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CAESAR BROTHERS, wholesale dealers  in fancy groceries, 233 Main street, Dubuque;  the firm was established in 1869, and was composed of August and Charles Caesar; they are both natives of Germany; August came to this country in 1858, and the same year came to Dubuque, and has been connected with the grocery trade in the city over twenty years, and has had a large experience in the business; Charles came to this country four years later, and in 1869 the present firm of Caesar Brothers was organized; by strict attention to the interests of their business, they have built up a good trade.     pg.770
MONROE M. CADY, attorney at law, of the firm of  Graham & Cady, corner of  Main and Seventh streets, a native of Windsor, Berkshire Co., Mass., and was born Jan. 25, 1842, he grew up there until 17 years of age; attended school at Easthampton, Mass., and in 1862 entered Union College, New York, and graduated in 1866; he studied law in Troy, N.Y., and was admitted to the bar at the Supreme Court at Albany in 1868; he practiced law in Tioga Co., N.Y. a short time, and then went to New York City, and was engaged in teaching there in the French Academy; he was offered a good position there with Hon. Charles Nettleton, but he had a great desire to come West, and in 1869 he came to Iowa and located in Dubuque, and engaged in the practice of law; he has given much attention to patent law, and had made that branch of the profession a specialty; he has been associated with his present partner, Mr. Graham since October 1871.    pg.770-772
CHARLES J. CAFFALL,   auctioneer, of the firm of Caffall & West, 737 Main  street, Dubuque;  is a native of Rickmansworth, Herfordshire, England, and was born March 31, 1825;  he grew up to manhood at Hammersmith, Middlesex, about twenty miles from London, and served apprenticeship with auctioneer and timber surveyor; he came to America in 1852, and the same year came to Iowa and located at Dubuque, and engaged in he auctioneer and real-estate business; the firm of Cox, Caffall & Co., was one of the most prominent in their business in this section of the State, and they sold the lands of the Dubuque & Sioux Railroad Company along the line of the road; Mr. Caffall makes a specialty of selling stock and farm property, and gives his personal attention to this department of the business; he is, without doubt, the oldest and most experienced auctioneer in the State.  He has been twice married; his first wife was Miss Sarah Gomme, from Hammersmith, Middlesex,  England, she died in 1853, leaving one son, Charles G.; his present wife was Miss Christina McKinley, a native of  Dunfermline, Scotland; they have eight children- five sons, Richard, James, Frank, George and David, and three daughters, Emma, Louise and Effie E.     pg.773
ABSALOM CAIN354 Seventh street, Dubuque;  is a native of Virginia,  and was born Aug. 28, 1813; he grew up to manhood in that State and learned the trade of shoemaker; he came to Ohio and lived there until coming to Iowa, and arrived in Dubuque Dec. 13, 1840; he engaged some in mining and worked at his trade of shoemaker for one year, then engaged in mercantile business with Henry Simplot until the death of the latter in 1846, then Mr. Cain carried on the business with John Simplot until 1852; in 1852 he was appointed Deputy Clerk of the District Court, and then was clerk for the County Judge until 1866, since then, he has been engaged in attending to his own interests; when he came here, he only had $300, but, by industry and good management, he has acquired a competency, his success in life is owing to his own efforts. He was united in marriage to Caroline Faulhaber, a native of this city, Nov. 17, 1862;  they have four children-  Fannie,Harry,Lee,Frank R and Addison.    pg.773
A.B. CARLIN,of the firm of Farley, Loetscher & Co., proprietors of the Key City Planing Mill, corner of Eighth and Jackson streets; is a native of Guernsey Co., Ohio, and was born Aug. 20, 1838; he came West to Burlington, Iowa in 1848, when only 10 years of age, and came to Dubuque in 1850; in 1855, he went in planing-mill, and has been connected with that business in the manufacturing of sash, doors and blinds for twenty-five years; he was with J.L. Dickinson twelve years; in March 1877, the present firm was organized, and the have built up a large business.  In November, 1875, Mr. Carlin was united in marriage to Miss Eliza Keeley, of this city; she is a native of Michigan.    pg.773
C.M. CARTER, Assistant Treasurer of the Chicago, Clinton,  Dubuque & Minnesota R.R.; is a native of  Cambridge, Mass.; he grew up and received his education in that State; after reaching manhood he came West in 1876, and held the position of Cashier of the B.& M. R.R. in Nebraska at, Omaha; he came to Dubuque on the 1st of March 1877, and was appointed Assistant Treasurer of the Chicago, Clinton,  Dubuque & Minnesota R.R., and since then has occupied that position; he also performs the duties of Paymaster of the road.  Mr. Carter was united in marriage to Miss Ada P. Hunter, of this city, daughter of John Hunter, May 15, 1879.    pg.773
WILLIAM CARTERSuperintendent of the Dubuque Shot Manufactory; is a native of Jessamine Co., Ky.,  and was born April 5, 1806; he grew up to manhood in that State and in the spring of 1832 came to Galena, and in September, 1832, came over to Dubuque and built his cabin; in the spring of 1833, came over and  located permanently, and engaged in mining, and has been interested in mining since then' he, with two others, built their works for manufacturing shot, and  since then Mr. Carter has had the active management of the business as Superintendent; Mr. Carter is one of the oldest settlers of Dubuque Co.  He has been married three times; in October 1830m he married Catharine Parker, from Kentucky, she died in 1844; they had five children, four of whom are living-Melinda, Mary Jane, Joseph and Laura M.  In 1845, he married Harriet Crockwell, from Ohio, she died in 1852, leaving one son, William H.  In 1856, he married Elizabeth D. White, from Vermont; they have seven children- Caleb H., Joshua D., Martha W., Julia A., Christiana, Horace G., and Elizabeth.    pg.773-774
