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This episode picks up where Becoming left off. Buffy is being chased by the police for Kendra's death. Buffy gets away because well she's Buffy she has to get away. Buffy then goes to the hospital to check on the gang. She sees Xander with a cast on his arm. She s a joke then he tells her about Willow. The camera cuts to Willow in a coma. Buffy feels horrible and blames herself. Then things get worse when Buffy finds out that Giles is missing. Then we see Giles just waking up in Angel's crib. Angel says that either Giles tells him how to wake Acathla(?) or he will torture him. Of course or boy Giles stays strong and doesn't tell Angel. Buffy goes to Giles' house and finds Whistler there. Whistler just tells her that a sword isn't enough. Buffy leaves. Buffy then is stopped by a policeman. Then from offstage Spike comes out and takes the police guy out. Spike says that he wants to help Buffy and save the world. Buffy doesn't believe him.(of course)Finally she decides they should talk. As they are walking away Buffy's mother drives by. They make up a story. Then a vamp comes out and Spike and Buffy it. Buffy tells her mom that she is vampire slayer. The three go to Buffy's house. While all of this is going on Xander gets all emotional with Willow and she wakes up. While Buffy is on the phone with Xander and Willow Joyce and Spike sit in the living room akwardly. Buffy finally comes back. Spike says that he will help if he and Dru can skip town. Buffy says no but Spike convinces her. Joyce won't let Buffy go and says if she leaves not to come back. Buffy has to leave so she does. She goes to Whistler and he says Angel is the key. He will open the gate to hell and only he can close it. She leaves and gets the sword. Anmgel is still at the mansion torturing Giles. Dru tricks the answer out of Giles by pretending to be Jenny. Willow decides that she wants to try the curse again. She tells Xander to tell Buffy. Buffy goes to the mansion and finds Xander there. She tells him just to go in and get Giles then get out. Xander decides not to tell Buffy about the curse. When they get inside Buffy s a couple of wimps. When Angel is going for the sword to wake Acathla(?) Spike stands up and starts beating him down with a crowbar. Dru gets him away from Angel but Spike just punches her and she goes out cold. Angel goes and wakes Acathla. Him and Buffy get into a sword fight. During all of the action Xander and Giles get away. While Buffy is fighting Angel Spike carries Dru away. During the fight Willow restores Angel's soul. Him and Buffy get mushy for a minute then Buffy sends him to hell.(Where he belongs)During the last scene the gang are talking about what happened and what they think happened to Buffy. To finish up an already suspenseful episode we see Buffy on a bus leaving Sunnydale. One comment. WOW. This was an amazing episode I just loved it. 4 stars 2 thumbs up whatever you want to say. This was the greatest episode of the greatest show.

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