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Genealogy Reports for my family

Genealogy Report: My fathers' side
Genealogy Report: My fathers side
Genealogy Report: My mothers' side

My Family Page

MOTHERS SIDE- My gg-grandparents,FRANZ SCHIRMER and ELIZABETHA KISTLER, came to America around 1847 from Reichenburg, Switzerland and settled in Jefferson Twp., Dubuque County Iowa. They had the following children: Christian,Christina,Josephine,Jessa Alois,Agatha,Francis,John,Joseph and my g-grandfather, J Sebastian. JOHN KRABICHLER and CATHERINE AUER came to America from Reid,Tyrol, Austria around 1857, first to Illinois and then onto Dubuque County. One child, for sure, was my g-grandmother, CRESCENTIA. May have been a daughter by the name of Malana and another Mary. J. SEBASTIAN (my g-grandfather) was born in Switzerland March 11, 1839. He married CRESCENTIA KRABICHLER in Dubuque November 27, 1866. They had 9 children: Anna,Frank,Sebastian,John,Lizzie,Aloysius,Joseph, Mathias and my grandmother,Clara Ellen. CLARA ELLEN married my grandfather, HENRY BEGLEY, on August 26, 1913 in Greeley, Ia. HENRY BEGLEY was born in New York City, NY on July 4, 1881. His birth certificate states his mother's name to be Annie Bigley and father Thomas McCloskey, Esq. At the age of about 5, my grandfather was placed on the orphan train by the New Foundling and sent west. His first stop known is to the home of the Nicholas Gotto home. He then lived with a LaBrune family and later the Rev. Geo. Clark.