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In the time following the last great destruction of the Great Ape People,
all the world was returned to savagery and ignorance.
Wisdom could not be found on the whole face of the earth.
Then God sent the angels, perfected men and women of former races,
to guide and teach the new seventh race of his Children.
And these Sons of God beheld the daughters of the Seal People
to be fair, and chose wives from among them.
Their offspring shared the wisdom and power of their fathers,
and grew to be mighty leaders of their tribes,
guiding them into the dawning of civilization.

The seventh race increased and grew in knowledge and wisdom,
age after age. As so it was after the passing of twelve ages,
in the time when the Sun had passed through the stars of Aquarius,
the people became so wise in their own conceit that they created for themselves
philosophy after philosophy containing all the knowledge of the people.
This pleased them much better than the pure-primitive religion
of their Father God. True Wisdom was forgotten
except by a very few of the Wise.
The spirits of the angels of God were still with the people,
trying to teach the true religion of their Spirit Father,
but the entire world forsook the simple for the vastly more complicated
and confusing philosophy of the world.
They began to fight and kill and destroy each other in the name of their God,
and peace could not be found in the whole world.

Then the Father said, "I truly see that it is not the knowledge,
but the searching for knowledge that teaches people true wisdom."
I must therefore destroy this body of man-made knowledge and reasoning
that passes for the true religion in order to free the minds of the people
from its dominance.
Then He breathed upon the world and the Seal People were no more.
For the air grew hot, even unto cremation in all the flatlands and valleys
of the whole world, and the people were destroyed.

And this was the end of the first time of the seventh race
after twelve ages from the time that they became living souls.
Yet they were not all destroyed. Hither and yon,
living high in the mountains, a few choice spirits who had not, in their wisdom, accepted these philosophies and customs of living.
They were left alive as seed for the next time of the Seal People.
But all the accumulated knowledge of the previous twelve ages
was removed from the face of the earth and from the minds of the people.
And once again the world lay in savagery, as it is predestined to do
for seven generations of people after each destruction
at the end of each Aquarian Age.

But the Father caused those with the blood of angels in their veins
to remember and teach the true religion to others.
They instituted the Old Religion in all its fullness, and the seeds of
civilization were sown once again in the Age of Capricorn, the Goat.

However, as the ages progressed in their cycle,
the people again became wise in their own conceit,
and prepared volumes upon volumes of man-made philosophies and knowledge.
As a tribute to their vast human understanding, they began to build
a temple of mortal wisdom that would physically reach to the highest heavens.
And the Father caused huge masses of rock to fall from the skies,
burying all the people and their mighty collection of trivia under tons of earth.
And this was the second destruction of the Seal People.

But again, a remnant of the people were saved.
The rocks did not pile up in the mountains,
but destroyed all who lived in the valleys and flat places of the world.
Once again those with the lineage of angels drew the world back from savagery
after seven generations. This time, upon the revelation of the Father,
they created a new speech for each of the seven tribes,
for the whole world had formerly spoken one tongue.

And in those days, there were eleven worlds before the celestial throne
of the Father, for Lucifer and his world, together with one third of the spirits
who followed him, had been cast into outer darkness to become a new-born sun.
The remaining planets were: Vulcan, who lies like a babe in his Father's arms;
Mercury; Venus; Earth; Mars; Abel, who was slain;
Jupiter; Saturn; Uranus; Neptune and Pluto.

Out of the darkness of space there came a huge black world of high density.
It slew Abel by striking him head-on, shattering him into fragments.
His body today lies scattered in a belt of asteroids.
The huge world of destruction then struck a glancing blow to the earth,
knocking loose a huge chunk of the surface and flinging it into space.
There is remains to this day, the daughter
with her face always turned toward her Mother Earth.
But now the earth was no longer balanced upon her axis.
The land mass, which had lain as one solid, cooled crust
upon the molten interior of the earth, began to break apart
and the pieces started to drift away from one another
in an attempt to seek a point of balance.
Thus the continents were formed.

Before this time, the land had all been one mass.
This land divided the Ocean of the North from the Ocean of the South.
With the impact of the dark world, large masses of land
were flung into space, and the plants and animals that stood upon them
were instantly frozen in the upper atmosphere,
then transported to a new home in the arctic
as gravity returned them back to the surface.
The carcasses are still preserved there to this day.
Some lands sank and other lands boiled forth from the molten core
until the whole face of the earth could not be recognized.

And there was now a huge hole in the surface of the Earth,
thousands of miles wide, opening down into the fires of Earth's center.
The waters of the seas poured into this fiery abyss from north and south
Steam filled the air over the entire world
so that the sun was no longer visible, and darkness reigned supreme.

With the many upheavals and sinking of the land, and the huge tidal waves
the seventh race of people were destroyed for the third time.