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 Original information by Dr. Allyn Dietzel (Deceased),Jewell Dietzel, John Steel, Judy Imsland & Larry Dietzel  

This Family is now participating in the Vaughan/Vaughn/Vaughen DNA Project in hopes to locate family past,
115898  JAMES VAUGHAN b. 8 Sept 1822 KY or TN - d. 9 Oct 1864 MO

There are now two good matches that have potential connections to this Vaughan Family.

 142942 Joel VAUGHAN b.1741 Caroline Co, VA - d. 1846 Attala Co, MS

141840 Richard VAUGHAN b.1802 TN - d aft 1860 MS

By Jewell Dean Vaughan Dietzel 2004

(Census Records and other records show Rimel spelled ARymel and A Rymol.)

JACOB RIMEL, SR. b. 1793 d. before the 1850 Census
Marriage: 27 July 1815 FRANCES BROYLES b. 1796 d. 1875

Frances Broyles, daughter of James and Elizabeth* Broyles, was not mentioned in her father's will, but she was undoubtedly a sister of Lewis, John, and James Broyles who also moved to Cooper County, Missouri. Jacob and Frances Rimel settled near what is today Wooldridge, Missouri, in northeast Cooper County. Jacob and Frances's daughter Margaret J. Rimel Kickashear told a Boonville reporter in 1926 that she was one of eleven children; only seven of them survived until adulthood. Information gained from the Andrew County, Missouri, Internet page stated that there was a severe cholera epidemic in Cooper County during the 1840's and many people died.

* In Cooper County, Missouri, on 25 April 1858, James Broyles and wife Elizabeth sold to Joseph Kickeyshear


1 James Rimel
James is the son of Jacob and Frances Broyles Rimel, Sr. James is probably one of the children who did not survive until adulthood. (John O. Steele had this record with his research page 150 of the typed Broyles manuscript.)

2 Ellen Rimel
Ellen is the daughter of Jacob and Frances Broyles Rimel, Sr. She is probably one of the children who did not survive until adulthood. (John O. Steele had this record with his research page 150 of the typed Broyles (manuscript.)

3 George W. Rimel
George W. is the son of Jacob and Frances Broyles Rimel, Sr. (John O. Steele had this record with his research page 150 of the typed Broyles (manuscript.) George went to the state of California during the gold rush. Marriage: He was married in the state of California and had two children.

4 Nancy Rimel ca. 1826
Nancy is the daughter of Jacob and Frances Broyles Rimel, Sr. She was born in Tennessee. At the time of the 1850 Census, she lived with her husband William Giles and four children in northeast Cooper County. Her age was 24.Marriage: William GilesNancy and William had six children

5 Thomas Rimel, Sr. b. ca. 1828
Thomas is the son of Jacob and Frances Broyles Rimel, Sr. In the 1850 Census, his occupation was listed as potter. He lived in the Job Hampton home. His age was listed as 22. Marriage: ca. 1859 Sarah E. Williamson Thomas and Sarah had two children.

6 Jacob Rimel, Jr. ca. 1832
Jacob, Jr. is the son of Jacob and Frances Broyles Rimel, Sr. At the time of the 1850 Census, he was listed as 18 years old. His occupation was potter. He was living in the home of Job Hampton. Marriage: Sarah (unknown) Jacob, Jr. and Sarah had eight children.

7 Malinda Rimel 14 Feb 1834 - 6 Mar 1901
Malinda is the daughter of Jacob and Frances Broyles Rimel, Sr. There has been a question of whether she was born in Missouri or Tennessee. The Broyles family report indicates that Malinda's parents came to Missouri from Tennessee in the spring of 1835 and that Malinda was born in Tennessee. Her grave marker gives her date of birth as 1834. On the 1860 and 1880 Census Reports, it lists her place of birth as Missouri. On the 1900 Census, her place of birth is listed as Tennessee. She was married to James Vaughan in Boonville, Cooper County, Missouri, by a Justice of Peace. (John O. Steele was amazed while he was searching in the Missouri State Archives, he found 12 James Vaughans from Missouri who served the Union during the (Civil War.) Our James was born in Kentucky. According to the Census of 1860, James could neither read nor write. In a deed recorded the nineteenth day of March 1867 by and between William N.Vaughan of Moniteau County in the state of Missouri party of the first part, and Malinda Vaughan of Moniteau County in the State of Missouri party of the second part in consideration of $25 grant and sell, convey and confirm the following described track or parcel of land from the estate of James Vaughan's homestead described as the West half of the South West quarter of section five (5) in Township forty four (44) of Range fourteen (14)
The above mentioned William N. Vaughan is William Nelson Vaughan, Malinda's oldest stepson, son of James Vaughan and Agnes Collins.

