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Test Your Buff Stuff Knowledge

NAME EMAIL 1. What does Xander say is a good day to break up? 2. What instrument does Oz play? 3. Where did the Summers live before Sunnydale? 4. Who shot Oz in Phases? 5. Which alternate is Amy? 6. Who slashed Kendra's neck? 7. What did Ms. Summers hit Spike with? 8. The last time Angel tortured somebody they didn't even have _____. 9. What did Buffy blow the Judge up with? 10. What office did Xander hold in the Cordelia haters club?

If you browser does not support forms you can send me your answers in an email message.

Email me Here

After I correct your answers I will email you the results. If you miss 0 or 1 you can put a winners image on your page if you have one.

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