@database "Stephen Graham's PD List" @author Stephen Graham @copyright Stephen Graham 1996 / 1997 / 1998 @$ver: SG.Guide 3.0 (Original 27.5.96) @help help @index index @wordwrap @Remark Edit Date - 22.02.98 @Remark Created by Stephen Graham @Remark Thanks to Kevin, Ian, Sue & all the Amigas too, at Amicom PD, @Remark for giving my disk a fair trial and saying that you liked it! @Remark They are the best PD Library in the world. @Remark You can write to them at: Amicom (PD & Shareware) @Remark 143 Weeland Road @Remark Sharlston @Remark Wakefield @Remark W Yorks @Remark WF4 1EB @Remark Or give them a call on : (01924) 864798 @node main "Stephen Graham's PD List - February 1998 - Updated every month! " ,a c4%&; 1%%%b 9%=~ m; mmmm; nmm mmmmm .,pmq,. m; (R) j#6 ##6 j### ### ,#'~ ~`g, j#6 ##&; ##&; #### ### ,#f `# ##&; jP##6 ###6 jP### ### .##' " jP##6 #'$#&; #$#&; #'### ### i## #'$#&; jP l##6 #l##6 jP ### ### &## jP l##6 #' $#&; # $#&;#' ### ### &## #' $#&; j#mmmd##6 # l##6P ### ### ?## mmmw j#mmmd##6 #' $#&; # $##' ### ### ##; $#$ #' $#&; jP l##6 # l#P ### ### `#l ,&#'jP l##6 #' ###mm # $' mm###mm mm###mm `#q,.,p#' #' ###mm +----------------------------------------+ // | Welcome To My List Of All The Public | // =========//====| Domain Software that I own. Please |======//===== === \\// | feel free to make some more copies | \\// == ===============| of this disk and pass it onto your |============= | friends and Amiga owning relatives. | +----------------------------------------+@{i} Please click on a section below to find out more. To finish reading an article, please click on the contents box at the top left of the screen, or any of the browse keys if you are just browsing! @{ui} I have included with the disk a @{b}@{i}FREE GAME!@{ui}@{ub}@{i} Click the button below to read more about it, and to load the game. @{ui} Please feel free to copy this disk and pass it onto any of your friends to look at. I want to try and get this disk spread about as much as possible to enlargen my database of penpals. If you do get this disk from a friend of yours, please fill in the questionnaire and send it back to me, so that I can add you to the list of penpals. @{"Some info about S Graham" link sginfo} @{"The Disclaimer " link dis} @{" How to contact me " link contact} @{"Modules & Music List " link music} @{" About This Disk " link why} @{"Games Compilation Disks " link gamescompilation} @{" People I have to thank " link thanks} @{"Utilities Compilations " link utilscompilation} @{" My Favourite PD Disks " link favourite} @{"Clipart Disk Compilations" link clipart} @{"PD Titles I Am Waiting On" link waiting} @{"New PD Titles This Month " link new} @{" Advert For Amicom PD " link amicomad} @{"Reader Ads Section " link sale} @{" Public Domain Contacts " link pdcontacts} @{"The PD List In Full! " link PD} @{" Free Game - Poing 4 " link gamechoice} @{"Readers Questionaire " link questions} @{" Monthly Newsletter " link monthnews} @{"Commercial Software " link commercial} @{"ASCII Art For You To View" link ascart} @{i} I am also a member of @{"Pentrisoft" link pentrisoft}, Promoting Shareware & Its Authors. @{ui} @endnode @node gamechoice "Choice of Game Loader" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-----------------+ | How Did You Load This Guide? | +------------------------------+ @{fg text} With this guide, as I am very generous, I wanted to include a Free Game, for all to play. It is Poing 4, which must be one of the best Breakout, or Bat & Ball games this side of the Northern Hemisphere! I play it to death, and I am writing to the programmer of the game concerning registration, and if he can supply me with a way or merging highscore tables. Don't try and change them, as the tables are in binary and are protected anyway. Highscores are saved as soon as they are entered, although I doubt you will need to worry about that for a while, on most levels anyway, so please do keep the disk write enabled! If you do get a highscore, send me a copy of the table, and I will make a file in this guide of all the highscores I receive. Pressing escape to finish the game will return you to this guide. You will of course have to stop the music playing in the background first. This can be done by pressing both mouse buttons. The actual game files have been Powepacked by me so that they would fit on the disk, as it is now 100% full, so I have had to cut some corners. This will result in a slight delay in loading, although once loaded there is no more files that need to be accessed, so there will be no more delays. @{i} Please tell me how you are viewing this guide: @{ui} @{"Straight From The Disk You Sent Me" system "sg:poing4pp/poing4" 0} @{"I Am Reading This Guide Via Doubleclick" link nogameforyou} @{"I Am Reading An updated copy of this guide." link newnogame} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"I Made A Mistake - Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node newnogame "Sorry, but this is just the Guide Document!" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-----------------------------+ | I Already Have This Game On Another Disk | +------------------------------------------+ @{i}@{fg text} Sorry, but you will already have the game by now. When I send a replacement guide, I usually send just the document in Lha format, along with other archives for you to use. This way, I can send more to you on the disk. If you want, you can take this guide and just copy it onto the disk I sent you originally, although due to the size of this document, you will have to use Powerpacker to crunch the guide, as there is no way that it will fit onto the disk unpacked. @{ui} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node NOGAMEFORYOU "Sorry - Register this guide first!" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo------------------------+ | I Am A Doubleclick! Magazine Reader | +-------------------------------------+ @{i}@{fg text} I am sorry, but as this guide has been included in Doubleclick!, we have been unable to supply it with the free game as promised, due to space restrictions on the disk. There is a simple remedy. Write to me, and swap some disks, and tell me that you want the game Poing 4, from the Cat Disk. I will then supply you an Lha file of the game, as well as the latest version of this guide. @{ui} How to contact @{"Stephen Graham" link contact}. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node monthnews "Latest Happenings" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-----------+ | News For February 1998 | +------------------------+ @{fg text} Hello there and welcome to the February 1998 Issue of the disk. Hello's this month go to (in no particular order): @{" Ragnar Fyri " link mesragnar} @{" Mark Harman " link mesmarkh} @{" Geoff Aitken " link mesga} @{" Chazz Trager " link meschazz} @{" Stephen J Ryan " link messjr} @{" Ian Charles Fyvi " link mesicf} @{"Amicom Public Domain" link mesami} I have added a few questions on my questionnaire, that most, if not all of you will have filled out. If you could fill the new one out, and send it back to me, then I would be very grateful. Think of it as a yearly registration! Also, thanks to the people who have already returned their's - all of the new details have been added. I must add, however, that not many people are taking advantage of the section I have on the questionnaire where you have the chance to write an advert that I can put in the guide, along with your details. It is a service for you after all, of which I am not charging - I am also quite lenient, so go ahead and use it - that is what it is there for! I have been having problems with the Diskspare device that I recently installed. I can use my own disks OK, but many of my penpals have been sending me different versions of the device, all of which cannot read each other's disks. Major problem. The solution that I came up with is to suspend using it until I get a version that I am happy with, and that will use most of the different versions I have come across so far. You will notice that the Compilations section is a bit different, as it now only lists names. This is to save space on the guide, as there is no point in typing in the same description twice, is there? This also means that there will be a lot of new entries into the guide, as I am now getting stuff from the Aminet regularly. Stick with me, as all will be fixed soon. There has been a decrease in the amount of mail I am getting, and to be honest - I am glad, as it is letting me catch up on a lot of things - just ask Mark Harman! I have LOADS to do for the magazine, and I am glad for the small holiday, as November / December was absolute bedlam, although I hope things pick up next month. Keep writing. Also, another plea to readers, I have just got hold of an A500+, which is running OK through my video, but I can only use the Mono socket, as I did not get an RF Modulator with it. Can anybody help? I am also still looking for a Z88 connecting cable. I have had a few, which have been close, but the Amiga end had 23 pins instead of 25, or the Z88 end was a socket instead of a plug. Never fear - I will get it done eventually, so that I can write letters when I am out and about, be it in the car, on the train - whatever. Obviously, I would not write letters in the car while I am moving - that is just plain daft. I was thinking of sending the Contacts section of this guide to Amiga Format, for inclusion in their CD, in the Reader Ads section. They did ask if you wanted to, that you could send in an Amigaguide. I have made a stand alone Amiga guide of this senction, which is available from me anytime. If you think this is a good idea, then please let me know. It would be nice to hear your views either way. I would suppose that this would be OK, as your details appear on this guide anyway, and I know that quite a few people get it now, as it is distributed with Issues of Doubleclick! Hear from you soon, @{b}@{i} Stephen Graham @{ui}@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @Remark @node mesmorgoth "Morgoth's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo--------------------------+ | Message For Morgoth From Genocide ... | +---------------------------------------+ @{fg text} @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node mesragnar "Ragnar Fyri's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-----------------+ | Message For Raganar Fyri ... | +------------------------------+ @{fg text} Still waiting for the finished version of your anims - I await them eagerly - they really are worth the wait! Also, thanks for your recent E-Mails. Alan, my brother, who you also talked to, managed to get a picture of you, which we took from your Web Page. If you want to see what Alan looks like (prepare yourself), then go to URL: http://members.tripod.com/~Alan_Graham/ and you should be able to download a picture of him. I might even get a picture of myself on there sometime - we shall wait and see. @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node mesmarkh "Mark Harman's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo----------------+ | Message For Mark Harman ... | +-----------------------------+ @{fg text} Well, we did it. Doubleclick! issue 5 was released in 1997 (just), and not the year after, as I had thought. Still working hard on the DC6 anims, and will E-Mail them to you as soon as they are done. Expect a VERY VERY long letter soon (well, now in fact, as you will have got it with this disk). @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @Remark @node mesandyw "Andrew Whiteley's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo--------------------+ | Message For Andrew Whiteley ... | +---------------------------------+ @{fg text} @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node mesicf "Ian Charles Fyvie's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo----------------------+ | Message For Ian Charles Fyvie ... | +-----------------------------------+ @{fg text} Thanks for the info regarding the boards and drives - very helpful. Hope that you got the magazine back OK. Will write back to you soon. @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node mesami "Amicom Public Domain's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-------------------------+ | Message For Amicom Public Domain ... | +--------------------------------------+ @{fg text} Hope that you don't mind me using your great ASCII doodles! If you do, let me know. @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @Remark @node mesjock "Jock Ross's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo--------------+ | Message For Jock Ross ... | +---------------------------+ @{fg text} @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @Remark @node mesandyj "Andrew Jackson's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-------------------+ | Message For Andrew Jackson ... | +--------------------------------+ @{fg text} @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @Remark @node mesjamiep "Jamie Percival's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-------------------+ | Message For Jamie Percival ... | +--------------------------------+ @{fg text} @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @Remark @node mespaullath "Paul Latwell's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo------------------+ | Message For Paul Lathwell ... | +-------------------------------+ @{fg text} @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @Remark @node messimonb "Simon Brown's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo----------------+ | Message For Simon Brown ... | +-----------------------------+ @{fg text} @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @Remark @node mesroy "Roy Musson's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo---------------+ | Message For Roy Musson ... | +----------------------------+ @{fg text} @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node messjr "Stephen J Ryan's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-------------------+ | Message For Stephen J Ryan ... | +--------------------------------+ @{fg text} Have not heard from you in about 2 weeks - what is wrong? You are currently holding the record for the most letters written in a month - hope you keep it up! See you soon. @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @Remark @node mesnab "Nick Abott's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo----------------+ | Message For Nick Abbott ... | +-----------------------------+ @{fg text} @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node mesga "Geoff Aitken's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-----------------+ | Message For Geoff Aitken ... | +------------------------------+ @{fg text} Yes, I know - Sorry, Sorry, Sorry about the delay. Your letter has been lying in my out tray (well, ice cream box) for quite a while. My excuse is that I was going to wait until I had DC5 to give to you. Blame somebody else, the weather, the price of butter, the postal system, just don't blame me too much. You will notice that there is an extra disk in the package. You should find some new stuff on it. hear from you soon. @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @Remark @node mesjody "Jody Wilkes's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo----------------+ | Message For Jody Wilkes ... | +-----------------------------+ @{fg text} @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node meschazz "Chazz Trager's Personal Message ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-----------------+ | Message For Chazz Trager ... | +------------------------------+ @{fg text} Glad to see that you have finally upgraded - I will have to send you lots of stuff now that you have a Hard Drive to put them on. @{b}Stephen@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Newsletter Page" link monthnews} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node sginfo "Some Really Useful & Interesting Information About Me!" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo---------------------+ | Information About Stephen Graham | +----------------------------------+ @{fg text} Hello. My name is Stephen Graham. My birthdate is 14 January 1976 and I am currently 22 years old and I want to get started in swapping disks etc through the mail with other Amiga fanatics, like yourselves. Here is a list of my computer Setup: @{b} A1200 with internal 2½" 260 MB Hard Drive Appollo 1220 4 MB Memory Board with 68882 Maths Co-Processor plus Clock 2 External Floppy Disk Drives CitizenABC 24 Pin Dot Matrix Colour Printer Panasonic KX-P1180 9 Pin Dot Matrix Black & White Printer Goliath Upgrated Power Supply Wizard Developments Black 3 Button Mouse RoboShift Joystick / Mouse Splitter Camlink Stereo Sound Mixer Konix Sppedking Joystick (Which I have had for 5 years!) Konix Navigator Joystick A600 with 1 MB Trapdoor Memory Upgrade plus Battery Backed Clock A500+ (But I have no RF Modulator) Cambridge Z88 Laptop (Soon to have a Connection to the Amiga A1200) @{ub} I have been collecting Public Domain for a few years now, and although my collection is not very large, (350 ish disks), I have quite a lot of other disks from mags etc, and friends. I also run the latest version of Virus Checker and Virus Z 2 on startup to combat virus infection. I have been interested in computing from a very early age. My very first computer was a ZX81 (remember them!) with a full 16K upgrade! Wow! I had two of them before I upgraded to a ZX Spectrum (the first one with the dead man finger keys!). From there I bought a 48K ZX Spectrum (The black one with the fold down feet), and from that a ZX Spectrum +2, which at the time was the cutting edge of technology. A whole 128 KB of power. I also had a Radio Shack TRS-80, which I only used for playing chess and Card Games - it was that primitive. I then decided it was time for a change, and bought an A600 with my brother. Wow! Programs that loaded in less than three days, and they had decent sound and graphics. I was converted. I had a shot of friend's Atari ST, but it was not the same - The Amiga was the one for me! Soon after this my brother and I, who owned half of the Amiga, decided to upgrade up to an A1200. We did and since them have expanded the system. We bought the printer first because we were currently using an Epson 9 pin Black & White and the quality was quite literally, crap! We have since bought the Hard Drive (Notice to all non-Hard Drive owners:- GET ONE NOW. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE!), and we are currently saving up for a CD-ROM, a Sound Sampler and an Colour Inkjet Printer. I also own a Cambridge Z88 Laptop computer, which is handy to type out your letters when you are out and about, or away from home. I am just about to buy a cable that connects the Z88 to your Amiga. It`s something I`ve wanted for a long time. Eventually, I got it. All good things come to those who wait. I also have a Phillips CDi with the Digital Video Cartridge, lots of films and games etc. It is a brilliant machine to play with. Does anybody else have one, and would like to swap tips etc about games, and maybe even some discs? I am now also a Co-Editor for Doubleclick!, the Amiga disk magazine produced regularly by Pentrisoft. It is freely available from PD Libraries, as well as Pentrisoft, Amicom PD, Mark Harman (The Pentrisoft President), as well as myself. A worthy read which has loads of articles to suit just about any taste. I work in the mornings delivering newspapers with my brother. After that I work as a mechanic in my father`s garage, fixing cars. From time to time I am a DJ, who runs his own mobile disco (which was paid for out of the paper round - think of the price of CD`s and equipment etc). My main interests are Cars, for obvious reasons, Computing and Motorcycling. I want anything you like on the disks, Demos, slideshows, games, utils, you name it, I want it. All letters answered 1200%. Thanks for watching, and send me your jiffys. @{i}@{b}Stephen Graham@{ub}@{ui} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node contact "How to contact Stephen Graham" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo------------------+ | How To Contact Stephen Graham | +-------------------------------+ @{fg text} @{b}@{i}Send your letters to me at:-@{ui} @{fg shine} _____________________________ | | | Stephen Graham | | P.O Box 8353 | | Largs | | North Ayrshire | | Scotland | | KA30 8HG | | | | Telephone: | _ | (0468) 508 871 | _ / )| Mobile Phone |( \ / / | | \ \ _( (_ | \\|// | _) )_ (((\ \>|_/->________(o o)________<-\_| RAM:), or I could give you some utilities to do it for you. This is only a list of what is on the disks. To see what they all do, refer to the guide. @{i} The contents of these disks are stored on Diskspare Disks, which have been formatted to 960K. If you have