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The second installment of the Suprise and Innocence duo is even better than the first. In this episode are buddy Angel is not are buddy anymore. Jenny's spell made it that when Angel experienced a moment of true happiness he would lose his soul. In this ep Willow finally finds out about Xander and Cordelia. Bad Angel comes and graps Willow. Xander gets rid of him with a cross, though. As if dealing with the judge wasn't enough Buffy has to deal with an undead boyfriend. First victim on Angel's list is Jenny's uncle. Angel writes a little love note to Buffy with blood on Jenny's uncle's wall. The note said "Was it good for you". Buffy didn't have time to worry about Angel she had to kill the judge. Xander and Cordelia broke into the military center and took a bazooka. When Buffy sees are blue bud in the mall it's bombs away. (hehe) He gets blown to ity bity bits. This was an incredible episode. 2 thumbs up 4 stars all around a great show. This was the second best episode ever. Becoming Part 2 still is the best.

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