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Dotlyn Dolls & More

is proud to present :

"Poem Babies"




"Nameless baby seeks a home"
to leave this shelf behind
a place for her to dwell within
where comfort she can find
And if you now decide to be 
the one to take her in
please tell me what her name will be
what fun will then begin
for baby dolls a title need
as this one does it's true
and when a name I have received
a poem I'll write for you

"Dotlyn Designer Dolls" offers you a doll tailor made to look like your own very special child. You choose the gender, the hair color, skin color, the eye color, clothing color and best of all the name of your doll. A poem is written about him or her, by name, and tied to his or her wrist. To make your selections for your own very special doll, go to the ORDER FORM or first visit the SAMPLES OF POEM BABIES.


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