this filing system installed, then you can use a direct copy of these disks. However, if you do not, then these disks will not be read properly, and I will have to give you just the single archive that you require. @{ui} @{u}@{b}Disk 1 - 0K Free@{ub}@{uu} Iconmania QuickTime Movie Player SCF Iconchief Eliza Eat Me Address Book Mem Monitor @{u}@{b}Disk 2 - 0K Free@{ub}@{uu} ClassAct Work_Radman (Not to be distributed - Sorry) Dare_To_Imagine Small Calc Anti Beol 13 Personal Paint Icon Editor AGARun Makepath GIF Datatype Fast Blitter PAL / NTSC Swap @{u}@{b}Disk 3 - 0K Free@{ub}@{uu} 256 Colour Alt 'N' Tab AmiCDFS2 Appcon BookCorner Cal Date Inspector Do Icon 17 Installer 43.3 Landscape PictureMenu Quick Lha Stonecracker XL21 @{u}@{b}Disk 4 - 0K Free@{ub}@{uu} Imagine Buddy System (Disk 1 + 2) World Geography WB Zoom @{u}@{b}Disk 5 - 0K Free@{ub}@{uu} BBC Emulator Bon Appetite Frac Magic Web Maker New Ted Powerlogo Rain Boot WIN 95 KTooltypes2 @{u}@{b}Disk 6 - 0K Free@{ub}@{uu} Bit Tec 200 Utils SSPro Demo TaskBar Flush Quake @{u}@{b}Disk 7 - 0K Free@{ub}@{uu} Bits 'N' Bats 2 Budget Inspire Pro Zodiac 2000 Blitz Basic Manual Memspeed @{u}@{b}Disk 8 - 0K Free@{ub}@{uu} Disk Master Easy HTML IBrowse Print A Card TBC 252 Uptime @{u}@{b}Disk 9 - 0K Free@{ub}@{uu} Addresser Ameko Bad Blocks Cellanim DCopy Dishes (Not for distribution - Sorry) Gloom Deluxe Trainer Guide To HTML Madmoose Magic TV2 Radman Ripple Simpson's Icons Slicer SoftRAM Splitter SWOS HD Installer Typing Tutor VirusZ II 1.40 (29.9.97) WinSpeed Monitor Drivers TBL Rulez Patch Mem @{u}@{b}Disk 10 - 0K Free@{ub}@{uu} Communicate Key Quick II Oracle Hexer Mousecircles @{u}@{b}Disk 11 - 0K Free@{ub}@{uu} Hippoplayer Embed256 Fitter Stick It Realtime WB Clock ExtraScreen SnakePit @{u}@{b}Disk 12 - 1K Free@{ub}@{uu} Madgads The Secret Key Document File Protector Alpha Spell Virus Scanner Sleepness Night 3 Utils @{u}@{b}Disk 13 - 1K Free@{ub}@{uu} Amiga Test Messy Sid 3 Bouncing Cubes Crumble @{u}@{b}Disk 14 - 1K Free@{ub}@{uu} OJ Simpson Guide Phone Locator Language Translator Amiga BASIC Help Radman Quiz Creator PC Restore @{u}@{b}Disk 15 - 1K Free@{ub}@{uu} Car Data Analyst WB3 Screens Scrub Font Datatype @{u}@{b}Disk 16 - 1K Free@{ub}@{uu} UK Codebook Superdark Xtruder Leagues Birthdate History Promotor Dieser Zug Highscore Table Join Requestfile @{u}@{b}Disk 17 - 1K Free@{ub}@{uu} 6th Form Educational AB3D2 Editor Bootchange CaBoom Memspeed2 Show STD Turbo Backup Virus Checker 8.4 (September 1997) XAnim AStart Start E @{u}@{b}Disk 18 - 1K Free@{ub}@{uu} Bits 'N' Bats Business Card Maker Action Replay Pub Cat Typing Tutor MS Calendar Full Palette Print Manager @{u}@{b}Disk 19 - 1K Free@{ub}@{uu} Newicons PC Tools WB Hacks 2.0 Beep A Maniac @{u}@{b}Disk 20 - 1K Free@{ub}@{uu} Desktop Magic Cat 3 Program TIFF View 17 JC Graph Diskspare Joytest Fit Disk No NTSC Show Icon Roma 2 Dec Superdisk @{u}@{b}Disk 21 - 2K Free@{ub}@{uu} Stereopticon Teletext V1.20 Cachefont @{u}@{b}Disk 22 - 2K Free@{ub}@{uu} Crossword Creator MR Backup System Test Sky Decoder Mid Moose 2 @{u}@{b}Disk 23 - 2K Free@{ub}@{uu} Disk Archiv Re Org The Wave DFM2 Splat @{u}@{b}Disk 24 - 2K Free@{ub}@{uu} Roswell Notebook Reqtools Edword V5.6 Shapes Manager Class Action WB Mem Creatures Destroy WB @{u}@{b}Disk 25 - 2K Free@{ub}@{uu} DFA Dhrystone D Solve Cross Word MenuMaster Typewriter WW5 Calendar @{u}@{b}Disk 26 - 2K Free@{ub}@{uu} Scout Super Duper Soundbox Disk Salv 2 Diskmatter Xopa AGraph Guidemaker (Heddley) Screenmenu ECS Launch Scopy X Files Perplexity @{u}@{b}Disk 27 - 2K Free@{ub}@{uu} GBlankers Codemungus IQ Test Adventure Game Writer Knights Tour Play MOD Speechtoy Print Spooler 2.0 Dqua Super Formatter @{u}@{b}Disk 28 - 2K Free@{ub}@{uu} Datatypes DB35 Warbook IconWin Magic Exchange Pro Lite Icons Rename 95 Reset TMD @{u}@{b}Disk 29 - 3K Free@{ub}@{uu} Albin MUI Bartender Beyond The Dark Dopus4 Utils Link Z88 Mindguard Password Serprefs Speaking Clock Tooltype Manager Virocop Cheater Rainboot Demo File @{u}@{b}Disk 30 - 3K Free@{ub}@{uu} ---- -- AmiFIG 2.8 Award Maker Plus Mystic View Flash Find 1.2 @{u}@{b}Disk 31 - 3K Free@{ub}@{uu} Sonic Drum Kit ZXAM Emulator Update Copy Portswitch Zip @{u}@{b}Disk 32 - 3K Free@{ub}@{uu} HP Calc Mode Pro Bootscreen Disksqueeze HF Mounter GBRoute Maped Address M2.0 VR World Startup Key AWS The Guru SWOS Editor HD Off MM Executor @{u}@{b}Disk 33 - 3K Free@{ub}@{uu} Lupe Afill20 Wormslevels Remind Forbidden Lottery MIS Swazinfo Aavd EmbedIFF24 DCat Disk Copy LZH Utils Assinz Textview Superspell Powercalc Shoppinglist Read RDB Eng Clock V2.4 Fractal GUI Arc Extractor PS3MRec Classpatch Magic Eye Smarttrash Volume Watch WB Title Real Drag Quick Grab Noisome FS List Apptool MMB Commodity Fast IPrefs PointerX @{u}@{b}Disk 34 - 951K Free@{ub}@{uu} WBFlash ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node clipart "A collection of the Clipart I have" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo--------------+ | Clipart Compilation Disks | +---------------------------+ @{fg text} Below is listed some of the clipart disks I have in my collection. What I have done is bought loads of Clipart over the years, saved it onto my Hard Drive, and sorted it into directories for ease of use. There is dozens of disks listed and I will just give you the number of the disk and what is on them roughly, in Subject Headings. Disk 01 - Aminals Disk 02 - Animals 2 Disk 03 - Animals 3, Banners Disk 04 - Banners 2 Disk 05 - Banners 3, Business Disk 06 - Busines 2, Computers Disk 07 - Comic Setter, Food, DPaint Disk 08 - DPaint 2, Misc Disk 09 - Dpaint 3, Travel Disk 10 - Sport Disk 11 - Places, Events Disk 12 - Events 2 Disk 13 - Buildings, People Disk 14 - Female Disk 15 - Male Disk 16 - Screengrabs (Some are a bit risky. Over 15`s only) Disk 17 - SG Clipart (Drawings I have made. Some are personal, so this disk will be censored before it is released.) Disk 18 - Ham 1 (Some are over 15`s only) Disk 19 - Ham 2 (Some are over 15`s only) Disk 20 - Ham 3 (Some are over 15`s only) Disk 21 - Ham 4 (Some are over 15`s only) Disk 22 - Ham 5 (Some are over 15`s only) Just ask me for Clipart Disk number xx, and I wil copy it for you. I also have some other Clipart disks, which are listed in the Main PD Guide, ie, Flintstones and Cartoons etc. Just ask for them in the normal way. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node sale "The Small Ads Section." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-----------------------------+ | The Ever Increasing Small Ad's Section!! | +------------------------------------------+ @{fg text} Do you have anything that you want to sell? Do you want to advertise it cheaply, and advertise it to a range of Amiga Owners? Well, this is the place for you. Just write to me with details of what you want to sell, and I really don`t mind what you sell, and I will put it in the next issue. Your advert will stay in for as long as you want, or until you sell the item, so remember and tell me it is sold. I will only hold adverts on file for a maximum of 6 isssues. If it is not sold within 6 months, then it cannot be much of a bargain can it? There is only one stipulation. Either pay me a few pound for typing in the advert, or you can give me the advert on disk, either in Ascii text or an IFF file, but I would prefer the ascii text file. I will keep the disk as payment. Please can you only send your adverts on a Double Density Disk. I do not really have a need for High Density Disks. The Adverts --- ------- Which adverts do you want to view? @{"Items For Sale" link advertsale} @{"Items Wanted " link advertwanted} @{"User Groups & Companies" link advertother} @{"Doubleclick - The Pentrisoft Disk Magazine" link advertdc} @{"Transmission Impossible - BBS " link adverttibbs} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node advertsale "Items For Sale ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo---+ | Items For Sale | +----------------+ @{fg text} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- For Sale - Loads and loads of back issues of various Amiga Magazines, AUI, CU Amiga, Amiga Shopper, Amiga Format, The One, you name it I'll probably have it. About 200 magazines in total. Give me 20 quid and I will let you have them, but the buyer has to collect them. If you want them posted, then I will have to charge you enough to cover the Parcel carrier. Please contact:- Stephen Graham PO Box 8353 Largs Ayrshire Scotland KA30 8HG Mobile: (0468) 508 871 E_Mail: stephen_graham@bigfoot.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------- For Sale - Amiga A600 with 1 MB Trapdoor Memory Expansion & Battery Backed Clock. 2MB Memory in total. About 30 disks to go with it. 100 pounds or nearest offer. I will even throw in a new battery for the clock. Please contact:- Stephen Graham PO Box 8353 Largs Ayrshire Scotland KA30 8HG Mobile: (0468) 508 871 E_Mail: stephen_graham@bigfoot.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------- For Sale - Atari Super 7800 Games Console. Able to play Atari 2600, Atari 7800 and Atari Super 7800 games. Comes complete with 12 games, including one built into the console, all cables, and 2 joypads. Brand new condition - only used for about 2 hours, and boxed, ready to go. 30 pounds or nearest offer. Please contact:- Stephen Graham PO Box 8353 Largs Ayrshire Scotland KA30 8HG Mobile: (0468) 508 871 E_Mail: stephen_graham@bigfoot.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------- For Sale - Blizzard A1220 Accelerator memory Board with 4MB of Fast Ram This board runs at about 3-5 mips (Millions of Instructions Per Second). Open to offers on price. Please contact:- Stephen Graham PO Box 8353 Largs Ayrshire Scotland KA30 8HG Mobile: (0468) 508 871 E_Mail: stephen_graham@bigfoot.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------- For Sale - Amiga A1200 with 250MB Hard Drive. No Expansion Memory, but loads of software on the drive. 250 quid, think about it, a quid per MB, plus a great computer thrown in for free! Please contact:- Stephen Graham PO Box 8353 Largs Ayrshire Scotland KA30 8HG Mobile: (0468) 508 871 E_Mail: stephen_graham@bigfoot.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Adverts Menu" link sale} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node advertwanted "Items Wanted ...." