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Welcome to Doctor Nabs Home Page

Hello, I like to investigate things....strange things....things that go bump in the night....

I have come across and seen many weird stuff which have convinced me that "what you see is not necessarily what you get" and what you don't see, can smack you straight between the eyes. I have a saying...

"The Visible is a Pale Reflection of the Invisible"

I use to say "Expect the Unexpected" but now everyone says it, so I don't like to say it anymore...I'm an Aquarian and, of course, I just have to be different.

I have several alias' - One of them is "Jinghiz". To find out why I give myself this oriental-sounding name - click Jinghiz

To know some more about me - click My Resumme

However...if you wish to begin on the journey round my world of the Paranormal, click -Enter for List of Contents

If you like riddles then read my poem THE NUMBERS OF THE BEAST