John O. Steele visited this parcel of land in May 2000 and reports the directions to reach it. It is located about 2 miles east of California and almost 1 mile west of McGirk, Missouri, along State Highway 50. Travel on Highway 50 for 1 mile east of Moniteau County Route K. Then turn south on a side road. The north boundary of the property is approximately of a mile south of Highway 50 on the east side of the road. The southern boundary is 2 mile farther south. The property is bounded on the west by the road and 3 mile east of the road on the eastern side. John says that this parcel of land is 80 acres.

John Warren Vaughan told the family that his father James was killed by a bushwhacker during the Civil War near McGirk, Moniteau County, Missouri.

When Jewell Vaughan Dietzel (7242) was about 13 years old, her mother and Jewell's three siblings lived in California, Missouri. Her paternal grandfather John Warren Vaughan (72) lived with his daughter Pauline Vaughan Miller (723) in Boonville. He occasionally came for a few days visit. On one visit he remarked that he would like to drive to McGirk and look for his father=s grave. Jewell was in the car as it drove down little country roads northwest of McGirk with Grandpa alert watching for clues from the landscape that he remembered as a seven-year-old lad. We found the Old Lebanon Cemetery. See map for location. We found his father's grave marked with a stone that we were able to read. The inscription read: JAMES VAUGHAN Sept. 8, 1822 Oct. 9, 1864

After her husband James's death in 1864, Malinda married Charles Baker in Moniteau County probably in California, Missouri. In 1999, John Oliver Steele found a record in LDS material, Batch M515452, Source call No. 1946774 V. 24 listing the marriage of Malinda Vaughan and Charles Baker on 26 Jan 1869 in Moniteau County, Missouri. In the 1880 Census of Linn Township, Moniteau County, she was living alone with her own 5 children. Charles was not listed. Malinda Rimel Vaughan filled out a pension application #25672l on 22 Dec 1879 on James Vaughan. Later, she, as his guardian, filed an application for Abe Rimel. John Steele is attempting to trace a record of James Vaughan's service during the Civil War. He is checking the records of these two pension applications, but in June 2000 he has found no record that pensions were paid. He has written to the National Archives in Washington, D. C. for information. It has been nine months and he has not heard.

Malinda evidently lived with her daughter Margaret Vanlandingham (73) in Columbia, Missouri, at the time of her death in 1901. A. Basey Vanlandingham I (7311) and his wife Lorane built a new home on the site where Margaret and T. Forrest Vanlandingham's home stood.  Malinda was buried in the Valley Springs Cemetery 1150 South Highway UU, Boone County, Missouri, a few miles west of Columbia. It required between 20 and 25 years for Allyn Vaughan Dietzel (72421) , his mother Jewell Vaughan Dietzel (7242) , his Aunt Lois Frank Vaughan Hanson (7243) , and his brother Larry Dean Dietzel (72423) to locate Grandma Malinda's grave.  Even though James and Malinda's last name is spelled with an A in Vaughan on their gravestones, all of their children have omitted the A except the family of John Warren Vaughan.  James Vaughan married Miss Agnes Collins on 19 Feb 1845. We have the record of their marriage from Jefferson City, Cole County, Missouri. They had three boys that I will include here as Melinda's stepsons. On William Nelson Vaughan's death certificate recorded in Roe, Monroe County, Arkansas, his mother's name is listed as Agnes Collins, born in Virginia, and his father as Jim Vaughan, born in Kentucky.

On the 1900 Census Linn Township, Moniteau County it was listed that Malinda had 10
children, 5 living.  Malinda's Marriage 1: 6 Jan 1854 James Vaughan b. 8 Sep 1822 d. 9 Oct 1864


On the death certificate of the oldest child "William Nelson Vaughn," recorded in Roe, Arkansas, in 1925, his mother was listed as Agnes Collins, born in Virginia.  A marriage record found in Jefferson City, Missouri, shows James Vaughan married Miss Agnes Collins on 19 February 1845.