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-+ | Items Wanted | +--------------+ @{fg text} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Wanted - Does anybody have the following games that they are willing to swap. Only original disks wanted - no pirates. For use on an A600. Will swap for other commercial games, PD, or may even buy: Here is the list: Arcade Pool Stardust Football Glory Sim City Gianna Sisters Spatial Hyperdrive (Public Domain) Continental Tech Dance (Music Demo) Easy AMOS + Compiler Deluxe Paint 2 or 3 Please contact me for further details: Steve J Ryan 13 Westfield Avenue Blackpool Carlton FY3 7LU ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Wanted - Blank Disks are in great need. I prefer Double Density ones as High Density can be a bit dodgy on the Amiga. Do you want to get rid of all those old magazine coverdisks that are at the bottom of your drawers? You do? Well give them to me! I can use them to buy more Public Domain Disks, which will keep my costs down and allow me to buy much more of high quality programs, which you can then swap with me.Either post me the disks if you are feeling generous, or tell how many you have and how much you want for them and I will consider your offer so please make the price cheap, as I want to keep the Public Domain scene alive. Thanks for your help. I am willing to swap blank disks for blank disk labels, as I buy my labels in bulk, so I have loads. Please contact:- Stephen Graham PO Box 8353 Largs Ayrshire Scotland KA30 8HG Mobile: (0468) 508 871 E_Mail: stephen_graham@bigfoot.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Wanted - Cable to connect Cambridge Z88 Laptop Computer to an Amiga A1200. I have some software, but if you have any, then that won't really bother me either. Contact me to discuss your price and delivery etc. Please contact:- Stephen Graham PO Box 8353 Largs Ayrshire Scotland KA30 8HG Mobile: (0468) 508 871 E_Mail: stephen_graham@bigfoot.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Wanted - RF Modulator for an A500+. Must be cheap. Please contact:- Stephen Graham PO Box 8353 Largs Ayrshire Scotland KA30 8HG Mobile: (0468) 508 871 E_Mail: stephen_graham@bigfoot.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Adverts Menu" link sale} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node advertother "User Groups & Companies" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo------------+ | User Groups & Compaines | +-------------------------+ @{fg text} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- For Sale - (At Very Reasonable Prices, I May Add!) @{b} ____ ____ // \ __ __ _ // _____ __ __ //_____\ // \/ \ \\ \\ // \ // \/ \ \\ \ \\ \ \\ \\ \\ \ \\ \ \\ \ \\ \ \\ \\___/ \\____/ \\ \ Q u a l i t y A m i g a P D & S h a r e w a r e ---------------------------------------- ---- L O N G L I V E T H E A M I G A ---- ---------------------------------------- 143 Weeland Road, Sharlston, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF4 1EB Tel:01924-864798 Mon-Sat 9.00am to 5.00pm /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ \ / / ALL OUR DISKS ARE ONLY 55p EACH \ \ (Free Postage & Package / minimum 5 disks or more) / / \ \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ @{ub} Please read the main Amicom Advert for more information. @{"Click me to go to the main Amicom Advert" link amicomad} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Pentrisoft - The Amiga User Group - Promoting Shareware & Its Authors @{"Click me to find out more about Pentrisoft" link pentrisoft} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Adverts Menu" link sale} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node advertdc "Doubleclick - The Pentrisoft Disk Magazine" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo------------------------------------------+ | Doubleclick! - The E-Zine For Amiga Users Everywhere! | +-------------------------------------------------------+ @{fg text} Every issue is packed with news, views, information, tutorials, humour and more! Amiga Format reviewed issue 1, and said 'Doubleclick looks very promising', and 'this could be the ultimate diskmag'. Recent issues have featured tutorials in AMOS, Assembler, ARexx and C/C++; covering shoot 'em ups, 3D graphics, Doom clones, encryption, chaos theory, as well as tutorials on HTML, Amigaguide, Personal Paint, Workbench, Shapeshifter, and loads more. DoubleClick is currently available in either HTML or Amigaguide format. Issue 5 out now, Issue 6 due out early 1998. DoubleClick is available from Aminet in docs/mags (under the name DC, eg, DC5_vHTML.lha), and also available from my homepage at: @{b}members.tripod.com/~Mark_Harman@{ub} Alternatively, get it on disk from me via post by sending £1.25 to this address, and requesting DoubleClick. Please state the version you want (HTML or Guide), and which issue you want (or you can ask for the latest one): @{b} Mark Harman 3 Highlea Close St Leonards on-sea East Sussex TN37 7SS @{ub} Contributions are welcome - feel free to contact me. Mark Harman, 15.12.97 @{b}mdwh2@cam.ac.uk@{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Adverts Menu" link sale} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node adverttibbs "Transmission Impossible - BBS" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo------------+ | Transmission Impossible | +-------------------------+ @{fg text} Amiga / PC Huge File Sections Adult / Special Files - Must Ask Access Weekends ONLY - 10am-10pm @{b} Hastings (01424) 713095 @{ub} Sysop: Lee Bates @{i} Get the latest issue of DoubleClick from Transmission Impossible, and upload your articles and letters too! @{ui} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Adverts Menu" link sale} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node questions "A quick Questionaire for you to fill in" @{i} Stephen Graham PO Box 8353 Largs North Ayrshire Scotland United Kingdom KA30 8HG Mobile: (0468) 508 871 E-Mail: stephen_graham@bigfoot.com @{ui} A quick Questionaire for you to fill in: Please could you take the time to fill in this questionaire. Select Print from the Project Menu. If you do not have a printer, do not worry, load the questionaire into your favourite text editor, and fill in the blanks. Resave the document and mark on the disk label that you have completed the questionaire, and return the disk. The purpose of this is so that I can see how many people are reading this disk, and what you want from it. Please feel free to tell me anything that is wrong, ie loading times or choice of music etc. ! I will only pass on your name and address to Pentrisoft and Amicom Public Domain if you answer the corresponding questions. By filling in this survey, you are helping me find out what kind of computer you own, what age group you fall into, and most importantly, if you want to write for Doubleclick! Please pass a copy of this disk onto your friends and let them reply to me as well. Thanks for your help. If you have already filled in one, and you have since upgraded your setup, then please let me know. @{b}Please fill in sections carefully:-@{ub} Name: ________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Postcode: ____________________ E-Mail: ______________________________ Telephone Number: ______________________________________ Age: _______ Date Of Birth: ____________________________ Sex: _____________________ How did you receive this disk: _______________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Please list ALL computer equipment, ie Model, Hard Drive, External Drives, CD-Roms, Memory Boards etc: __________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Do you object to your details being shown in this guide, for other Amiga users to write to you?: ______________ Do you wish your name & address to be passed onto Amicom Public Domain, for details on how to buy Public Domain Software at competitive prices?: _______________________ Are you interested in joining Pentrisoft?: _____________ Are you interested in writing articles for Doubleclick!, the Pentrisoft Amiga disk magazine?: _______________________ Are you conversant in using Lha archive files, and would it be OK to supply disks in this format? If you can it would be better for you, as I can get a lot more onto a disk in Lha format, rather than supplying it unpacked. This means that you get more software on the same number of disks.: _____________ Would you be interested in installing the Diskspare disk format, which allows you to format DD disks to 960K (FFS)?: ______________________ Please list any comments about this disk below. Please write on the back of the page if necessary. Please list also below, programs that you use regularly on your Amiga (Serious utilities only - PPaint, Wordworth etc.). Also, one last thing. In this guide, I can allow you to print out a paragraph to introduce yourself, just like an advert that you would find in a magazine, looking for penpals. This will appear below your details in the Computer Contacts section, so, if you want to write out a paragraph about yourself, then go ahead. I will not put a limit on the amount that you write, but I will stipulate that if it goes on and on (like me!) for about 6 pages, then I shall edit it to my liking, although I will be quite lenient. If you want to put it on another bit of paper, then please do so, but obviously, send it! If you are typing this out on a text editor, and are sending me the file back on disk, then you can write as much as you want, as I won't have to type it out - just format it! Thanks again, @{b} Stephen Graham @{ui} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node help "Just in case you need it, here I am - HELP" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-----------------+ | Help - For Those Who Need It | +------------------------------+ @{fg text} You really should not need any help at all with this document. It is so easy to use, even a trained chimp could read it, but I don't know many trained chimps, so here goes. This is just a copy of the normal Amiga Guide Help File. If you wish to return to this help screen at any time, then just click on the help button on the titlebar, or the button at the bottom of the text. I. @{" Buttons " link HELP_BUTTONS} II. @{" Menus " link HELP_MENUS} III. @{" Keystrokes " link HELP_KEYSTROKES} IV. @{" Mouse " link HELP_MOUSE} V. @{" Arrow Keys " link HELP_ARROWS} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node HELP_BUTTONS "AmigaGuide® Help: Buttons" @{b}Contents@{ub} Display the Table of Contents document for the current database. @{b}Index@{ub} Display the index document for the current database. @{b}Help@{ub} Display the help document for the current database. If the database doesn't have a Help document of its own, unlike this one then the global Help database will be used instead. Funnily enough, you are reading the global help document, because I did not have the time to write a help document of my own, but I will! @{b}Retrace@{ub} Go back to the previous node. @{b}Browse@{ub} Step through the documents in sequential order, in the order they appear in the database. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Help Menu" link help} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node HELP_MENUS "AmigaGuide® Help: Menus" @{b}Project@{ub} @{i}Open@{ui} Bring up the file requester so that a different file can be loaded for viewing. @{i}Save As@{ui} Save the current object to a file. @{i}Print@{ui} Print the current document to the current print device. @{i}About@{ui} Bring up a requester that shows information on the current document. @{i}Quit@{ui} Close the window for the current database, and exit. @{b}Edit@{ub} @{i}Mark@{ui} Start marking a block of text for copying to the clipboard. @{i}Copy@{ui} Copy the current document to the clipboard. @{i}Select All@{ui} Select all the lines of the current document. @{i}Clear Selected@{ui} Unselect all the lines of the current document. @{b}Window@{ub} @{i}Minimize@{ui} Make the window as small as possible. @{i}Normal@{ui} Make the window the same size as the current contents. @{i}Maximize@{ui} Make the window as large as possible. @{b}Settings@{ub} @{i}Save As Defaults@{ui} Save the current window position as the default settings for future invocations. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Help Menu" link help} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node HELP_KEYSTROKES @title "AmigaGuide® Help: Keystrokes" @{b}HELP@{ub} Display this document. @{b}ESC@{ub} Close the active AmigaGuide® window. @{b}Backspace@{ub} Scroll backwards a page. @{b}SPACE@{ub} Scroll forwards a page. @{b}>@{ub} Go to the end of the current document. @{b}<@{ub} Go to the beginning of the current document. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Help Menu" link help} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node HELP_ARROWS @title "AmigaGuide® Help: Arrow Keys" @{b}Up@{ub} Scroll up through the document. @{b}Down@{ub} Scroll down through the document. @{b}Shift-Up@{ub} Go up a page in the document. @{b}Shift-Down@{ub} Go down a page in the document. @{b}Alt-Up@{ub} Go to the beginning of the document. @{b}Alt-Down@{ub} Go to the end of the document. @{b}Left@{ub} Scroll left through the document. @{b}Right@{ub} Scroll right through the document. @{b}Shift-Left@{ub} Scroll left one window-full through the document. @{b}Shift-Right@{ub} Scroll right one window-full through the document. @{b}Alt-Left@{ub} Go to the extreme left of the document. @{b}Alt-Right@{ub} Go to the extreme right of the document. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Help Menu" link help} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node HELP_MOUSE "AmigaGuide® Help: Mouse" @{b}Select@{ub} Over a node, will activate the node. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Help Menu" link help} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node index "Here it is - The index of all the documents....." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-----------------------+ | The Index (Or How To Find Things!) | +------------------------------------+ @{fg text} This is a list of all the main documents in the guide. From these you will be able to select other documents, like in the main PD list. I have not listed all the separate letters here, as that would be pointless, so all you do is load the PD menu, and select your letter from there. @{i}@{b}The List:@{ub}@{ui} @{"The very important disclaimer document " link dis} @{"Some very interesting information about Stephen Graham" link sginfo} @{"The Public Domain Software list in its fullest form " link PD} @{"Notes on how to contact Stephen Graham, in case you do" link contact} @{"Octamed Modules & Music list or something to listen to" link music} @{"About This Disk, the price of butter and the Universe " link why} @{"Games Compilation Disks that I have compiled lately " link gamescompilation} @{"People I have to thank in no real order whatsoever " link thanks} @{"Utilities Compilations that I have compiled for you " link utilscompilation} @{"My best PD Disks at the moment, but this may change " link favourite} @{"Clipart Disk Compilations that I have kicking about " link clipart} @{"PD titles I am waiting on and quite impatiently too! " link waiting} @{"New PD titles this month in case they were delivered " link new} @{"Advert For Amicom PD who deserve to win the lottery " link amicomad} @{"Roll Up, Roll Up - get those items for Sale & Wanted " link sale} @{"PD Contacts or even more people to write to except me " link pdcontacts} @{"Free Game - Dieser Zug which you can also play here " system "sg:dieserzug/dieserzug" 0} @{"Readers Questionaire so I know all about you " link questions} @{"About Pentrisoft who also deserve to win the lottery " link pentrisoft} @{"The Index, or what you are reading now funnily enough " link index} @{"The online, onboard Help file, in case you are stuck " link help} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node dis "The bit you should all read before starting this Guide." @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo---------------------------+ | The Disclaimer To Prove I Am Not Mad!! | +----------------------------------------+ @{fg text} Disclaimer: This humor does not reflect the thoughts or opinions of either myself, my company, my friends, or my cat; don't quote me on that; don't quote me on anything; Copyright (C) 1997 Stephen Graham; all rights reserved; this document is distribution copyrighted to the extent that you may distribute this posting and all its associated parts freely but you may not make a profit from it or include the posting or parts of it in commercial publications; further redistributions of this document are only allowed unedited and in its entirety via anonymous FTP, electronic transmissions, storage media, or printed copy as long as this notice is included and no monetary fee is charged; jokes subject to change without notice; jokes are slightly enlarged to show detail; resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is unintentional and coincidental; hand wash only, drip dry; do not bend, fold, mutilate, or spindle; anchovies or jalapenos added to jokes upon request; your mileage may vary; no substitutions allowed; for a limited time only; quantities are limited while supplies last; this offer is void where prohibited; humor is provided "as is" without any warranties expressed or implied; user assumes full liabilities; not liable for damages due to use or misuse; an equal opportunity joke employer; no shoes, no shirt, no jokes; read at your own risk; parental advisory: explicit lyrics; text may contain material some readers may find objectionable; keep away from pets and small children; limit one-per-family please; no money down; no purchase necessary; you need not be present to win; some assembly required; batteries not included; action figures sold separately; no preservatives added; jokes may have settled during mailing; sealed for your protection, do not use if safety seal is broken; safety goggles may be required during use; call before you dig; use only with proper ventilation; for external use only; if a rash, redness, irritation, or swelling develops, discontinue use; avoid extreme temperatures and store in a cool dry place; keep away from open flames; do not place jokes near flammable or magnetic source; avoid inhaling fumes or contact with mucous membranes; smoking these jokes may be hazardous to your health; the best safeguard, second only to abstinence, is the use of a good laugh; joke text is made from 100% recycled electrons and magnetic particles; no animals were used to test the hilarity of these jokes; no salt, MSG, artificial colour or flavour added; if ingested, do not induce vomiting, if symptoms persist, consult a humorologist; jokes are ribbed for your pleasure; slippery when wet; must be 18 to enter; possible penalties for early withdrawal; one size fits all; joke offer valid only at participating jokeshops; slightly higher west of the Rockies; allow four to six weeks for delivery; if defects are discovered, do not try to fix them yourself, but return to an authorized joke service center; this disclaimer does not cover tornado, flood, hurricane, lightning, earthquake, and other Acts of God, misuse, neglect, unauthorized repair, damage from improper installation, typos, misspelled words, incorrect line voltage, missing or altered signatures, sonic boom vibrations, electromagnetic radiation from nuclear blasts, customer adjustments that are not covered in the joke list, and incidents owing to motor vehicle accidents, ship sinking, airplane crash, accidental file deletions, projectiles, or dropping the item; other restrictions may apply. If something offends you, lighten up, get a life, and move on. Stephen Graham July 1997 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node listmusic "A list of Musical Titles" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-------------+ | A List Of Musical Titles | +--------------------------+ @{fg text} Awesome Sounds Bass O'Matic (2 Disks) Beatbox (2 Disks) Beatles Sonix Beatmaster - 808 State Bizz Nizz - Don't Miss The Partyline Cappella - Move On Baby Chaos Rock Club Mix #2 - Killer Cotton Eye Joe (2 Disks) Cult & Fantasy TV Themes Cult & Fantasy TV Themes 2 Cydonia -Rerun Deluxe Music Data Disk #3 Doop Drums & Pipes Extensions Demo Farts And Belches Collection Genocide - Metal Mayhem Volume 1 Genocide - New Mods Genocide - Crossing Over Giga Mega Mix (2 Disks) Hynosis Music I'm Too Sexy (2 Disks) Juke Box Kefren's Dane Kefren's Interchange Lethal Exit MLP Modules Mad Elks - Technological Death Manic Raves (2 Disks) Metrolink Money For Nothing Music Compilation Music Utility Disk #4 Musicbase V1.0 NT Modules #2 Nine Fingers (2 Disks) No Limits Not The 9 O'Clock News (2 Disks) Now Music #15 Ozone - Swamp Thing Party Music Winners Pendle Europa Music Modules Pyrogenic Short Modules Quackbusted II Radio Jingles Roobarb & Custard Remix Sickness Simulator Sonix Jukebox #3 Sound Collection 20 Sound Collection 21 Sound Tracker Star Trek Themes (2 Disks) T2 Dance Remix Techno Tracks 2 The Definitive Jarre Show The Mad Preacher Tribal Dance Utah Saints V12 PD Catdisk Modules 1-6 Wind It Up ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Public Domain Menu" link pd} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node listdemoart "A list of Demos, Artwork, Slideshows & Anims" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo---------------------------------+ | A List Of Demos, Artwork, Slideshows & Anims | +----------------------------------------------+ @{fg text} 101 Use For A Dead Cat 2 Meg Walker Demo (2 Disks) 3 Ways To Stop Smoking 6th Form Lovers (2 Disks) Aero Clipart Aircraft Clipart (3 Disks) Amy vs Walker Animals Clipart Anti Lemmin Demo (2 Disks) Assorted Clipart At The Beach 2 (2 Disks) At The Movies At The Movies 2 (4 Disks) Axis - Picturebook (4 Disks) Barbi Twins Volume 1 Barbi Twins Volume 2 Basketball Animation Batman Slideshow Big Time Sensuality (2 Disks) Bodyshop 3 Bugs Bunny Animation Calvin & Hobbes - Revenge Of The Blob (2 Disks) Clipart 1 Clipart 2 Clipart 3 Clipart 4 Clipart 6 Cokeman & Smurf Colour Cars Clipart Computers Clipart Desert Doo Doo Dominium Demos Pack 1 Dominium Demos Pack 10 Dominium Demos Pack 9 Erika AGA Eyecatchers Clipart Flintstones Clipart Franklin At The Movies Garden Pictures 1 Garden Pictures 2 Garfield Slides Get Frogged Gif Slideshow Guide To Computers (2 Disks) Hillbilly Animation How To Fail Your Driving Test 4 Times How To Skin A Cat Jesus On E's (2 Disks) Kefrens Desert Dream (2 Disks) Lambourghini Slideshow Logos Clipart Luxo Teenager Machine Animation Maps Clipart Monty Python Animation (2 Disks) New Stealthy Animations Please Release Me Red Dwarf (2 Disks) Red Dwarf Slides (2 Disks) Savings Certificate Advert Animation Sexy Women 1 Skizzo 2 (4 Disks) Slidemania 1 Stealthy 2 Steam Engine Animation Super Cars, Bikes & Planes Tango Advert The Chips Are Up The Flintstones Animation The Run! Thunderbirds Are Gone (2 Disks) Top Gun Slides Transport Clipart Various Slideshow Video Workshop 1 Virtual Dreams Whigfield - Saturday Night Wicked Sensation (2 Disks) Wild Wheels Windy Bottom Xmas Anim ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Public Domain Menu" link pd} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node listgames "A List Of All The Games Titles I own" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo--------------------+ | A List Of Games & Reko Cardsets | +---------------------------------+ @{fg text} 4 Get It 4 Wins Ambassador Fruit Machine V2.0 Amigatration Army Miner Balders Grove Battle Pong Beetle Blobble Blue Moon Board Games Bomb Jacky Bondmine Bratwurst 1.01 Bubble Trouble Caffeine Free Card Sets Disk One Cash Fruit China Tiles Cribbage Crossover Custom Worms Backdrops Delux Pacman AGA Deluxe Galaga V3.10 Demolition Mission Demon Dieser Zug Donkey Kong Dr Who Cardset Dragon Tiles Erotica Cardset Escapade Exit 13 Extreme Violence Fruit Salad Game Attack Gameboy Emulator Games 1 Games Galore Remix 5 Gnu Chess 4.0 Go Kart Mania Hearts Hexmines High Octane Hydrozone I Worm Infection Insectoids 2 Judgement Day Juggler King Klondike III (4 Disks) Klondike V1.1C Landmine Lcd Dreams Magic Card Tricks Masterblaster Mastermind Maximum Overdrive Maximum Overdrive 2 (3 Disks) Megatron Mind Games Monopoly Monopoly 2 Monopoly 3 Moria Mortal Kumquat Motorola Invaders 2 (2 Disks) Mr Men Olympics (2 Disks) Multiplex V1.1 Nester Card Game Numtris Ooze Patience Pengo Phantom Pick Out Picture Puzzle Pop Quiz Pro Bingo Pub Darts Quingo Quingo II Quiz Challenge Red Dwarf Trivia Quiz Red Dwarf Trivia Quiz Update #2 Road To Hell Rocketz Santa & Rudolph Scrabble Serious Backgammon Solitaire Spectrum Emulator (2 Disks) Speed! Demo Spelltris Squiz V1.0 - Music Edition Sub Attack Suber Obliteration Suicide Machine Super Skoda Challenge Swimsuit Cardset Tank Attack Tankhunter Game Teeny Weenys Tetris Pro The Lamer Game The Rainbow Puzzle Thinkamania Toobz Tut's Tomb Ultimate Cheats Wheel Of Fortune Word Puzzle Pro ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Public Domain Menu" link pd} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node listutils "A list of PD Utilities I own" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo--------+ | A List Of Utilities | +---------------------+ @{fg text} 256 Colour 6th Form Educational AAVD AB3DII Ed AGraph ASI Boot Utilities AWS Abort CMD Action Replay IV Address 2.0M Address Book Address Print V2.1 Addresser Alphaspell Alt N Tab AmiCDFS2 AmiTCP V3.0b (2 Disks) Amiga Test Amigaguide Maker AppTool Appcon Assinz Auto D'Arc Award Maker Plus Beep A Maniac Birthdate History V2.21 Bit Tec 200 Utils Bits 'N' Bats Bits 'N' Bats 2 Bon Appetit Book Corner Bootscreen Bouncing Cubes Budget Business Card Maker Cal Car Data Analyst Catalogue 3 Class Action Class Action Classpatch Code Mungus Communicate Creatures Crossword Creator Crumble D Copy 3.1 D Solve Crossword DCat Disk Copy DFA (Modem Number Dialler) DFM2 DQUA Datatypes Disk Date Inspector Desktop Magic Destroy WB Dhrystone Dieser Zug Join Discsalv 2 DiskSqueeze! Diskarchiv Diskarchiv Diskmatter Diskspare 3.0 Dissect V1.7 Do Icon 17 Document File Protector Dope Intromaker DyskStik V1.1 ECSLaunch Eat Me Edword V5.6 Eliza Embed256 EmbedIFF24 Eng Clock V2.4 Extractor Extrascreen F1GP Ed FS List Fast IPrefs Fast Intro Maker Fill 2 Fit Disk Fitter Flash Find 1.2 Flush Font DT Forbidden Fractal GB Route GBlanker V3.5 GIF Datatype GUI Arc GVP Install HD Off HF Mounter V2.0 HP Calc Hexer IQ Test Icon Chief Iconmania Install WB3.0 Installer 43.3 JC Graph Joytest K Tool Types II Keyquick Kick 1.3 Landscape Language Translator Leagues LhaArc Lottery! Lupe MC Master MMB Commodity MMExecutor MS Calendar Madgads Magic Eye Map Ed Memory Monitor Memspeed Menu Master Messy Sid V3 Micro Phone Number Locator Mid Moose 2 Mis ModePro Monitor Drivers Mousecircles Movieguide V2.04 (2 Disks) MrBackup Pro V2.2.0 NFA - PD Pak #5 NoNTSC Noisome Note Book OJ Simpson - The Trial On Form Onform PC Restore PC Task V3.10 PC Tools PS3MREC Parnet (2 Disks) Parnet Instructions Patchmem Perplexity Phone And Post Codes Picture Menu Play MOD Pointer X Portswitch Powercalc Powercalc Powerlogo V1.3 Print A Card Print Manager 2.0 Printmaster Pro Zodiac 2000 Promotor Quake Quick Grab Quick Lha Radman Read RDB V0.2 Realdrag Realtime Remind 1.5 Reorg 3.11 Reqtools Requestfile Roma 2 Dec Roswell SSPro Demo STD Scopy Scout Screen Menu Scrub Shapesmanager Shopping List Showicon Sky Decoder Sleepness Night 3 Utils Small Calc Smart Trash Snakepit Soundbox Speechtoy Splat Start E Startup Key States Of Europe V1.0 Steroopticon Stick It Stock Controller Pro V1.2 Stone Cracker Super Duper Super Formatter Super Spell Superdisk Swazinfo Swos Editor System Test V9.1 TBL Rulez Taskbar Teletext V1.20 Textview The Guru The Secret Key The ZX File #1 Tiffview Tiffview 117 Turbo Backup V1.00 Typewriter Typing Tutor Ultimate Disk Creator Update Copy Uptime VR World VS Volume Watch WB 3 Screens WB Flash WB Hacks 2.0 WB Title WBClock WBMem WBZoom Word Power World Geography World War 2 History Book Worms Levels X Files Pics XL21 Xopa Xtruder ZXAM V2 - The Spectrum Emulator Zip ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Public Domain Menu" link pd} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node listtext "A List of Textfiles & DiskMags I own" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-------------------+ | A List Of Textfiles & Diskmags | +--------------------------------+ @{fg text} 600 Business Letters Abnormalia Issue 5 Channel Z Issue 1 Doubleclick! Issue 1 Doubleclick! Issue 2 Doubleclick! Issue 3 (2 Disks) Doubleclick! Issue 4 (2 Disks) Doubleclick! Issue 4 (Amigaguide Version - 2 Disks) Doubleclick! Issue 5 (2 Disks) Doubleclick! Issue 5 (Amigaguide Version - 2 Disks) Educational 2 Freedom Cracks Issue 11 Grapevine Issue 15 (3 Disks) Grapevine Issue 16 (3 Disks) Grapevine Issue 17 (3 Disks) Grapevine Issue 18 (3 Disks) Grapevine Issue 19 (3 Disks) Grapevine Issue 20 (2 Disks) Grapevine Issue 21 (2 Disks) Grapevine Issue 9 (2 Disks) H G Wells Have A Laugh Humour Internet Guide Joke Disk Magnetic Pages V1.3 Magnum V1.7 OctaMED Tutor Text Unlimited 1 Text Unlimited 2 Text Unlimited 3 Text Unlimited 4 Text Unlimited 5 Text Unlimited 6 Text Unlimited 7 Text Unlimited 8 Text Unlimited 9 Total Irrelevance Issue 1 Total Irrelevance Issue 2 Total Irrelevance Issue 3 V12 PD's Guide To Setting Up A PD Company Words X Files Guide ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Public Domain Menu" link pd} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node commercial "A list of Commercial Titles I Own" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo----------------+ | A List Of Commercial Titles | +-----------------------------+ @{fg text} This is a list of Commercial Software Titles I own, ie not PD or Shareware titles. @{i}@{b} ****************************************************** * * * I WILL NOT COPY THESE DISKS FOR ANYBODY - EVER!!!! * * * ****************************************************** @{ub}@{ui} I do not see why I should jeopardize my life because someone cannot be bothered to spend money and buy pirate versions of games. A lot of time, money and effort goes into writing these titles, as is so often found in Shareware too. Why should you be guilty of taking the bread from their mouths, as it were. The reason of this list is simple. If you are either stuck on a game listed, or are looking for tips for cheats, or want to know how to perform a certain task in a utility, then you can look up the list, see if I have the title, and write to me with your query. If I cannot help, I know a lot of people who can! Here goes then:- @{b} Games @{ub}@{i} 3D Pool A10 Tank Killer Air Support Aladdin Alien Breed 3D Another World Apocalypse Banshee Bubba 'N' Stix Cannon Fodder Carrier Command Chaos Engine Clockwiser Coala Colonization Dizzy - Prince Of The Yolkfolk Doodlebug F17 Challenge F29 Retaliator Fields Of Glory Flashback Formula One Grand Prix Frontier Elite Future Wars Gloom Golden Axe Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade - Graphic Adventure Intelligent Strategy Games - Backgammon, Chess, Bridge, Draughts, Go Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road Racer Jaguar XJ220 Jurrasic Park Kid Chaos Knights Of The Sky Lambourghini American Challenge Lemmings Loom Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge