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The Teacher

He's known by Prince and President,
Set foot on every continent.
From Ozark hills to far Japan
He's studied all the Ways of man.

Who is this man of hidden fame,
The keeper of the Father's Name?
Zen Master, Druid, Medicine Man,
The Teacher of our Father's Plan.
His knowledge spans 5000 years
Of mirth and laughter, war and tears.
From whence he came, no one can say;
His age varies from day to day.
He speaks of pirates, wars and kings
As if they were personal things.
Of kingdom's rise and empire's fall,
His eyes seem to have seen it all.

How can one man know all these things
Of which he teaches, talks and sings?
His words are those of dedication
To the Source of our creation.
One with Time, at-one with Love,
At-one with Father Sun above;
His path has only one direction -
Leading men to their Perfection.

By many names, in many tongues,
His words have guided old and young
To realize their own ideals
And see how beautiful if feels
To live life with an opened mind
By leaving mortal thoughts behind.

But now he talks of leaving soon
To let his spirit reattune
Itself to Changes of the Age -
And thus begin another page.....

by Malakai Gatoga Kiloki, 1976

In memory of Father Eli, ( 1/30/1916 - 1/24/1983 )

The legends recorded on the following pages are based upon the teachings of Father Eli. His wisdom and instruction has guided many hundreds of people to seek a better way of living and thinking. He was raised by his Cherokee grandmother, Qualli Gatoga, of the Kiloki Clan of the Cherokee Nation in Arkansas. From her he learned to see the magic of life that exists all around us. He learned that these powers can be used both for healing and achieving personal goals. She also introduced him to a family friend named Edgar Cayce.

When the Second World War was over, Eli was stationed in Japan. His quest for spiritual understanding led him to the guidance of Master Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki within the 1200 year old Zen temple at Kito Kamakura. After four years of study, he was honored as one of the first Americans to be granted the title of Zen Master.

After thirteen years in Japan, he returned to the United States and sought a means of teaching the wisdom of Zen to other Americans. When he found the culture barriers too great for the practice of Zen Buddhism, he looked into his own roots for the source of wisdom that had led him to understand the complex Eastern religion. As a Rosicrucian and Freemason, he found that the roots of Western philosophy and wisdom could be traced to the Druidic priesthood that guided the tribes of Europe for many millenia. Within this framework he found the means of teaching the principles of the "Way to Perfection" that guides all the world religions. As Grand Master of the Druidic Craft of the Wise he began to tour the country, organizing many circles of students to study the Wisdom of the Celtic people. His writings and teachings were compiled into a series of instructional books entitled "The Books of Wisdom".

In his later years, he became reaquainted with his Cherokee roots and began teaching and writing about the Native American wisdom he had learned in his youth. The same principles of wisdom which had guided the native tribes of Europe were found to be equally true within the traditions of all the native American cultures. The herbal lore and healing methods he had learned from his grandmother was then amplified into a series of teachings which became a comprehensive course in Natural Medicine. Thus his life had come full circle, back to the roots which had initially guided him onto his quest for wisdom and knowledge.

The teachings of Eli are unique in that they present a series of practical exercises and understandings in simple terms that penetrate the complexity of the world philosophies and religions to expose the universal truth that can be found within all of them. By PRACTICING the arts of wisdom and relaxation within his teachings, Eli's students have found the true magic of changing their world into a better place. His words and teachings have guided many seekers of The Way to realize their own personal ideals and goals, and to find their part in the New Age of Knowledge.

In his memory do I offer these pages to the New Age pilgrims who travel
along the New Frontiers of the electonic superhighway.

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