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Suprise another great episode. During this hour of quality television Buffy has her seventeenth birthday. The first thing in this episode is Buffy has a dream that her mother says "Do you really think your ready?" then drops a plate, Willow sits at a table with a monkey, and Dru stakes Angel. I know I've had that dream a million times. When things start coming true Buffy starts to worry about Angel's safety. While Buffy gets all paranoid we see Spike and Dru preparing for their party. They are bringing forth an indestructible demon. It was dismembered and his parts were scattered all across the globe. They are bringing all of the parts to Sunnydale. Buffy's friends are preparing a suprise party. When Buffy gets to the party she sees some vamps with a box. As always she just beats them into dust. (Literally) I made with the funny. When she opens the box an arm comes out and starts to strangle her. They get it off her and put it back in the box. Oz finally learns the truth about vampires. Angel says that it is the Judge, a demon that burned the humanity out of you by touch. They decide that they have to get the arm out of Sunnydale. Angel says that he has to take it to some far away country. Buffy goes to see him off when some vampires come and get the box. Buffy and Angel go to Spike and Dru's place and see the dismembered Judge isn't so dismembered. They get caught but get away. When we go with our heroes we see them go to Angel's place. In the words of Whistler they made with the smoochies. They last scene of the episode is Angel running out into the street in pain screaming Buffy's name. I almost forgot while all of this is going on we learn that Jenny is really a gypsy. She belongs to a people that Angel (then Angelus) had tortured. She does a spell. We find out what happens in Innocence the next episode. Okay I give this episode 2 thumbs up and 4 stars. But still it gets better with Innocence.

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