Uncle Nelse's show William Nelson Vaughan  b. ca 1846 d. 6 Jan 1925
William is the first son of James and Agnes Collins Vaughan.
The 1850 Federal Census for Cole County shows William living with Agnes and James Vaughan as a 4-year-old born in Missouri. The 1860 Census township 45, Range 15 of Moniteau County shows W. N. as 14 years old living with James and Malinda Vaughan. His death certificate in 1925, showed his occupation as a farmer. His age was 81 and his date of birth unknown. Both the 1850 and 1860 Census Records list his age and determine that he was born in 1846.

Byron Vaughan (722) visited Uncle Nelse in Arkansas, met and married Nina Pearl Streight there. She had a small red-headed daughter named Juanita Bell Ross (b. 1919). She has helped us with our Vaughan family tree. Uncle Nelse ran a show with a large man-size puppet that played a fiddle. We have a snapshot of this on a postcard to Brother John (72). Uncle Nelse also played the fiddle. On this postal card Uncle Nelse writes, This is for Brother John. This is my fiddling man, the clown, my one invention.  At one time, William Nelson lived by, or on, the White River with a woman who may or may not have been his wife as spoken by Byron F. Vaughan to Jewell Vaughan Dietzel (7242). Nelse and Mary had no children. Marriage: Mary E. Vaughan (His death certificate gives this name.)

Joseph F. Vaughan b. ca. 1851 d. 1926
Joseph is the second son of James and Agnes Collins Vaughan.
The 1860 Census shows Joseph living with James and Malinda Vaughan in Moniteau County, Missouri, dated 23 Aug 1860 in township 45, range 15. He was nine years old and born in Missouri. The family does not know what became of him until February of 2004.

New Information has come to light  as of February 2004. 

Most of the misinformation comes from Joe claming to be Frank James and the book :
"This Was Frank James" copyright 1969, written by Columbus Vaughn, Lester Snow and Sara Snow. Published by Dorrance & Company, Philadelphia, PA. This book includes Joe Vaughn's original story that was published in 1926 by Norton Printing. I think the three brothers may have commited robberies and possibly use the names of Frank and Jessie James to throw suspicion off the Vaughan brothers. My Family traditions indicate that William nelson was a "Real Rogue" and not much else is known about them. My GGGrandfather John Vaughan who was half brothers with them kept in touch with William Nelson Vaughan. I don't put much into the Frank James story because it is not true and does not hold water. Being in the KGC I also don't put much faith in due to he was far too young to fight in the war and have the connections. I do think he may have been hiding stolen money from robberies that the brothers committed. I have no evidence of this but just a good hunch. In his book he does tell of his family near McGurk Mo and this does match and is my family names and location name for name only changing his fathers name. Any information marriages, dates, children of the three brothers would be super. Now that we hav
e the Vaughan/Vaughn/Vaughen DNA Project this story may now be solved.

Some links to this story:

James M. Vaughan b. ca. 1853
James is the third son of James and Agnes Collins Vaughan.
The 1860 Census Records show Jas. M. Vaughn living in a household with James and Malinda Vaughn. He is seven years old and born in Missouri. His nephew George Vaughn (744) from Pueblo, Colorado, thinks that James went to Oklahoma and married an native American Indian woman.


71 George W. Vaughan b.23 Dec 1856  - d. 2 Jun 1926
George is the fourth son of James and the first son of Malinda Rimel Vaughan. He and Susan were married in Boonville, Cooper County, Missouri. Both were from Saline township. He was born in Moniteau County, Missouri, probably near McGirk, and died in Wooldridge, Cooper County, Missouri. He was a prosperous farmer who owned land in the Missouri River bottom near Wooldridge. He sold it to the railroad. He and his wife Susan are buried in Clayton Cemetery near Overton, Missouri. His death certificate spelled his last name without the A. His wife signed the death certificate Mrs. George Vaughn. John O. Steele (7141) told Jewell Vaughan Dietzel that Ruth Lois Windsor Wolfe (7124) told him that George W. had diabetes and that is what killed him. She also said that George W.went blind the last few years of his life. His death certificate lists Acystitis and Aprostatitis  as the causes of death. The causes of death for Susan Susie  was cerebral hemorrhage and arterio sclerosis. She died at her home in Wooldridge, Missouri, after a lingering illness. She spent the last five or six winters of her life living with her daughter, Blanche, in Jefferson City, Missouri. George W. and Susan had 5 children.