D.D.W. CARVER, of the firm of Ham & Carver, publishers of the Dubuque daily and weekly Herald; is a native of Delaware Co., N.Y., and was born May 12, 1834;  he grew up and attended school  in that State; after reaching manhood, he removed to Massachusetts, and there first entered the printing business; in the spring of 1856, he came West to Iowa and established the Charles City Intelligence, the first paper published in the Cedar Valley, north of Cedar Rapids; while publishing that paper, he was appointed Postmaster under President Buchanan; in 1862, he came to Dubuque, and, in 1864 bought a half-interest in the Dubuque Herald, and associated with M.M.Ham, and, since then, they have successfully conducted that paper.  Mr. Carver acts with the Democratic party; he has no taste for political life, although mingling constantly with politicians; he has been repeatedly solicited to accept the nomination or become candidate for office, but has declined, preferring to devote his whole time to the interests of the business.  In 1858, Mr. Carver  was united in marriage to Miss Mary Kelly,  a native of Wisconsin;  they have one daughter-Josephine.     pg.774
EGBERT CHAMBERLAIN, of the firm of Chamberlain, Dewstoe & Co., wholesale dealers in cigars and tobacco, No. 419 Main street, Dubuque; is a native of Albany, N.Y., and was born Oct. 30, 1846; when only 9 years of age, he began to earn is own living; he was office boy in the office of Rufus Choate, the eminent lawyer; in 1857, he came West, and when 17 years of age, he began railroading with the Illinois Central Railway, and remained with that Company over sixteen years; he held the position of trainmaster for sometime; he  ran the first passenger train into Iowa Falls, and was one of the oldest conductors on this division of the road; he engaged in his present business January 1, 1880.  Mr. Chamberlain was united in marriage to Miss Laura Clark, from the city of Dubuque, March 24, 1869; they have three children- John, Lena, Egbert.    pg.774
WILLIAM C. CHAMBERLAIN,   President of the Norwegian Plow Co., Main St., Dubuque;  is a native of Brookfield, Madison Co., N.Y.; and was born Feb. 18, 1834;when 15 years of age he entered a store in Utica and remained for five years and worked himself up to the position of chief clerk in one of the leading stores in the city; during the last two years of his stay there he was connected with a prominent scientific and literary club and became its secretary; when about 20 years of age, Mr. Chamberlain decided to come West, and arrived in Chicago in March 1854;he secured a situation immediately in one of the largest commercial business houses in the city; the following year he came to Dubuque and located in Dubuque in November 1855.  In connection with F.A. Doolittle he started the first store for the sale of agricultural implements exclusively, west of the Mississippi and north of St. Louis; when this business was commenced, few, if any, of the improved implements and machines of this class now in general use, and which have revolutionized the methods of labor on the farmland come into use, excepting the reapers of McCormick and Manny;  Mr. Chamberlain has by his energy and fair dealing built up a large business and has trade in almost every town in Northern Iowa, Southern Minnesota and portions of Wisconsin.  He established the Norwegian Plow Co., in this city, and is President of the Company, which has erected extensive works and which is one of the largest and leading industries in Dubuque; he has quite a taste for inventing, and has taken out patents on several articles of practical value. Mr. Chamberlain was united in marriage to Miss Harriet A. Palmer, a native of Utica, N.Y., Aug. 27, 1857.  Her father was one of the early citizens and leading business men of that city.  Mr. Chamberlain is actively identified with the public interests of the city and is one of the most enterprising men in Dubuque.    pg.774-775
R.O. CHANEYof the Dubuque Shot Manufacturing Co.; Sec. 22; P.O. Dubuque;a native of Pike Co., Mo.; he came to Iowa and arrived in April 5, 1845; he began mining in 1854 and has been engaged in that business over twenty-six years and has had a large practical experience in mining during that time; he built he shot factory and put in the machinery; and with Gen. Booth and Mr. Carter has carried on the business since then they constructed, for mining purposes, the tunnel that supplies the city of Dubuque with water;  Mr. Chaney is a  practical surveyor and has done a great deal of surveying since 1849; he has held the offices of Town Trustee and School Director.  In 1849 Mr. Chaney was united in marriage to Miss Martha J. Crockwell, from Illinois.  They have six children- Emma, Harriet, Helen, George, John and Hyrell.     pg. 775
JOSEPH CHAPMANgeneral freight and ticket agent of the Chicago, Clinton, Dubuque & Minnesota Railroad, residence 796 Iowa street, is a native of Pittsburgh, Penn.,  and was born June 14, 1831;  he grew up to manhood and received his education there; he came West in 1856 and located in Dubuque, and until 186- was connected with the Julien House; he then began railroading with the Illinois Central Railway, and was connected with that road until Nov. 15, 1876, when he was appointed general freight and ticket agent Chicago, Clinton, Dubuque & Minnesota Railroad, and since then has held that position.  Mr. Chapman is a member of the Masonic Fraternity, and has been prominently connected with the Order in this State; he has served as Master of Lodge, High Priest, Eminent Commander and Past Grand Master of the State.  In 1859, Mr. Chapman  was united in marriage to Miss Catharine Cassidy; she is a native Baltimore, but raised in Pittsburgh;  they have six children- four sons and two daughters- Charles W., Maria, Joseph, Edward, Oliver and Edith.     pg. 775