Maniac Mansion Mega Twins Narc Nigel Mansell's World Championship Oh No! More Lemmings One Step Beyond Parasol Stars Pinball Illusions Push Over Puzznic Race Drivin' Roadkill Robocod Rodland Sensible Golf Shadow Warriors Sim Earth Skeleton Krew Soccer Kid Street Fighter II Super Hang On Super Tetris Syndicate The Secret Of Money Island Total Recall Trolls Vital Light Virocop Virtual Karting Wiz 'N' Liz Worms Wrath Of The Demon Zak McKracken & The Alien Mind Benders Zool Zool 2 @{ui}@{b} Utilities @{ub}@{i} Blitz Basic V2.1 Cinema 4D V2.01 Datastore V2.0 Deluxe Paint III Floppy Expander Mini Office Money Matters V4.02 Organiser V2.0 Personal Page V4.0 Personal Paint V6.3 Turbo Calc V2.01 Vista Lite V3.01 Vista Pro V3.05 Wordworth V1.1 Wordworth V3.1 SE Wordworth V5 @{ui} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node ascart "A Nice Selection Of Art made using ASCII Text" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-+ | ASCII Art | +--------------+ @{fg text} This is a selection ASCII art that I sent into Doubleclick!, the excellent Disk Magazine, that we hope everybody will buy soon. Please select a character from the list below:- @{"Snow White" link artsw} @{"The Seven Dwarfs" link artsevdw} @{"Logos" link artlogos} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node artsw "Snow White" @{fg shine} ..,::::::: LxL`:::. .,:::::::::::: dMMMMRx`:::,. .xmm. .,::::::::::::::: 9MMMM""%x`::`sRMMMMM .:::::::::::::::::: ?MMMMHHx."'MM:`xdxRM> .::::::::::::::::::::: "MMMMMMMM @MM MMMMM> .::::::::::::::::::::: ^"""""""-*??.````" :::::::::::::::` ...,:::::::::::::::::::::::, . ::::::::::::` .:::::::::::::::::::::::: `:::::::::. ::::::::::: .,:::::::::::::::::::::::: zk ``:::::::: :::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::`` ...d$$$bu.. `::::: ::::::::.,::::::::::::`` ...uzed$$$$$$$$$$$$bc. `::: `:::::::::::::::::::` .ued$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$k ::: :`:::::::::::::::::` ud$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$E ': :::::::::::::::::::: : d$$$$F?"""??$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F""? ' ::::'::::::::::::::: :: $$$F..zeWWbcQ$$$$$$$$$$$$$&zWe : ::::: :::::::::::::::::: $$kd$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F ::::: ::::::::::::::::::: "$$$$$$$F""?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$??? ,: ::::::`:::::::::::::::::: $$$$$".,+: : 9$$$$$$$$",+- ` : :::::::::::::::::::::::::: $$$$F+' d$$$$$$$$=" ,,: :::::::::::::::::::::::::: $$$E :: $$$$$$$$$6+; ::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::: :$$$$bu..uuU$$$$$$$$$$buu.z$ ::: :::::::::::::::::::::::: d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ::: `:::::::::::::::::::: .d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$`$$$$$ ': `::::::::::::::::: .d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$""$$":$$$$$ ' ::::::::::: d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b$$ku$$$$$" ,. :::::::::::: d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$??????TT???$$$$" `:::::::::::: . $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b .cCCCi'&$$$" `::::::::::::: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b (CCCCC'$$F ::::::::::: d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$u.""",$$" :::::::: d$$$$$$$$$$$$?$$$$$$$$$$$$F" d$$$$$$$$$$$$$b.^"???$$???" ..e$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$beu. ..... xdd$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b; . ... ..zmdnmmc.`::::."$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b'::#RMMM*Rhh. zMMMMMMMMMMMMn `:::."$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b`: MMMMMh(?"? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM:`::::.?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ::?MMMMMMMMMMhnx:. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMb :::::."$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$E :: ?MMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMb ::::::'"$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"::::'MMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMP'*MMk :::::::.^?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$".:::: 9MMMMMMMMMMMMM @{fg text} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the ASCII Art Menu" link ascart} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node artsevdw "The Seven Dwarfs" @{fg shine} .::<::. :!!!!!!!!: !!!!!!!!!!!!. ..:::::.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!: ..::: .:!!!!!!!!!!!:. '!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4$$$$$$$$$$c`?R$$$$$$$L`$$c"$c>u. zF"=="" .ue$$$$$$$$$$$ '$P)$$$$$$$$bu..""""""" `?$c`??$$ .>"..ueee$$$$$$$$$$$$$P"F ? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$bu '"?Neee@F'z$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P ' $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b.. `.ue$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F ?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F" "$$$"$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F" "T.^?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" '"??$$$$$$$Z?$$$$$$?$#$$$$$$$$$$$$" `^ '"""?= ^""????R$L : .!!!!!!!!!!!! 4$W$$$$$$$$#.eJ"$$$$$$$ !!!!(!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !!!!!!!!!!!! J$$$`u(*$$C $"*NL"$$$$$L <`~!!:`~!!!!!!!!! ' ``~!!!!!!!~` 4$$"'$$L#C* ^ " "$$$$$b."=sJC`-``~!!!!!f ```~`` 'B( -`"" $e.eb *)nd$$$beu,"=.. `~!!! NJ : 4$b^*$be$%.ud$$$$$$$$$o #$bu '!~ .2* RNu.<$$$u?*#.d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$c`$$Nu .ee$$$bm=".@$$$$P d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$L`$$$c x$$$F'uee@$$$$F"? 4$$$$$F"`.,R$$$$$$$$ $$$$k .ueF $$",d$$$$$$$Fuedbc """"_ z$$$$$$$$$$$",$$$$$ .d$$$N " 4$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$E ee$"d$$$$$$$$$$" x$$$$$$ :^u$$$$$bu $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$\ $$"z$$Fj$$$F"" .e$$$$$$$ .d$$$$$$$$.?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" dF.d$F"/""` ..od$$$$$$$$P z$$$$$$$$$$b,?R$$$$$$$$$F" ,yp$F"..od$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$\ :$P:$$$$$$$$$$$u.""??F"` *F""`.zd$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F $"x$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$eeeW$$$Neee$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$3$ d x$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F/'uee$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"f F $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F"/ oe$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P'.e$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P\P 4$$$$$$$$$$$$F.ud$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$">" 4$$$$$$$$$$$"u$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P" '"$$$$$$$$$ d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$FL" ?$$$$$$$u$$$$$$$$$$$R$$$$$$$$C$$FL" ?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'7d$$FFL" ='" '$$"$$$$$$$$$"x@P"" "-'$$$$$$":*" "$$$ " ...::::::... .::!!!!::.`~!!!!!!!!!!!:.. .!!!~~~!!!!!!: `!!!!!!!!!!!!!:. b""-$$k"$" P ,ed$$$$b `!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! .ueWdbeo.( #*=?$b.. .d$$$$$$$$b .`!!!!!!::.``!!!!! 9$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'4$$$F",; "R$$$$$$$$$b $$$b.`! ` :!!!!!!!!!!> ?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$' $P"od$$$$b:?$$$$$$$$$ 4$$$$b. '!!!!!!!!!!!!> "?$$$$$$$$$$$$$P" :F'z$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P d$$$$c% .P$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" `!!!!!!!!!!!!!> '.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F `!!!!!!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F ``!!!!!!' 4$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"J" $`$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"." $ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" '4$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"$$" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'jF P$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" ' 4 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$PT$$F" ^ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$F,oF" $$$$$$$$$$$$P"/" $$$$$$$$$$$" " '$$$$$$$$P ?$"$$$$P " $$$$ `$$" '" ........ :;;;:.. ``!!!!!!!!!!:::. ;!!!!!!!!!!;. `!!!!!!!!!!!!!: !!~~~ ~~~~!!!!!!, `!!!!!!!!!!!!! .~ .e@$$b= `!!!!!!. `!!!!!!!!!!!!!. /` =**$$$$$==c`= `!!!!!! `!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. .z+RN$$$* u. Ne"e.`!!!!!:`!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: z*" ?$$E.d$Nc^*e$Nc `!!!!.`!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: e" e$L@$$$$$$$$r $$$$e `!!!!,`!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: .Ez$F"?$$$$F"""?$bJ$$$$N `!!!!>`!!!!!!!!!!!!!!> $$R 9$ $$$F @$$ ?$$$$$$$L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! d$F d$$ $$$ W$$$$ '$$$$$$$b`!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!L $P d$$$ $$$ $$$$$k.`$$$$$$$ !!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $" $F"".$$F """""?N $$$$$$$k`!!!i'~!!!!L.`~!!!!!! $ ;' ;$$F $$. $$$$$$$$ `!!!i ~!!!!!: ~!!!!!! N db d$$k $$N 3$$$$$$F !!!!i !!!!!! !!!!! * """ =$$$$ ?$$$b.. $$$$$$$F* !!!!!. !!!!! '!!!! ed$$$e 'R$>*: ~ j$$$$$$$k $ `!!!!!!: '!!!! !! e$$$$$$$$$bed$e'*$$$$$$$$$$$$$r^* '!!!!`~i: `!! `! d$$$$$$$$$$$*"`"*c "???)J$$$$$$$. %c`!!!!:'`!! @c ?$$$$$$$$$$$F` e$E^"$$$$$$$$$$$$$$N "$c `!!!: :! .$$$. ??????" u$$$$ '$$$$$$$$$$$$$$& $$$.`!!!! !!> ef $$$$$. eu.uuzeed$$$$$".du$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$r"$$$,`!!! `!h z$F $$$$$$c $$$$$$$$$$$"' d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F $$$N '!! '!! $$$& $$$$$$$b."?$$$$$P" .e$$$$$?I$$$$$$$$$$$$% $$$"N !! '!!! d$$$$c $$$$$$$$c.. .ue$$$$$$F .$$$$$$$$$$$$F .$$$L`> :!!!! J$?J$$$k `$$$$$$$ ~$$$$$$$$$$$F ?R$$$$$$$$ $$$$$ '!!!!!!> $F4$$$$$bc "$$$$$$F" u$e s$$$$$$ !!!!!!!! f e$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$beeeee$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F !!!!!!!! .$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F !!!!!!!! @$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$> !!!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !!!!!!!> $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F '!!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" '!!! d$$$$$$$$$$No."N uF.$$$$$$$. .!!>!!!! .$$$$ j$$p,ou.ue$F4$$$$$$$$P . !!!!L'!!!:'$$$$L4$$f"""Ls"$F^_uo$$$$$" *c. !!!!!! !!!!.'$$$$P" ,SF",P F:d$$$$$$*" z.9$Nu :!!!!!!>'!!!! ?$$$N(d$$e$F"d '$$$$$*" .d$N'$$$k . .ueeeeeo.. !!