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ANGEL (David Boreanaz)


Angel, when he was good man was he good, but when he was bad man was he bad. Angel was just another guy in Britian until he met Darla, a vampire who bit him. He drank some of her blood and wala he is now Angelus. Angel then went on a killing spree. But he made one mistake he killed a gypsy princess. The gypsies gave Angel his soul back. He couldn't live with himself. After that he lived aboveground and cut all ties with vampires. He met a young slayer named Buffy Summers. He fell for her instantly. With a little help from Whistler Angel got off of the streets. He and Buffy started to kiss when he showed her his real face. She screamed and he ran away. After a while they stopped fighting it and started dating. But then with a moment of true happiness Angel's soul was taken away. Angelus was back. But he wasn't back for long. In the episode Becoming Part 2 Buffy killed Angel as he was trying to destroy the world with Acathla.


Although David Boreanaz is a fairly new face you might recognize him from his recurring guest role in Married With Children. David was on Mtv's Fanatic. I didn't see the interview because my cable went out half way through it. David is signed on for the next season of Buffy. In 1999 David will be starring in a Buffy spinoff called Angel.

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