THOMAS J. CHEW, Cascade; is a son of Samuel Chew and Mary Sabins, and was born Dec. 6, 1806, at New Haven, Conn.; his father was Captain of a merchantman, and young Thomas, at the at the age of 18, shipped as a "boy", and, for eight years, followed a seafaring life, during which time he has visited the most noted islands and cities on the globe. He was first mate, for three years, before leaving the service, in 1832;  he spent a few years in Allegheny Co., N.Y. and, in 1836, went to Franklin, Mo., and afterward located in Licking Co., Ohio; in each State he engaged in farming; in the spring of 1845, he came to Whitewater Township, Dubuque Co., Iowa, and settled on a quarter section of land now in limits of Cascade, where he has since resided; in 1847, he bought his present homestead of Arthur Thomas and J.W. Sherman.  The same season, he purchased the Cascade Mills of J.W. Sherman and the Alvin Burt estate; in 1851, his mill was destroyed by a fresher, but he immediately rebuilt on n enlarged and improved plan; the mill is now rented to William Moore. He was married, in Dubuque, April 23, 1851, to Mrs. Margaret A. Carter, daughter of Nathan S. Bemis; they have no children of their own, but, in 1858, they adopted Miss Fannie O'Neill, who is still with them; he built a saw-mill neat his flouring mill in 1856; it is still in service, and is now rented to Thomas Crawford; his fine stone residence, on the hill east of Cascade, was completed in April 1861; since that days he has not engaged in severe manual labor, but has leisurely superintended his farming and other interest; he was influential and liberal in securing the building of the Cascade & Bellevue Narrow Gauge Railroad, which was completed in January, 1880; the depot and railroad grounds are located on his land, in the grove north of his residence.  He has been a Republican ever since the formation of the party, and still takes a deep interest in political affairs.  Mrs. Chew is an acceptable member of the Presbyterian Church; Mr. Chew was early trained as an Episcopalian, but is quite liberal in his religious views.  He is a benevolent, public-spirited and valued citizen; he is temperate and moral- a fried to the needy and to every good cause.     pg.908-909
F. CHOLVIN,  farmer, Sec. 10; P.O. Key West; born in France in 1814; came to Dubuque Co. in  1838; there was not a house in Dubuque at the time of his coming, though some rude dwellings were erected there very shortly afterward.  After two months in Dubuque, he went to Galena, where he lived three years, and then, for the next eight years, transferred his residence to Potosi, Wis.  He then went to Mifflin, ten miles west of Mineral Point, where he remained fourteen years; he was then three years in Dubuque, and from 1861 to 1867 in Wisconsin, and finally returning to Dubuque in 1867, has been a resident of the county ever since.  The greater portion of the wealth was accumulated in the business of smelting, in which he was engaged until about six years ago, when he retired to his pleasant farm, near Key West.  Mr. C is one of the financially solid men of the county, and his extensive possessions are entirely the result of his native force, energy and shrewdness.  His home farm comprises 250 acres, and he has, beside this, some 1,000 acres of land in Wisconsin, etc.  He was married in 1847 to Miss Martha Wilson, a most genial and estimable lady who came to Dubuque Co., from Ohio, in 1834; they have five children-Samuel, Alfred, John, Josephine, now Mrs. Bowen; Mary, now Mrs. Richie; both of the later are now living in Denver, Colo.     pg.924-925
AUGUSTUS CHRISTMAN, of the firm of J. and A. Christman & Co., dealers in dry goods and notions, Main street; is a native of Pennsylvania, and was Sept. 8, 1836; born his parents came to Iowa the following year and located in Dubuque; he grew up and attended school here; when the war broke out, he enlisted in the 21st.   I.V.I.,  but was not accepted; he afterward enlisted in the 44th I.V.I. Co. A and served  until the close of the war; in 1865, he engaged in the dry-goods trade, and established the business now conducted  by the present firm; in 1869, his brother became associated with him in the business. Mr. Christman was united in marriage to Miss Bertha Smith, a native of Ohio; they have three children- Carrie, Lillian and Alice. Mr. Christman  is a member of the Masonic Order, and also of the  I.O.O.F.     pg. 775
JACOB CHRISTMAN, of the firm of J. and A. Christman & Co., 672  Main street; is a native of France;  his parents came to this country when he was very young, and they came to Dubuque in September, 1837, and he grew up to manhood here; he entered the store of J.P. Farley as clerk, and remained with him several years; in 1847, he entered into partnership with Mr. Farley in the hardware trade, and they continued together about fourteen years; he afterward associated in business with Richard Waller, the firm being Christman, Waller & Co., and continued about ten years; his brother established their present business in 1867, and, the following year, he became interested with his brother, and since then they have conducted the business, and have established a large and leading trade.  There are few men in the city who have been actively engaged in business for so long a time as Mr. Christman.  He was elected Vice President of the German Bank, and served as Acting President for two years; has held the office of City Alderman.  In 1850, he married Miss Catharine Gouris, from Pennsylvania;   they have six children, one daughter and five sons- Mary, Francis, Charles, Edwin, Fred, Ben B., and Willie.  Mr. Christman is connected with the Order of  I.O.O.F., and is the oldest initiatory member of Julien Lodge No. 12, of this city.     pg. 775
P. CHRISTMAN farmer, Sec. 14; P.O. Key West; born in France in 1822; came to America in 1832; stopped about a year in New Jersey, and then, for nearly five years in Pennsylvania, finally removing to Dubuque Co., Iowa, in 1837; in his earlier years, he was engaged in various business enterprises, manufacturing, merchandising, mining, etc.; of late years, his attention has been given chiefly to farming; his farm embraces 280 acres, is is well improved, and his residence shows construction with a view to comfort, durability, taste and convenience.  His political affiliations are with the Republican party.  While Mr. Christman is quite an old settler here, his wife, formerly Miss Christiana Weigel, was in the country at a still earlier date than he.  Her family came into the county in 1833, when she was quite young.  It is probable that they were the first who, as a family, came into Dubuque, and, being rather a numerous family, they were prominently associated with the early settlement of the county.  Mr. and Mrs. Christman have seven children living- John J., Frederic U., Ida May, Peter A., Charles D.F., William P. and Emma S.; four deceased- Samuel, Mary, Augustus and Fannie.   pg.925
