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In Dedication to Eli, The Teacher

Throughout the many ages of humankind, there have been countless references
to a group of people, always remaining in the backgound and avoiding notoriety,
but who have made numerous contributions to the guidance of civilization.
This group has been referenced by many names including "The Magi",
"The Great White Brotherhood", "The Order of Melchizedek"
" The Illuminati", and many times not named at all. Yet there is
one term by which they have been referred to, time after time,
in the liturature of all cultures. In this, they are simply called
"Wise Men" or "The Wise", and the practice of their teachings as
"Wisdom", "The Way to Perfection", or simply "The Way".

Who are these people? Do they exist at all?
If so, what are their teachings and beliefs? What is their purpose in life?
These and many other questions have led to much speculation and mis-information.
As I started along my Sacred Pathway, I was most fortunate to find a Teacher
to guide my way with legends, parables, explanations and mental exercises
that helped open up the neural channels for a more enlightened perception
of the world and the many forces that contribute to the events of our reality.
The following pages represent a few of these teachings
that present a timeline of our current existence on this Starship Earth.
Perhaps the parables within the legends may help lead you into
a better understanding of the many mysteries of our world's cultures.

For this is a study of mysteries - little known, barely hinted at -
of which there is little written. It is not that the Wise Ones have
attempted to cover up their teachings. On the contrary, time after time
they have tried to give as much of the truth to the people as their
civilization and culture were ready to receive.
The simple truth is that the truth is too simple!!
It is the old story of hiding a thing
by placing in in plain sight.

The Wise have always held that truth is simple.
Complex things may be wonderful to contemplate, but
this very complexity covers the simple basic truth
like a veil. Only the very wise can see through the screen
to discern the truth. And the reverse of this statement is that
those who can see through the veil become Wise.

These pages contain a collection of legends,
handed down through an oral tradition that has spanned several centuries.
They are not presented as any form of Ultimate Truth,or even as a belief system.
They are merely a set of stories and legends that provide some background
for sources of esoteric thought in the various traditions of wisdom
found in our many world cultures. The writings presented herein
are based upon the writings and teachings of Father Eli, the Teacher

. In his book, The Celestine Prophesy, James Redfield
outlines the Insights that are necessary for each of us to seek our Higher Purpose in life.
Perhaps it was the synchronicities of the First Insight that brought you here.

"The Second Insight extends our consciousness of historical time...
It shows us how to observe culture not just from the perspective of our own lifetimes
but from the perspective of a whole millenium. It reveals our preoccupation to us
and lifts us above it...You now live in a longer now."

Perhaps these following pages shall help open your eyes to the Insights you need
to be an active part in this New Age of Knowledge. Our destiny was not just defined
by the past millenia, but by everything that has evolved since the Beginning of creation.