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Once upon a time...

In the city of Montfort, three Bards and an Elven sorceress met at the fabled Dragon's Inn. There they laid plans for a wonderous institution....a center for enlightened learning....a showplace for the performing arts... and a symbol of hope and peace....the place would be known as the Bards Hall of Montfort.

About the Hall

The Bards Hall of Montfort is the focal point for a series of fantasy storylines at the collaborative storytelling newsgroup, alt.dragons-inn. Lying just south of the fabled city of Montfort, the Hall is the headquarters of a group of musicians and adventurers. The Bards face the dangers of the world of Ifrean with bravery and cunning, and combine their heroism with their love of the arts, and not a little bit of humour. Started in 1996, the Hall has been the setting or the starting place for several threads, some of which continue to this day. Over a dozen writers have contributed to the chronicles of the Hall, and we are continually looking for new members to join our ranks.

About the Dragon's Inn

The Alt.Dragons Inn Newsgroup is a Fantasy oriented storytelling environment, available through a mailserver or through the Usenet news service. Essentially, the newsgroup provides fantasy writers with the opportunity to participate in an ongoing storyline (thread) with other like-minded individuals over the internet. The stories are all set in the fantasy world of Ifrean, and most adventures begin at the Dragon's Inn, which is located in the city of Montfort.

To begin a new thread or to join an ongoing one, a writer simply creates a character and writes a brief story, usually involving the character wandering into the Inn. The writer can then have their character talk to other newcomers, or they may write themselves into an ongoing thread and ask permission to join the story. The only two rules on the newsgroup are simple: No fighting inside the Inn (It's magically warded against such disturbances), and no actions that can affect someone else's character or creation without their permission.

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Joining the Hall

The Bards Hall is always accepting new members, and anyone who would like to join our storytelling group can do so by contacting the thread administrator and asking for information.

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