HON. JOHN CHRISTOPH, farmer,  Sec. 30 ; P.O. Dyersville; born May 2, 1832,  in Bavaria; in 1844, came to  America; in 1846, came to Dubuque Co., where he has since resided; he has always been engaged in farming, and was engaged about five years in the brewery  business in New Vienna;  he owns 415 acres of land; he has held all the township offices; was elected in the fall of 1860, County Superintendent; he has also been a member of the State Legislature, having served four terms, viz, 1864, 1870, 1872, and 1873.  Married Anna Maria Schwerzler in 1855; she was born in Austria in 1835; they have five children- Anna, Rosa, Valentine, Tilla and Aggie. Democrat; Catholic Church.    pg.943
SIMEON CLARK, Postmaster, Farley; is a native of Ohio, and was born in Hamilton Co., neat Cincinnati, Aug. 9, 1801; he came to Illinois at an early day, and came to Iowa;  he crossed the river June 24, 1834, and located in Dubuque Co. about ten miles west of Dubuque, and made a claim; he was one of the earliest settlers; he built a cabin, and the wolves were so thick they would chase his dog in the house of  nights; he began making a farm; he brought the first hogs across the river in Northern Iowa, and afterward sold one of them to J.P. Farley for $30.50; he continued farming until 1866; when he came to Farley and engaged in the mercantile business; he has held the office of Postmaster for the past eleven years, and has held the office of Justice of the Peace; he delivered the first temperance lecture ever given in Dubuque in 1836; he attended the first Fourth of July celebration, and was Chaplin of the day; there are few of the old settlers now living who can be more entertaining in relating incidents of the early days of Dubuque Co. then Mr. Clark; he has had twenty-four wolf scalps in his house at one time, and all taken off by himself.  In 1823, he was united in marriage to Miss SarahSnodgrass, a native of Ohio; she died; two children living- Caroline and Fletcher W.  He was united in marriage to  Mrs. Eliza J. Brown, a native of Kentucky, May 22, 1866; they have one son- Simeon W. Mr. Clark  came to Dubuque with his parents in 1835; they were very early settlers; her mother is 72 years of age, and is still living in Dubuque.  George H. Brown, manufacturer of brooms, is a son of Mrs. Clark; he was born in Dubuque April 1, 1848; he grew up and learned his trade in Dubuque; he was in Chicago several years manufacturing broom, and came to Farley in September 1878, and since then has been engaged in business here.    pg.931
JOHN CLARKSONfarmer, Sec. 6; P.O. Dubuque; born in England in 1815; emigrated to America, and located in Dubuque Co. in 1850; was employed in teaming in Dubuque until 1865, since which time he has been engaged in farming; has 160 acres of land in Secs. 6 and 7; is a member of the Presbyterian Church.  He was married in 1853 to Minerva Ducitt, a worthy lady of Dubuque Co.; the son, James, is their only child.    pg. 925
REV. J. COMERFORD, Pastor of Pleasant Grove Catholic Church; residence with E.H. Horsefield;  Sec. 33; P.O. Epworth; born in County Kilkenny, Ireland, Feb. 2, 1854.  At the age of 12, after some preliminary study, went to St. Kiernan's College, Kilkenny, and remained there nine years; thence to St. John's College, Waterford, Ireland, where he finished his course after two years' study, and was ordained for the diocese of Dubuque June 2, 1878; in October of the same year, he came to America and, after his arrival in Dubuque,  was stationed a short time in Waverly, and afterward at St. Patrick's Church in Dubuque;  on the 13th  of April, 1879, he was appointed to his first mission at Epworth, where he has commenced and is energetically carrying forward the erection of a fine church edifice; in addition to this, his pastoral work at Pleasant Grove is zealously attended to. The people of his church have much reason to feel gratified in having at their head, so capable, faithful and efficient a Pastor.    pg. 931-932
JOHN S. CONLEY, farmer, Sec. 17; P.O. Sherrill's Mount; he was born April 17, 1827, in Providence, R.I.; at the age of 21, he removed to Newburyport, Mass., and there engaged in general merchandising; in  1857, he came to Dubuque and there carried on the dry-goods business till 1863, when he removed to his present farm, consisting of 361 acres of land; he has 300 acres of this land under cultivation.    pg.973
JAMES L. CONLIN, merchant,  Cascade; born 12th of August, 1846, in Lexington, Ky.; in 1858, he, with his mother and step-father, came to Whitewater Township; his father died when James was but 3 years of age; from 1864 to 1869, he was in the harness business; for the last eleven years, he has carried on a large general grocery establishment in connection with sale of liquors. He was married the 23d of January, 1871, to Miss Annie Finn, by whom he has had three children- Genevieve, John Thomas and Mary Senena. Does not aspire to office, but takes an active interest in local politics; is a reliable Democrat.  Himself and wife are members  of the St. Martin's Catholic Church; his is conceded to by the best patronized grocery  establishment in Cascade.     pg.909
JOHN COOKfarmer, Sec. 25; P.O. Cottage Hill; born Feb. 10, 1826, in the county of Durham, England; in 1829, he came to Pennsylvania with his parents; in 1835, he came to Dubuque Co.; he owns 136 acres of land; his brothers, William and Joseph, are now living on the farm consisting of 200 acres, which was entered by their father, it being their old homestead.  He married Elizabeth Glew Jan. 25, 1852; she was born in Pennsylvania; they have six children-Susan A., Elliott R., Thomas S., James F., John H. and Eddy W., lost Sarah B., in 1872, aged 16 years.    pg.957
