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The ancient legends of all cultures tell us that the universe began
as a place of utter darkness, without stars, suns, or any sources of energy.
Even the proto-matter from which electrons are made lay still without motion,
an utter absence of heat and light.
Then a huge star-ship, a celestial world, a sun, inhabited by very advanced beings
of almost pure spirit moved into this dimension of existence,
coming to rest at the very center of this huge mass of silent, dead matter.

The inhabitants of this starship were united into a Oneness of spirit,
bound by the love of their ship's captain, whose name was Kolob.
He said, "This is the place that has been reserved for us since the beginning of time.
Let us make it a place of glory. Let there be Light."

And so they focused their minds in unison, and with the vibrations of their thought waves
they caused the tiny particles of proto-matter to begin vibrating in rhythm.
This vibration caused a warmth to develop. Faster and faster the particles vibrated
until they gave off heat, and even faster until they began to emit light.
Thus was created the very first element of the universe - FIRE.

When one creates a thing, its opposite is also created.
Nothing can exist without its opposite - neither light without darkness,
nor heat without cold, nor love without hate, nor fire without water.
Thus the protomatter began to vibrate in the opposite direction of fire,
and so it created the second element of the universe, WATER .

Opposites always react upon each other in one way or another.
So it was that fire and water came together in counteraction.
The fire turned the water to steam and thus was created
the third element of all - vapour, or AIR .

The air then joined with fire in this elemental battle,and the water was further vaporized.
The residue from all these reactions settled out first as a primordial mud,
then becoming the fourth primary element, EARTH .

All this matter was unorganized and lay at random throughout the universe.
The dwellers within the huge star-ship were of a very high state of advancement,
so much so that many ages before they had given up the restrictions of body and form.
Now they existed as almost pure spirit.
All had been perfected in the place from which they had come.
They were neither male nor female, but had merged one into another
until they became a perfect whole. Now this new universe was ready for Life.
So the creative forces of Kolob entered into their unity and children were born.

Kolob said, "Let us make for them places of lower vibrations
and less god-like sensations.
These will be the nurseries and schools for our children
until they have attained sufficient maturity to return to the celestial world.

Then they focused their minds once again and passed an eternal law of attraction
which cause all the elements of fire, water, air and earth to come together in one place,
and thus was created the first world.
Kolob decreed that for life to flourish in this new world,
it would require life, light and warmth from the star which had created it,
and this became the Law of Creation for all the worlds to come.

Then he placed the newborn of the celestial world into bodies suited to the environment
of the new world, that they might grow and learn until they were ready to return
to their parents in the celestial world of the star-ship.

The children did grow and learn until finally, having attained a portion of perfection,
the eldest of these mortals returned to the celestial world.
Being full of love for his spiritual Father, the perfected child said,
"I have only the desire to serve you, Great Kolob."

Kolob replied, "Thou hast spoken it with thine own lips.
The only way to serve me is by serving my other children, so that they might follow
the straight, narrow and difficult path that leads to spiritual perfection."

The perfected child was then sent back to help his younger brothers and sisters
so that they might gain perfection, for only in the attainment of spiritual purification
can one enter into the celestial world. Soon many of the other children were perfected
and laboring in the mortal world, teaching and helping other children
until a full third of the spirits of the world were perfected."

Kolob saw that there was no room in the starship for them all,
so he would need to help them create a starship of their own
that they could enjoy life as celestial beings.
He sent the eldest of the dwellers from his own starship
to be the captain of this new celestial world.
Together, the perfected children raised the vibrations of the world until it began to glow
with its own light and celestial life. Thus a new star was born -
the second star in the heavens. It moved away from Kolob's energy patterns
and in due time put out worlds of its own
for the children born into this new celestial world.

Many of the children of this perfected world
had not yet reached this high level of advancement
and could not stand the high increase in vibrations as their world became celestialized.
To them, it was as if their entire world had become engulfed in a great sea of fire.
Kolob and his people used their creative powers
to create more worlds for these younger children
and the children yet to come. In due time there existed all the worlds
that the energy fields of the giant starship could support.

Kolob decided that this was good, and he decreed that from that time and henceforth
whenever a full third of the spirits raised on a particular world shall gain perfection,
that world would become celestialized and would be given the guidance
of the next senior spirit in that star system.
Thus began the celestial plan which has filled the heavens with suns, stars and worlds.

As Kolob and the spirits of his world continued to grow older and wiser,
the vibrations of their world increased from a yellow, to a pure white, to a blue-white,
and eventually grew beyond the realm of visible light.
In this day his vibrations are so high that we cannot see his world.
But neither can light pass through.
The vast energy fields of Kolob and his starship now appear as the "Coal Sack", The dark and impenetrable Black Hole at the very center of the universe.



Legends don't interest me much, but some of that other stuff looked cool

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