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The UNOfficial


Deathrow started out as a typical early slayer inspired germanic thrash band with satanic lyrical content. Their first album (Riders of doom) was also released in Europe with the title (Satans gift). With the release of their second album ( Raging Steel ) they had dropped most of the satanic references. Deception Ignored ( their 3rd album ) marked a huge musical difference. What you have with Deception ignored is an excellent progressive thrash album! Life Beyond is a pretty rare album but also one of their best! It is unknown if the band is still together or have officially disbanded.

Riders of doom Noise 1986 Early Slayer inspired German thrash. Satanic lyrics included.
Raging Steel Noise 1987 More Slayer inspired German thrash. Most of the satanic lyrics are gone from this one though. Good stuff!
Deception Ignored Noise 1988 This album marked a big change in Deathrow's musical direction. With this album they actually went in a complex progressive thrash direction. Occasionaly they got a little too complex for their own good but this is still an excellent album and was ahead of it's time back in 1988.
Life Beyond WVR 1992 This is the most mature and heaviest work of the band. There is still a progressive element to some of the songs but make no mistake....this is THRASH!!! This album is pretty rare ( released on the small German independant label West Virginia Records (WVR) )and also has 2 different covers, one being rarer than the other.


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