72 John Warren Vaughan  b. 28 Apr 1859 - d. 3 Jul 1947
John is the fifth son of James and the second son of Malinda Rimel Vaughan.

73  Margaret Vaughan  b. 16 Aug 1863  - d. 20 Mar 1922
Margaret is the first daughter of James and the first daughter of Malinda Rimel Vaughan.

74 Frances Marion Vaughan b. 7 Jan 1863 -d. 4 Mar 1934
Frances is the sixth son of James and the third son of Malinda Rimel Vaughan.

75 Sarah Elizabeth Vaughan b. 24 Mar 1865 - d. 20 Feb 1940
Sarah is the second daughter of James and the second daughter of Malinda Rimel Vaughan.

By Allyn Vaughan Dietzel
21 June 1987
Revised by Jewell Dean Vaughan Dietzel
13 May 2000

In records dating back into the 1850's, the family name has sometimes been spelled as "Vaughn" and at other times as "Vaughan." In the 20th century members of the same branch of the family spell their names differently. I hear a hint of "family feud." Headstones on both James and Malinda's graves spell the Vaughan name with an "a." That is the way I will spell it with this revision. If I know a family to omit the "a," I will also. Census Records show different spellings and are not entirely accurate.

The Rimel name has the same problem. Rimel is sometimes spelled "Rymel," and "Rymol." I will use Rimel in this revision.

When I was about 13 years old, my mother and her four children lived in California, Missouri. John Warren Vaughan lived with his daughter in Boonville He is my grandfather. He occasionally came to spend a week with us. On one visit he remarked that he would like to drive to McGirk and look for his father's grave. We drove down little country roads north of McGirk with Grandpa alert watching for clues from the landscape that he remembered as a seven-year- old lad. We found the Old Lebanon Cemetery and we found his father's grave marked with a stone that we were able to read. I jotted the inscription down on a scrap of paper.

Sept. 8, 1822
Oct. 9, 1864


I had developed a habit of jotting down information concerning our ancestors and putting it in a small tin file. One day in the mid 1980's my older son Allyn Vaughan Dietzel asked me for the tin box because he intended to research the Vaughan geneology. He began his project by searching Census Records and family records at the Fort Wayne, Indiana, library. At that time, he was working as an industrial poultry veterinarian in Decatur, Indiana, for Central Soya.  The first record he found was the marriage of James Vaughan and Malinda Rimel on
6-Jan-1954. It was recorded on 7-Jan-54 at the Cooper County Courthouse in Boonville, Missouri. They were married by a Justice of Peace.

The 1860 Census Records of Moniteau County, Missouri, dated 23 August 1860 in township 45, range 15 of Moniteau County shows James Vaughn, age 38 years. His occupation was listed as a farmer. His place of birth was listed as Kentucky and it was recorded that he could not read or write. The value of his personal property was listed as $100. (John Vaughan could not read or write either. He could sign his name.) James' wife was listed as Malinda Vaughn. She was listed as 27 years of age, as being born in Missouri, and as being unable to read or write. The 1860 Census also lists 5 children living in James Vaughn's household. By the ages of the  first three children, it is apparent that these three boys were born before James and Malinda were married in 1854. In fact, the age of the number-three child "Jas. M" suggests that James Vaughn's previous wife probably died during or shortly after childbirth in 1853. With three small children, he quickly remarried in 1854. These are the listed children:

No. Name Sex Birthplace Age
1 W. N. Vaughn M MO 14
2 Joseph F. Vaughn M MO 9
3 Jas. M. Vaughn M MO 7
4 Geo. W. Vaughn M MO 4
5 J. W. Vaughn M MO 2

On the death certificate of the oldest child "William Nelson Vaughn," recorded in Roe, Arkansas, in 1925, his mother was listed as Agnes Collins, born in Virginia.

A record found in Jefferson City, Missouri, shows James Vaughan married Miss Agnes Collins on 19 February 1845.

The 1850 Feberal Census for Cole County, Missouri, lists:  

Name Age Sex Birthplace
James Vaughan 29 M Ky
Agnes 22 F Va
William 4 M Mo
Rachel Swaringame 2 F Mo
William Swaringame 16 Mo M Mo

According to family tradition, James Vaughan was killed by a "bushwhacker" during the Civil War. Although there is no evidence that James Vaughan served as a soldier, there were numerous skirmishes near his home in Moniteau County Missouri during the fall of 1864 was near the present day town of McGirk, Missouri. McGirk is about 20 miles west of Jefferson City, about 8 miles north of Russellville, about 6 miles east of California and about 20 miles northeast of High Point. The next three paragraphs give the Civil War history that probably led to the death of James Vaughan.