DANIEL CORTfarmer, Sec. 35; P.O. Zwingle; was born in Westmoreland Co., Penn., Nov. 1, 1813; went to Monongahela in 1835, and remained four years; engaged in the mercantile business in Adamsburg, in 1839; came to Iowa May 16, 1846.  Was married May 28, 1835 to Sarah Bughman; the children of this union are Elizabeth J., Emiline, Albert M., Sarah  A. and Mary M.; children all married; Elizabeth, to Rev. FMC. Bauman; Emiline, to William C. Simpson; Albert M., to Catharine M. Foster; Sarah A., to Abram Irwin, and Mary M. to John Bauman; Mr. C. has been Justice, Trustee, Director, and a member of the Board of Supervisors for seven years; his services as a committee to settle with the County Treasurer, sauced the county ar one rime about $3,000; was elected to Legislature in 1856, and again in 1864; while Mr. C. was a member, a great railroad swindle was attempted; the programme was to grant a very large amount of land to four railroad companies, and exempt certain property of the company from taxation; Mr. C. put the "proviso" upon the bill which defeated its evil purpose, and saved the State millions of dollars.  Mr.  C. is a Democrat, and belongs to the Reformed Church.     pg. 922
THOMAS COTTERILL, farmer, Sec. 7; P.O. Dubuque; born Jan. 25, 1819, in Derbyshire, England; in 1848, he came to Dubuque Co., where he has since resided; he owns 300 acres of land.  Married Wilhelmina Frank in 1865; she was born in Germany.  pg.966
JAMES P. COUSINgeneral merchandise and Postmaster, Worthington; was born April 29,1847 in Dubuque Co.; he commenced his present business in 1869; was appointed Postmaster in 1870; he has held the office of Town Clerk several years. Married Miss E. Morse in 1871; who was born in Illinois; they have two children-Edward M. and Albert B. He is a Republican.    pg. 955
AMAB COUSLEYproprietor of the Seven-Mile House, Julien Station; P.O. Dubuque; born in Center Township, Dubuque Co., Oct. 16, 1848; his parents, Benjamin and Mary Cousley, of French descent, had some years previously become residents of this township, having removed there from Montreal, Canada, their native place; they were quite early pioneers here, and highly respected by all who knew them; the father died July 10, 1876, aged 62 years; the mother, a sprightly, cheerful lady, resided with her son.  Mr. C.'s with, nee Caroline LaBrune, is also a native of Dubuque Co. and of French parentage, being a daughter of George and Matildah La Brune, who came to Dubuque Co. at an early date in its history.  Mr. and Mrs. Cousley's children are Mary, Benjamin, Caroline, Edmere, Willie and Louise Josephine.   pg.961
FRANK COURTfarmer, Sec. 17; P.O. Dyersville; he was born Oct. 12, 1841 in Somersetshire, England; in 1857, he came to Dubuque Co., where he has since resided; he owns 140 acres of land, also makes a specialty of breeding and raising Poland-China pigs.  He has been Township Assessor the past two years.  He married Miss Sarah Baker in 1861; she was born in Somersetshire, England; they have  two children-Charles W. and Mary B.  They belong to the M.E. Church.    pg. 955
CRAWFORD BROS., general merchants, Cascade; the senior member of  the firm, Benjamin F. Crawford, who was born Oct. 15, 1840, in County Monaghan, Ireland, came with his parents in 1850 to Niagra Co., N.Y.; in 1852, came to Jones co., Iowa, and his parents both 280 acres; he worked on them until 1875, when he and his brother bought the general merchandise store of M. Snyder, in Cascade; Benjamin and his brother John still carry on the business under the firm name of Crawford Bros.; they are the sons of William Crawford and Betsey McGlone, who are dead.  The family, on their arrival in Iowa, invested all their means in land, but have prospered in farming and mercantile business, always meeting their obligations on time at par.  The parents were both Protestants, as also are the sons, but the latter are not identified with any denomination.  John was married in 1877 to Miss Susan Reed and has a son William; Ben is still in the delectable land of singlehood; while in Jones Co., Benjamin was Assessor two years, and Town Clerk six years, being elected by the votes of both parties; he is now Senior Warden of the Cascade Lodge, No. 127, A., F. & A. M.  Is a conservative Democrat; the firm own the store which they occupy and also have eighty acres of  timber land  in the adjoining county, also three acres and two dwellings in Cascade; the business of this popular firm is not excelled by more than one establishment in the place, and the Crawford Bros. have an excellent reputation.     pg.909
THOMAS CRAWFORD, Postmaster,  Cascade, is the son of Thomas Crawford and Ellen Stewart, and was born on the 16th of December, 1826, in Belfast, Ireland, both of his parents were of Scotch, and he never heard a word of Irish spoken, and never ate at a table with an Irishman until after coming to America; his father was a manufacturer of fine lawns, and he returned to Glasgow and resumed business there when Thomas was 8 years of age; before  he was 18 years old  he had learned the trade of boiler maker, and in 1844 he came to this country and located in Thompsonville, Conn.;he stayed there a few years, during which time he learned the trade of carpenter and joiner; afterward, he lived in Hartford, and other towns in Connecticut until 1854, when he came to Cascade, and for several years was a masterbuilder; any of the finest residences and business blocks in this  city and vicinity attest his skill as an architect; he is still in demand whenever plans for a nice buildings are to be drafted.  He was matted in Thompsonville, Conn., in June 1854 to Miss Elizabeth Hamilton, daughter of Alexander Hamilton, formerly of Scotland; they have no issue.  His commission as Postmaster was from Fen. Grant in 1870, and has continued without renewal to the present date; he carries  on the manufacture and sale of furniture; his patronage extends many miles, even to cities in an adjoining county; he was in the army, enlisting in the early history of the rebellion and served until disabled by disease.  His earliest instincts were in sympathy with the principles of the Republican party, and for years he has been a radical stalwart' his wife is a member of the Baptist Church, but he, at present is not connected with any church; he is strictly moral, and is an esteemed and popular citizen.     pg.909-910
ADAM CRESS, farmer and gardener, Sec. 36; P.O. Dubuque; born Sept. 5, 1836, in Bedford Co., Penn.; when 1 year old, he came with his parents to Dubuque Co.; he owns ninety-five acres of land.  Married Bertha Wendenbruck in June 1858; she was born in Germany; have seven children- Eliza M., Emma L., Samuel F., Frank E., Lydia Lena, Anna L. and Hilda Mena.  His father was born in 1806, and now lives at Eagle Point.  Congregationalist in religion; Republican in politics.    pg.973
