etc...we've got 'em all covered!

I'll start off by telling you a little about my own family...

But...before going on...won't you help me in welcoming the newest member of my family?... Frederick Francis Duhaylonsod was born today, 14 June 2005, at St. Johns Hospital in Macomb. I had been praying that we somehow make it through all of these difficult times and that we will abide by any and all messages that we get from our Lord. As I prayed on this latest pregnancy, and opened my bible to receive whatever it was that the Holy Spirit was to deliver to us, the message I got was to "... honor and obey thy father and mother..." So, that's how Freddie boy got his name! Kealoha Maile Duhaylonsod was born today, 12 MAR 2004, at 6:29 pm, also at Bi-County Hospital. She was the heaviest baby we've had (so far), weighing in at 8 lbs., 3 oz., and measuring 19-3/4 inches in length. We just thank God for such a beautiful, healthy, (and hungry) baby! Praise the Lord! Krystal Ilima Duhaylonsod was born today, 16 JULY 98, at 4:20 PM at Bi-County Community Hospital, here in Warren, Michigan. She weighed in at a whopping 7 lbs., 12 oz., and measured 19-1/2 inches in length. Hae Young and I are proud to make this announcement and thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes. As soon as Santa delivers my scanner, I'll be able to add some pictures to this site...probably in the form of a photo album.

Anyway, to continue on with the rest of my family...from my dad and mom, Fred and Frances, all the way down to their grandchildren, nearly everyone in the family is quite musically inclined...

My dad spends much of his time practicing for his many performances...I spend much of mine transcribing songs for him. He plays his ukulele and sings along with tapes for all kinds of parties...but most of you already know that, right?

I spent my childhood years playing a clarinet that Uncle Wilfred Munar gave me. From there, I picked up a sax at Campbell High School, and joined the Army as a Sax Player. I play all single-reed woodwind instruments, as well as the flute, and create songs using a computer-enhanced keyboard.

Many of you already know about my brother Damon and his *Hawaii Skin Diver* Magazine, right? If not, check it out on the web after catching up on all the rest of the Big *D* scoops...

My brother Dietrix is now a *Kumu Hula*. Yep!...after years of study under Kumu Hula Al Makahinu Barcarse (Uncle Al), with the Halau Ka Ua Kilihune in Kaneohe, he will be moving this August to Guam...where his new halau, *Kiawekupono O Ka Ua*, will take root. His 'uniki celebration and going away party is scheduled to take place on the 1st of August, '98 at the Hafa Adai Club in Halawa (Pearl Harbor). I wish we could be there, but Hae Young is expected to deliver our third child around the 22nd of July, here in Michigan. So, all I can say is *We're all very proud of you, Bruddah Dietrix!!!* Anyway, if anyone out there is interested in joining Dietrix with his new halau in Guam, drop me a line with your info, and I'll pass it on to him until he's set up.

DeAndra, my youngest sister, once performed with the Honolulu Boy Choir as one of the *Care Bears*, (she probably didn't want you to know that), but now she's a teacher.

My youngest brother, Dutro, sang and performed with Dietrix with the Honolulu Boy Choir for several years. After his *HBC* days, he went on to make several records with smaller groups, before landing a singing contract that took him to Japan. Now, he's a bigwig with Eagle Hardware & Garden, on the island of Maui.

I know, I left out my sister, Debra...as far as music goes, she's the odd one out...but she's probably the most creative of all of my siblings. She is currently a travel agent, trying to get us to fly out to Hawaii through her *connections*.

An Unlikely Story!!
(Nutcracker Sweet)

Submitted by Pete Duhay

Long time ago, maybe befo AC and DC, there was two young *cats* who was frolicking in da *Garden of Ekaha* (ferns). Their names were Akamu and Ewa. Plenty of coconut trees was amongst the Ekaha...wit all da other flora and fauna. Everything was *honky and donkey* until one day, so happen, one loose coconut came crashing down from da highest coconut tree. Da *buggah* almost dinged Akamu and Ewa, (who was dancing and frolicking in da ferns. Their *jam session* being interrupted, dey went over to inspect the fallen coconut...first time dey seen one in their entire life! (Of course dey seen other kine *nuts* befo...like kukui kine, macadamia kine, pupule kine, *lug* kine,...but dis was different!)

Akamu and Ewa try fo forty days and twenty nights to broke da lousy hard coconut...but still, no can...Da buggah was *pakiki* (stubborn). So, Akamu and Ewa dispensed and delayed all their frolicking activities to concentrate on breaking da coconut because dey was hungry fo da *spoon meat*.

Enyways, to continue da story...dis big momona snake, who was *moimoi-ing* on one branch of da coconut tree, lazily awoke and angrily hissed, "Eh, you lousy buggahs make too much noise...no can sleep, man!!" Akamu, da intelligent one, (no reflection on Ewa), shaking in his *malu* (fig leaf), decided to use some of his learned psychology (UofH - class of 0001)..."Eh, Momona Snake", he said..."I bet you no can broke dis lousy fall-down coconut...You only talk tough *waha*, but you no can droke dis coconut...mo betta you go sleep some mo!!" Da snake hissed with rage, climbed down from da tree, and violently attacked da poor coconut. Da coconut broke open after one tough and sweaty battle...and da snake went up to his branch, giving one *Tarzan yell*...which reverberated throughout da Molokai Channel! All da creatures, alive and dead, in da vast kingdom quivered at the deafening yell...even dose wit-out hearing aids!!!

Da "spoon meat" of da coconut was "ono", according to Akamu and Ewa during their interview with CNN reporters on da internet. Their encounter wit da lousy fallen coconut and da "snake's tussle" with it, made headlines throughout da galaxy.

So powerful was dis episode dat it inspired da buggah from Nashville (Tchaikovsky, I tink his name was), to compose da Christmas fantasy and legend...*Da Nutcracker Sweet*...Okay! Okay!...Maybe not too many historians and udder peoples going understand and believe dis enlightening story...but...who cares?...as long as da buggah from Nashville does!!!

(What?!?...Eh, funny kine story...tell da truth bom-bye!)

Dee End

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