General Sterling Price of the Confederate Army led a raid from Arkansas into Missouri from 28 August 1864 to 2 December 1864. This raid is known as "Price's Missouri Expedition". Price was convinced he could win Missouri for the confederacy so he entered southeastern Missouri with a large force and the intention of seizing St. Louis. On the way to St. Louis, Price was met by General Ewing and 1200 Union soldiers and was forced to retreat to Rolla, Missouri.. At Rolla, Price was confronted by General McNeil's Union forces. During these delays, more than 20,000 Union soldiers poured into St. Louis making this objective beyond Price's reach.

Price then changed his objective to Jefferson City, Missouri. Leaving Rolla, he marched to the east into Franklin County. At the same time Union troops under General Brown began to pour into Jefferson City from all over Missouri, to defend the capital. As Price moved towards Jefferson City he had the bridges burned behind him. On 5 October 1864 Price's troops came to a Union outpost on the Osage River near Jefferson City. Price's troops fell back, regrouped and then approached Jefferson City on 7 October 1864. They found the capital city well entrenched and a large Union army prepared to resist any attack

One of Price's divisions serving as a rear guard near Russellville, Missouri, encountered a group of Union troops on 9 October 1864 and forced them to retreat under deadly fire. A map of Price's expedition shows he then moved from Russellville west to High Point and then north to California, Missouri, both in southern and central Moniteau County. During late October and November, Price pushed on towards Boonville and northern Missouri but was then forced to retreat back to Arkansas.

According to the dates copied from James Vaughan's tombstone, he was killed on 9 October 1864. He was probably killed near his home which was near the present day town of McGirk, Missouri. His death was probably a direct or indirect result of the skirmish near Russellville on 9 October 1864. This skirmish would have been no more than eight to ten miles from the homestead of James Vaughan. James Vaughan was buried in Old Lebanon Cemetary about two miles northwest of the present day McGirk, Missouri. His tombstone gave his date of birth as 8 September 1822. Allyn visited Lebanon Cemetary in 1984 but was unable to identify the tombstone of James Vaughan. This cemetery has been visited by family members since this time, and they found the stone intact. With a deed recorded in Moniteau County on either 19 March 1867, Malinda Vaughan sold 80 acres of land to William N. Vaughan. William N. Vaughan was Melinda's oldest stepson. The amount paid was $25. This land was described as the west half of the southwest quarter of section five (5) in township forty four (44) of range fourteen. The deed stated that this land was the homestead of James Vaughan until the date of his death. This tract of land is located a little more than one mile southwest of the present day McGirk, Missouri.

The whereabouts of Malinda Vaughan between 1867 and 1880 are undocumented. Maliinda Vaughan was not found by Allyn Vaughan Dietzel in the 1870 Census records. She apparently remarried (to a Mr. Baker) and relocated to the northern part of Linn township in northern Moniteau County, Missouri. This was near the Cooper County line and near the present day town of Wooldridge. This was closer to the area where Malinda grew up and near where she still had brothers and sisters living. Allyn and Jewell Vaughan visited Mrs. Clovis Smith a number of years ago and Jewell has the impression that Malinda and her siblings grew up in the area of  Gooche's Mill not too far from John Vaughan's farm and Wooldridge. John Steele, grandson of George W. Vaughn and Susan Stone wrote e-mail on 7-May-2000 that about six months ago he found that Malinda married Charles Baker in Moniteau County.  Mr. Baker evidently died before the 1850 Census. Based on an interview with George Vaughn (son of Frances Marion Vaughn) in 1978, Malinda had one additional child (a son) by Mr. Baker but the boy died at a young age.

The 1880 Federal Census, Moniteau County, Linn Township Enumerated June l, 1880, in a bound index, not the microfilm listed the following: Line 55

Name Sex  Age Birthplace
Baker, Malinda F 40 MO
Vaughan, George M 24 MO
Vaughan, John M M 21 MO
Vaughan, MargareT F 17 MO
Vaughan, Marion M 15 MO
Vaughan, Sarah F 12 MO

(John Steel and Jewell Dietzel believe there are errors on this Census. Malinda was evidently handicapped by not being able to read and write. If Malinda was born in 1834, in 1880, she would be 46. Marion's tombstone records his birth in 1863 so he would not be 15. Sarah was born in 24 Mar 1965 so she would be 15. (Evidently, Malinda was pregnant when James was killed.)

