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Many eons of ages after the emergence of Kolob into this dimension of the universe,
when many of his children had become Gods in their own star systems,
a young god and his mate brought his starship to rest in an unoccupied area of space
at the edge of the created universe. In due time, he put out twelve planets, or worlds,
as schools and homes for his progeny.

The eldest of his children was called "The bright one", or Lucifer.
Because of his tremendous intelligence, God, the Father spirit of the solar starship,
gave him charge of teaching all the children on the first world to develop life forms.
Lucifer set specific schedules, times and places for all the spirits of his world
to experience and learn all the knowledge and wisdom they needed
to quickly reach a state of spiritual perfection.
When a third of them achieved this level of thought,
Lucifer became God to them as their world became celestialized.
The new starship then departed from the Solar System and came to rest
in a nearby section of empty space just outside the energy patterns of the Sun.

The remaining spirits, not yet prepared for celestial life,
were then given a new home on the next world capable of supporting mortal life.
The care of their teaching was given to the next eldest child of the Spirit Father,
whose name was Chiro ,meaning "time".
He did not agree with the teaching methods of his elder brother, and said,
"My Father, let us give the children of this new world freedom and love,
not regimentation.
Let them have TIME to learn and grow to perfection each in their own way.

This newly formed earth was still hot and full of smoke and fumes in those days.
Only cold blooded animals could live thereon. From these mighty creatures,
an upright life form developed that was capable of intelligent thought, and thus became
the first race of people. Chiro set them apart to rule over all the earth,
and all the plants, animals and other living things on it.
and they were called "King of all the animals."

This first race of people flourished for one hundred thousand years,
through major destructions by the elements of fire, water, air.
Finally, great clouds of dust, dirt and rocks rained down upon the entire earth
and the race of Great Serpents were buried alive with their fellow cold-blooded creatures.
Their rotting carcasses form the great fields of oil
and tons of vegation and trees buried with them were turned to coal,
and thus they perished.

But by the time of the fourth destruction, a new life form emerged
that had adapted to the geological changes of the earth, and was even
more capable of serving as host to the children of the Solar starship.
The same pattern was then repeated for each of the successive life forms
that learned to walk upright and support intelligent thought.
Thus the spirits of the celestial children were able to live and spiritually grow
in the successively advanced forms of the Monkey People, the Great Birds,
the Great Cats, The Bear People and the Great Apes.
Each race flourished as the dominant life form on the earth in it's time,
was periodically challenged by the four Great Destructions
until the end of their one hundred thousand year reign,
when the next race emerged as the Chosen Ones.

With the fourth destruction of the Great Ape People,
a new race emerged from sea creatures living in a great shallow lake
from which four rivers flowed out to the cardinal directions of the earth.
The lake began to dry up until it became a mud-covered swamp,
and the amphibious creatures were forced to leave the water
and protect themselves with mud and leaves to protect their skin
from the extreme dryness and heat. Their fins developed into arms and legs.
The sharp rays of the sun were like a flaming sword, preventing their return
to the cool waters of the swamps of Eden.

Thus was created the seventh race, the Seal People.
The Father then breathed the intelligences of the former races
into this new life form and new living souls began to grow
in this union of body and spirit.
The sea creatures from which the bodies of this new race of People were formed
were Hermaphroditic, each being male and female within themselves.
The intelligences which had been bestowed upon them were already evolved
into active and passive entities, or in other words, male and female.
The male intelligences influenced their bodies to become more dominant and active, And thus it came to pass that the active males subdued their female characteristics
and became true males,
while the females became true females by subduing their male characteristics.
And thus were created men and women.