JOSEPH CREVIER, farmer, Sec 21; P.O. Rickardsville; born Jan. 8,  1818, in Canada; in 1836, he came to Dubuque Co., in 1849, he went to California  and engaged  in mining; returned here in 1851, where he has since lived; owns 277 acres of land. Married Rachel Valley in 1847, she was born in 1822 in Canada, and died in 1868;  they had eleven children, eight living- Emily, Rachel, Josephine, Eliza,  Adaline, Mary,  Joseph and William; Matilda died in 1867, aged 22 years; they lost  two children  in infancy.  His second marriage was to Mrs. Sayer in 1869; she was born  in Canada.   Catholic.    pg.948
JAMES F. CRIDER, farmer, Sec. 31; P.O. Centralia; born in Dubuque Co. Aug. 25, 1849; his parents, James and Rachel Crider, came to Dubuque  Co. in the spring of 1836, from Missouri, and much to do with the settlement, development and progress of the county.  His father, with Marshal Emerson, kept one of the first stores in Dubuque, but, after five years of mercantile life, became a farmer; he died Jan. 31, 1879, aged 63; his mother, aged 65, soon followed, being called away by death Feb. 23, 1879.  The subject of this sketch has been a constant resident of the county; he has a pleasant farm of forty-five acres in Sec. 31, Dubuque Township, and nineteen acres of timber land in Center Township.  He was married, March 6, 1873, to Miss Mary Alsop, daughter of Thos. and Isabella Alsop, who came to their present home near Center Grove, from England, when the daughter was quite young; Mr. and Mrs. Crider's only daughter, Mary Elizabeth, aged nine months, died Sept. 9, 1875.     pg.966
JOHN CRIPPESfarmer, Sec. 29; P.O. Pin Oak;  he was born Dec. 23,1833 in Luxemburg, Germany; in 1852, he came to Concord Township; he owns 200 acres land; he has held public offices ever since coming to the county, viz., has been a member of the Board of Supervisors, has been Justice of the Peace since 1865,was Notary Public, has held this office since 1872; has been for the past fifteen years Secretary of the School Board, and has held all the township offices.  Married Elizabeth Leisen Jan. 17, 1860; she was born in Luxemburg; had ten children, seven living-Mary, John,Susan,Katie G.,Henry,Peter and Veroneka.  Catholic.   pg.957
DR.G.A. DANDO,   physician and surgeon, Worthington; born Aug. 12,1829, on Long Island, N.Y.; he commenced studying medicine in 1858, with Drs. Howard and Chamberlain, in Medina Co., Ohio; afterward attended lectures  at the Cleveland Medical College during the winter of 1860-61, and has now been in contant practice the past nineteen years; he has been located here since 1863. He married Miss Julia A. Rosa November,1853; she was born in New York; they have two children-Ella (now Mrs. Kammis) and Geo. E.    pg.956
GEORGE DANENMILLERfarmer, Sec. 22; P.O. Centralia; born April 3, 1807; in Alsace, France; in 1837, he came to Ohio; in 1839, he came to Dubuque Co.; he owns 170 acres of land, on which he has built a brick house and other improvements.  Married Mary Winter in 1850; she was born in Baden, Germany, Dec. 11, 1827; they have five children-Andrew, Frank, George, Luis and Valentine.  Catholic in religion.  pg.961
WILLIAM DATISMANfarmer, Sec. 11; P.O. Sherrill's Mount; born Oct. 18, 1848, in Jefferson Township; his parents came here from Germany in May of  this year; owns 160 acres of land, entered by his father.  Married Mary Miller April 15, 1875; she was born in Jefferson Township; they have one child, William.  (Incomplete)   pg.948
METCALF DAYKIN,  proprietor Three Mile House; P.O. Center Grove; born in Dubuque Co., March 20, 1848, and, except a nine years residence in Wisconsin, from 1851 to 1860, has been a constant residence of Dubuque Co.  Is Postmaster of Center Grove and in partnership with his brother John T., is proprietor of the hotel, and the same firm is also engaged in mining enterprises, owning some fifteen acres of mining lots in the vicinity.  Mr. D was married Nov. 25, 1879, to Miss Eleanor Oliver, a native of the Isle of Man.  Wm. Daykin, father of the above, was born in Yorkshire, England, July 27, 1816, married July 8, 1843, Miss Mary Metcalf; came to Dubuque Co., in 1845, and settled at Canter Grove; they had seven children, four of whom are deceased, viz, Jonathan, James William,, and two named Ellis; the three surviving children are Metcalf (the subject  of the above sketch) John T.(his partner in business) and George W. ( blacksmith in Center Grove). John T Daykin was born in Benton, Lafayette Co., Wis., Aug. 31, 1854; he was married in September, 1874, to Miss Jennie Weston, of West Dubuque; they have three children- Wm. Oliver, Raymond Elvin and Eleanor.    pg.966-67
GILBERT DEAN, farmer, Sec. 24; P.O. Cascade; born Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, Aug. 1, 1823; came to Dubuque Co. in July,1842; has 120 acres of land in a beautiful location, and is bringing fine results form it; he assisted in the preservation of the Union by faithful service for three years, as a soldier in Co. I, 21st I.V.I.; was engaged in  battles of Magnolia Hill, Baton Rouge, Black River, Mobile,the siege of Vicksburg, etc., etc., being wounded by a shell during the siege of Vicksburg, and did honorable service until mustered out with his command at the close of the war.  Religion, Adventist; politics, Republican. He was married,  in February, 1867, to Miss Emeline Gillott, a native of Lorain Co., Ohio; they have five children living- Arthur  Curtis, Sarah Myrta, Bertie Joseph, Mabel Elizabeth, Olive May; one son, Ernest Claire, has died.    pg.910
SAMUEL DEAN, farmer, Sec. 25; P.O. Cascade; born  in Ohio Nov. 25, 1821; came to Dubuque Co. in 1842; his parents, Joseph and Sophia Dean, removed hither at the same time; the father died about 1857, the mother about 1872; Mr. D. was emphatically a pioneer here, most of the settlement of Cascade Town and Township having been made since the time of his settlement here; has a good farm of 160 acres. Politics, Republican, varied to vote for "best men", regardless of party.  Resident with Mr. D is A.P.Hamil, born in Jones Co., Sept. 13, 1851;  has lived most of his life in Dubuque Co.; is engaged in farming with Mr. Dean.  Is a member of  Baptist Church, and of the Republican party. His parents, A.P. and Mary J. Hamil, were early settlers in Cascade, where the mother yet resides; the father, A.P., died in 1862.  In September, 1874, Mr. Hamil was married to Miss Elizabeth Morrison, a native of San Francisco, Cal., her father having died there in her infancy, her mother removed here immediately after; Mr. and Mrs. Hamil are blessed with two pleasant children-Melvin P. and Earle J.   pg.910