On the 1880 Census records in Linn township of Moniteau County Missouri, Malinda and her family appear again (recorded 3rd and 4th June 1880):

Name  Age Relation Occupation Birthplace  Self  Birthplace Father Birthplace Mother
 Baker Malinda 40 Mother  Keep house MO Tenn Tenn
Vaughan George 24 Son Farmer MO MO MO
Vaughan John 21 Son At home MO MO MO
----Margaret 17 Daughter At home MO MO MO
-----Sarah 12 Daughter At home MO MO MO

(Malinda was born in 1834. Her age should be 47. Marion is left out. Sarah born in 1865.)

Only a little is known about what happened to James Vaughan's oldest son (William Nelson Vaughan).According to interviews with several relatives who knew him, William Nelson Vaughan was quite a character. He was often called "Uncle Nelson or Uncle Nelse". He reportedly deserted his first wife and traveled around the country running a medicine show or side show. In his show he played the fiddle and also had a large puppet or dummy that also played the fiddle. Jualita Bell Ross (Byron Vaughan's step daughter gave Frankie Vaughan Hanson a snapshot of this puppet. She has shared it with us in her family tree book. Uncle Nelse ended up near Roe, Arkansas living either near the banks of the White River of in a house boat on the White River with a woman who may or may not have been his wife. William Nelson Vaughn's death certificate listed his wife as Mary E. Vaughn, his birthplace as California, (Missouri), his year of birth as 1844 but his date and month of birth as unknown, his occupation as farmer and his date of death as 6 January 1925.
Even less is known about the second and third sons of James Vaughan (Joseph F. and James M. Vaughan). In the 1978 interview with George Vaughan, he said he "did not know what ever became of Joe Vaughan.:" He said he thought that "Jim Vaughan moved to Oklahoma and married an Indian squaw".

Relation Birth Date No. Children Birth Place Total Alive Self Mother Father
Vaughan F.M. Head Jan 1863 Mo Te Ky
-----Nellie M. Wife Oct 1880 1 1 Mo Mo Mo
-----Alonzo Son Oct 1899 Mo Mo Mo
Baker Malinda Mother Feb 1833 10 5 Te Te Te

(Malinda was born in Missouri. F.M.'s mother born in Missouri. Malinda born Feb. 1834. ) More is known about the five children of James and Malinda Rimel Vaughan and their descendants. This will be outlined in the following pages.

Repeated attempts in 1987 to determine the date of death and burial place of Malinda Rimel Vaughan Baker have met with failure. This writer (Allyn Vaughan Dietzel) would appreciate any clues of information anyone has about her. It is known that she was still alive and listed in the 1900 Census, still in Linn township of Moniteau Count Missouri, living with one of her sons ( F. Marion Vaughan). 

On April 13, 1997, Frankie Vaughan Hanson, Larry Dean Dietzel, and Jewell Dean Vaughan Dietzel found Malinda's grave in Valley Springs Cemetery in Columbia, Missouri, with the help of Mrs. Basey Vanlandingham (Lorane). The stone was intact and the inscriptions readable. The name "VAUGHAN" was engraved across the top. On the face it read,

Feb. 14, 1834
Mar .06, 1908

In summary the family of James Vaughan is listed below:

James Vaughan born in Kentucky 8 September 1822
Killed by Civil War bushwhacker 9 October 1864
First Marriage to Miss Agnes Collins 19 Feb 1845
I. William Nelson or 1846 - d. 6 Jan. 1925
II. Joseph F. 185l - d.?
III. James M. 1853 - d. ?

Second Marriage to Malinda Rimel b. 14 Feb 1834 d. 6 Mar 1908 (from tombstone)
Married in Cooper County, Missouri, 6 January 1854
IV. George W. b. 23 Dec 1856 - d. 2 Jun 1926
V. John Warren b. 28 Apr 1859 -d. 3 Jul 1947
VI. Margaret b. 16 Aug 1862 (?) -d.20 Mar 1922
VII. Frances Marion b. 7 Jan 1863 -d. 4 Mar 1934
VIII. Sarah E. 1865-67 - d. ?
Malinda's second marriage to Charles Baker produced a son who did not live long.. (Malinda had 10 children.)


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