SYLVESTER DEAN, farmer, Cascade; son of Joseph Dean and Sophia Fay; was born on the 4th of May 1842 in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; he,with his parents and family came to Cascade in July, 1842, and settled on land which is still owned by the family; before he was of age, he learned the trade of plasterer, but his main occupation has been that of a farmer; after opening a farm and getting it under good cultivation, he built a house, and then it "not good for man to be alone," therefore, on the 9th of December, 1851, he married Miss Catherine Lathrop, daughter of Deacon Anson E. Lathrop, formerly of Cascade;  they have had six children- Minnie S., who married Robert M. Ewart, County Superintendent of Schools for Delaware Co., Iowa; Albert E., graduated from Hopkinton College and is now Principal of the public schools at Strawberry Point, Iowa; Charles S is teaching in the home district; Emma A. is attending school in Manchester, Iowa; Willard E. and Mattie M. are living at home. He has over two hundred acres of land well improved, and is now living on the same farm, and in the same house where he took his wife at the date of their marriage. His wife is a member of the M.E. Church, but he is not connected with any church, although he contributes to support moral and religious institutions; he is a straight Republican, and works for the success of the party.  He has never been engaged in litigation, either as plaintiff of defendant; is a kind neighbor and a good citizen.   pg.910
HENRY  DEHNER, Cascade; is son of  John Dehner and Mary Kounnatz, and was born July 15, 1813, in Hoancoler, Germany; his father was a farmer;  Henry was 21 years of age the day in 1834 when he landed in Baltimore from Bremen, with his parents and all their family of seven children; they traveled westward by emigrant wagon, without sleeping in a house until settled on a rented farm in Green Co., Ohio; he remained with his family until past 32 years of age; they removed in 1836 to Carroll Co., Ind., and bought 900 acres, mostly timber land; for the money paid for this wild land, they could have bought 200 acres where now stands the city of  Dayton, Ohio; they stayed in Indiana nineteen years, clearing the woodland and making farms; the father died in 1838, but the sons continued many years to carry on the farm. He was married on the 7th of January, 1847, to Miss Eve Mary Kenner, daughter of Joseph Kenner, of Berlin, Shelby Co., Ohio; they have had six children, three of whom are now living- John B., Sophia H., Joseph, Mary Ann, Henry L. and Stephen D.; of these Stephen,  John and  Joseph are dead; Stephen was born July 4, 1857, and died of diphtheria on his fourth birthday, and the two older brothers died of the  same disease within three weeks of same date.  After his marriage, in 1847, Mr. Dehner took charge of the entire farm until 1854, when he bought in Cascade where he now resides; he owns 379 acres; the three remaining children live at home; his only surviving son, Henry, is serving his second term as Justice of the Peace for Cascade Township and is a very worth young man.  Mr. D. has served twenty years as Township Trustee, but says he dislikes office, as he is fully occupied in attending to his own business.   When on his farm in  Indiana, he drew a load of wheat 120 miles to Chicago, and sold it for 50 cents per bushel.  He has been the victim of numberless accidents, such as falls, runaways, etc.; has been bruised, crushed, lacerated, and with dislocated limb, but is still cheerful and active.  He never sued a man, neither was he ever sued.  He is a faithful member of the St. Mary's German Catholic Church; is a conservative Democrat; is a kind, genial gentleman, and a highly respected citizen.   pg.910-911
P.L. DEVANEYfarmer, Sec. 17; P.O. Cascade; was born in Dubuque Co. in 1840; his parents, Lawrence and Bridget, emigrated from Ireland to the Valley of the Red River of the North, and from there, with a Scotch colony, to this locality in an early day; his father died in 1846; his mother makes her home with her son, the subject of this sketch.  Mr. Devaney had an honorable record as a soldier, having served three years during the civil war as a non-commissioned office in Co. I, 21st I.V.I.; was engaged in the battles of Hartsville, Mo., Magnolia Hills, Black River Bridge, Champion Hills, Spanish Fort and Blakely, Ala.; siege of Jackson, siege of Vicksburg, etc.; was honorable mustered out with his command at the close of the was.  He has a form of 160 acres in Sec. 14 and 17.  Religion, Catholic; politics, Democratic.  He was married in 1871 to Miss Ellen Kennedy, a native of Charleston, S.C.; she died April 1, 1877; there are three children- James H., Mary A and Loretta.    pg.920-921
MARTIN DENLINGERfarmer, Sec. 36; P.O. Zwingle; was born in Huntingdon Co., Penn., in 1827; came to Dubuque Co., Iowa in 1854.  Was married March 5,1848, to Elizabeth Wortz; his children are John B., Main, David C. and the twins, Anna Maria and Jane Elizabeth, Isaac L., Mary D., Samuel L., Albert, Aden H. and Sarah M.; Mr. D. owns 240 acres of land in Dubuque Co. Is a Republican in politics and belongs to the Reformed Church.    pg. 922
J.D. DICKINSON,  farmer, Sec. 15; P.O. Epworth; born in Chester Co., Penn., April 4, 1821, remaining
there until 21 years of age, when he changed his residence to Huntingdon (now Blair) Co., in the same
State; in 1845, he came to Dubuque Co.; his occupation for most of his life has been farming; his farm
consists of 130 acres of good land in Sec. 15.  He is a member of the Lutheran Church; and a Republican in
politics.  Has held township offices.  Mr. Dickinson was married in 1843, to Elizabeth Broombaugh, of
Pennsylvania; they have eight children living- Adaline A. (now Mrs. King, of Farley), William E. (of
Dakota), Loretta (now Mrs. Rolla, of Emporia, Kan.), Almira (now Mrs. Wells, of Shelby Co.), Annetta
(now Mrs. Wilmott, of Farley), Martha Jane (now in Normal School, Emporia, Kan.), Charles J. (Wyoming
Territory), George F.; one child, Mary C. is dead.    pg.932
AUGUST DIETRICHfarmer, Sec. 10; P.O. Rickardsville; born July 11, 1811, in Hanover; in 1845 he came to Dubuque Co.; he owns eighty acres of land.  He married Dora Schrader in 1850; she was born in Brunswick in 1803; they have one daughter- Johanna (now Mrs. Benne).  Lutheran in religion.  pg.961
ANTON DIGMANN, retired, Dyersville; born Dec. 10, 1833, in Prussia; in 1850, came to Wisconsin; in 1865, came to Dubuque Co., he owns about twenty-six lots in town, also the house he occupies; previous to his coming to Dyersville, he had always been engaged in farming. Married Margaret Digman May 27, 1855; she was born in  Prussia;  they have an adopted son, William Crowder. Catholic.     pg.943
CHRIST DINKLER farmer, Sec. 10; P.O. Rickardsville; born June 4, 1852, in Dubuque Co.; his father came to this country in 1845; they own 120 acres os land.  Married Mary Schmitt in 1872; she was born in Germany in 1854; they have three children-Charles, Anna and John.  Lutheran in religion.  pg.961-962
THE DUBUQUE FURNITURE AND BURIAL CASE COMPANY,   584 Main Street, Dubuque; was established Feb. 1, 1877; they manufacture all kinds of furniture and burial cases; their large manufactory on the corner of Washington and Eighteenth streets employs fifty-five hands;  they do both wholesale and retail business.  Mr. William Kley, the manager of the store and salesroom, is a native of Wurtemberg, Germany, and was born Feb. 21, 1830; he grew up and learned the business there, and emigrated to America in 1849, and came to Iowa in August, 1856, and settled in Dubuque and began working at his trade; he has a large experience in the business, and has built up a large trade in Iowa, and extends into Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.  Mr. Kley married Miss Elizabeth Wagner, a native of German, in 1852; they have three children.- Mary, Emma and George.    pg.887
L. DUGGAN, Postmaster and general merchandise, Tivoli; he was born in the parish of Upper Glanmire, Count of Cork, Ireland, Sept. 29, 1828; he came with his parents, to New Orleans in 1841; in 1843, they moved to Dubuque, and was apprenticed to learn the blacksmith and wagon business with John Hartsock; after learning his trade, he engaged with Newman & Cooper and carried on this establishment three years; in 1853, he formed a partnership with Morgan, Duggan & Morgan, same business and continued this two years; he then removed to Iowa Township and has been, most of the time, a resident of this locality since; he first kept tavern here, and the post office, known as Evergreen Post Office; he has been fifteen years a member of the Board of Supervisors; has been Justice of the Peace; President of the School Board; is now Notary Public; he own 220 acres of land, which he cultivates.  Married Ellen O'Connell in July, 1850; she was born in Ireland; they have eight children- Honoro M., William H., Mary A., Bridget, William, Catharine and Ann.  Catholic.     pg.953
JOSEPH DUNKELproprietor of the Union House, Worthington; he was born Dec. 23, 1836 in Germany; in 1860 he came to Wisconsin; in 1864 he came to Dubuque Co., engaged in farming till 1874, when he removed to Worthington and commenced his present business, which he owns as well as 400 acres in Delaware Co.; he is also engaged in live stock and grain.  He married Miss Elizabeth Kunkel in 1863; she was born in Pennsylvania; they have five children-one son and four daughters.     pg.956
DANIEL DURHAM,  famer,Epworth; born in New York Feb. 8, 1828; came to Iowa , Clinton Co.,  in
1844, and to Jackson Co. in 1845, remaining there until 1854; he then removed to Minnesota, in which
State he resided until 1865, taking an active part throughout the war in support of all measures tending to
preserve the Union; in 1865, he came to Dubuque Co., and has been a worthy citizen here since that date,
except one year in merchandising in Minnesota; his attention has always been given to farming; for the past
few years, he has been gradually working to make his business what it now is, largely that of dairy farming,
to which his nice rolling farm of 110 acres, in Secs. 2 and 11 is peculiarly well adapted.  He is connected
with the Republican party; has held school-offices, and was one of the leading members of the organization
of the Baptist Church in Epworth.  His first wife Emeline Graham, a native of Pennsylvania, married in
1851; she died in Minnesota July 28, 1860.  His second wife was Lamira Ensign, a native of New York;
they were married in 1861; four children are living- Mary (now Mrs. Wright), Alice E., Almon L. and
Freddie A.; four have died- Franklin A., Clarence, and twins (unnamed) who died in infancy.    pg.932
ANTHONY DUSTERfarmer, Sec. 24; P.O. Pin Oak; he was born in 1845 in Luxemburg, Germany; when he was but 1 year old, he came with his parents to Dubuque Co., where he has since lived; he own 148 acres of land; is Justice of the Peace; has held this office the past ten years; he has also taught school about two years, and has held all the township offices.  Married Theressa Kozen in February 1869; she was born in 1852 in Prussia; died in 1879; have four children-Peter,Susie,Catharine and Rosa C. Second marriage to Mary A. Ruden Jan. 15, 1880; she was born in Dubuque  Co.  Catholic; Democrat.     pg. 955
S.A. DUTCHER,  retired, Farley; is a native of Connecticut and was born in  Canaan, Litchfield Co., Jan 7,
1823; he grew up to manhood there, and came West to Iowa in 1855, and located in Dubuque; he engaged
in contracting; the firm of Dutcher, Brigham & Co. built the Illinois Central R.R. from Freeport to
Dunleith; they also built thirty miles west of the river of the Dubuque & Sioux City R.R.; after the war,
Mr. Dutcher settled upon his farm, and lived there until he removed to Farley; he still owns his farm of 270
acres, finely improved.  He has held town and school offices.  He was united in marriage, March 11, 1870,
to Miss Caroline E. Russell, from Salisbury, Conn., a daughter of Wm. P. Russell, of that place; she died
Oct. 31, 1879; they had two children, neither of whom are living.    pg.932