> $$$ 4$$$$$$$$$$k9$$$$$e.""",z$ d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F `!!!!! !! J$$$.`?$$$$$$$$$$U$$`$$$$$$$F" u$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F `!!!! !! $$$$b ?$$$$$$$$$$$$% `""""..ud$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"$$F ! `!!!: ` d$$$$$bd."$$$$$$$$P"".d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" $" x"9$$$$$$$b..."""'.zd$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" " !!!!:!!!>.P J$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"'~ ; 3$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F" :!!!!!!!!!! : $$$"$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F" :!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "$k`?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F"" !!!!!!!!!!!!!! '?N.`?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F"""" :!!!!!!!!!!!!` '""$$$$$$qquuuud"" !!!!!!!!!!!!` ^"""" '!!!!!!!!!~ '~~~~~~` .: '~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~!!!!!!..``~`. `!!!!!!!!!!! `~~~!!!!~ @{fg text} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the ASCII Art Menu" link ascart} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node artlogos "Some Logos" @{fg shine} $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$L .$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$u .dWeL udWbL $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$N.@$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ * :$$$$$.x$$$$$: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ '>.n=L ... 9$$$$$E"$$$$$E .. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$RR$$$$ 'b" 9 d$$$e`$$$$$F9$$$$$"o$$$N. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$R#" .$$$$ @ .* d$$$$$kR$$$$~4$$$$$z$$$$$& $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$` .e$$$$$$$P e" $$$$$$$/$$< '$$$$\$$$$$$R $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$R# o$$$$$$$$P @ ^*$$$$$$"$$$ $$$F$$$$$$* $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P" .e> 4$" '$$$$F .F .uu."R$$$$c$$E $$$x$$$$P".uu. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$R .$$$& '$ $$$$ .#> o$$$$$u?*$$$/$> 4$\$$$*)o$$$$$c $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b.o$$$$$ $N "$$" ."'> $$$$$$$$oC#$b# 'F@$#)d$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$N "` .$ '> *$$$$$$$$$NU#( x#u$$$$$$$$$$P $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ "$$$$$$$$R $$$& $$ '> "***$$$$$$$NU .b$$$$$$$$***" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ E"$$P`9$E $$$$ 8$$ '> . .. ...... .uuuu. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ E " 9$F $$$$k .$$$ '> $o $$ 9$$$$$$. .@$$$$$E $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ E 9$N $$$$$$$$$$ '> $$N. $$ 9$$""$$B x$$$#"""* $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ E 9$$.u$$$$$$$$$$ '> $$$$o $$ 9$$ 8$F $$$" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ o" 9$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ d $$*$$$u$$ 9$$$$$$. $$E **************# ***************" $$>"$$$$$ 9$$""*$$ $$B $$> `#$$$ 9$$ $$ $$$i. $$> "*$ 9$$WW$$$ '*$$$NW@E **> # ******#` "*$$$$F ..ueeWWWWWk .oWWeu. .oWWeu uuux uuu .e$$$$$$$$$$$E x$$$$$$$N. @$$$$$$$. $$$E'$$$ x$$$$$$*#""""""" $$$$"#$$$$. @$$$##$$$$L $$$E'$$$ o$$$$#"ueW$$$$$$E'$$$>@c"$$$$. $$$E '$$$ $$$$$$b $$$$$$$E'$$$$$N *$$$$$$E'$$$ $$$E?$$$> '$$$ $$$$$$$b'$$$$$$E'$$$$$$N $$$$$$E'$$$ 9$$$'$$$B '$$$ $$$$"$$$N $$$$$E'$$$f$$$N #$$$$E'$$$ '$$$L"$$$N. '$$$ $$$$ "$$$N^$$$$E'$$$>"$$$$ #$$$E'$$$ #$$$.#$$$$o........d$$$ $$$$ "$$$k`$$$E'$$$> "$$$N #$$E'$$$ *$$$L^*$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$ "$$$b^$$E'$$$> "$$$$ #$E'$$$ *$$$Nu`"**$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$ "$$$N'*FJ$$$> "$$$$.#F9$$$ "$$$$$eu............u$$$R "$$$N..$$$$ "$$$$u.$$$$ "*$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P "$$$$$$$$F ^$$$$$$$$" `"#**************" "*$$R#` "*$$R# $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$R$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$*#*$*"""*$$$$$$#"$$$*$ $$$$$$$$$$" z* $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" z`. @eu #$ zN$# @$ $$$$$$$$" o$& d$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$` o#.$Fd$$$$e " " .$$$ $$$$$$P $$$""#$$$$"`"$$$"`"``$``$" .$P:$$ $$$$$$$ .L.ud$$$$$ $$$$$" .$$" $ $$" u` $" z$ $uud z$$L""z$$$$$$$ x$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$" .$$ zu` " d$W$ @$ $$$$ z$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :$$$$*$R$$$$ $$$$ $$ :$P.$ x$$P d$ @ @$~ x$" . $$$" e $ $$$ z d$$$ $$$ d$$ ""x$E ** " $$$ $ d$ $# '* " $$F $" z$$$$ $$$ $$$u .@$$$u..d$N..d..d$$$ @F e$"zF $$ e J$" $" :Fd$$$ $$$ #$$$$$$$$$$*"""``""#$$$$$ $N$$"z$ @P $$ * *" "z$$$$ $$$$ "****"`.ued$Wc #$$$ " .$$$ u$$$ .$ u .$$$$$$ $$$$$$eeee$$$$$$$$$$$$b$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ .. d$P $$ `$b z$" $$F 4$$ $$L $$ 4$$ $$. 4$$ ,z$P $$ $$' $$F $$ $$$P $$$ $$ $$f $$ ""` $'$$; 4$F .,_ $$' $$ .$' ?$L 4$' .d$" `? zee $$ ,ec $F d$F z$$ ,ce,. .d$ee. $$ 4$' d$" z$ $$" .$f.d$" 4$ 4$$ 4$$P z$P?$$$ d$" "?$$d$,`$ $$F z$f,$$ $$.$$ $P $$% $$$4$" 4$$ $"%. ,p$" $$ $ J$$ z$$$ $$" .$$ $$" .$$C 4$P $$$" $$f `$. ,d$b****q, $.$ $$$$$P $$.$$b.$P4$ $$L.$P4$F $P 4$P .$$" `?$$g$P" " `b' `??" "?"^?F" $$`?PF" $$ " P' eF @{fg text} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the ASCII Art Menu" link ascart} @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @Remark *#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*# @Remark # * @Remark * Penpals Database From This Point # @Remark # * @Remark *#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*# @Remark @database "Stephen Graham's PD Contacts List" @Remark @$ver: SG.Contacts 1.0 (Original 1.1.97) @Remark @help help @Remark @index index @Remark @wordwrap @Remark @font xhelvetica.font 11 @Remark Created by Stephen Graham @Remark @node main "A List Of All My Public Domain Contacts:" @node pdcontacts "A List Of All My Public Domain Contacts:" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo----+ | All The Penpals | +-----------------+ @{fg text} @{"Alan Hennebery" link alanh} @{"Mark Harman" link mharman} @{"Andrew Whiteley" link awhiteley} @{"Ragnar Fyri" link rfyri} @{"Jamie Percival" link jpercival} @{"Ahmed H S" link Ahmed} @{"Nikola Tomic" link nikola} @{"Paul Lathwell" link plathwell} @{"Simon Brown" link sbrown} @{"Roy Musson" link rmusson} @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo--------+ | PLUS: Some New Ones | +---------------------+ @{fg text} @{"Geoff Aitken" link ga} @{"Jock Ross" link jr} @{"Nick Abbott" link na} @{"Jody Wilkes" link jw} @{"Chazz Trager" link ct} @{"Ian Charles Fyvie" link icf} @{"Stephen J Ryan" link sjr} @{"Andrew Jackson" link ajackson} @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo----------------+ | The User Groups & Companies | +-----------------------------+ @{fg text} @{"Pentrisoft" link pentrisoft} @{"Genocide" link genocide} @{"Team 17 Software Ltd" link team17} @{"Amicom Public Domain" link amicomad} @{"S & S Computer Supplies" link sbrown} @{"C.I.S" link cis} @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo----------------------------+ | Some Other Useful Names & Addresses Etc | +-----------------------------------------+ @{fg text} @{"Aminet" link aminet} @{"CU Amiga" link cuamiga} @{"Amiga Format" link aformat} @{"Federation Against Software Theft" link fast} @{"European Leisure Software Publishers Association - Crime Unit" link elspa} @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click me to go back to the Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node amicomad "Advert For The Best PD Library In The Whole Wide World" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo--------------------------------+ | Advert For The Best PD Library In The World | +---------------------------------------------+ @{fg text} A quick note from me: I have bought the majority of my Disks from these guys for ages now and they are brill. I sent them a package on a Wednesday of about 30 disks, and I got it back on the Saturday. Not bad considering there was a 24 hour postal strike on the Thursday/Friday. They always have a new stream of disks arriving and are very friendly and always willing to help (Do I get my money now?). Long Live Amicom. By the way - Thanks for the Little ASCII Man (See Above) ... Please note that Amicom PD have now moved. Note their new address below: Send you another package very soon. @{b} ____ ____ // \ __ __ _ // _____ __ __ //_____\ // \/ \ \\ \\ // \ // \/ \ \\ \ \\ \ \\ \\ \\ \ \\ \ \\ \ \\ \ \\ \\___/ \\____/ \\ \ @{ub}@{i} Q u a l i t y A m i g a P D & S h a r e w a r e @{ui}@{b} ---------------------------------------- ---- L O N G L I V E T H E A M I G A ---- ---------------------------------------- @{ub} 143 Weeland Road, Sharlston, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF4 1EB Tel:01924-864798 Mon-Sat 9.00am to 5.00pm @{i} /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ \ / / ALL OUR DISKS ARE ONLY 55p EACH \ \ (Free Postage & Package / minimum 5 disks or more) / / \ \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ @{ui} @{b} W E L C O M E ------------- @{ub} Hi and welcome to our Monthly updated CATALOGUE DISK packed with loads and loads of quality Amiga PD & Shareware titles for you and your Amiga to enjoy. If you don't see the Title that you want, give us a call on (01924-864798) we may be able to get it for you. Well hope you do find something of interest and remember we also add loads more new titles every week. So keep in touch. @{b} H I N T S ' N ' T I P S O N P D ----------------------------------- @{ub} When you purchase any of our Titles you may be a bit eager to check them out. Well that's fine most of the Titles will bootup when inserted in your disk drive, but many will need either your WorkBench disk or a particular program to use the Title you purchased. So please take time and read any document's you come across and don't get angry if you find that it don't seem to work. You may just be doing something wrong and by reading the documents and following the instructions you will so get to use the Title you just purchased. @{b} H O W T O O R D E R --------------------- PLEASE TAKE NOTE ---------------- @{ub} Minimum accepted Cheques and Postal Orders is £3.00. Sorry. Orders of any less please send in Postage Stamp value ok. Write down the DISK NUMBERS, TITLES and the AMOUNT of Disks. At the side of the TITLES you will see if the disk is more than 1 disk e.g. (A,B) at the end of a TITLE means it is a 2 disk set, (A,B,C) means 3 disk set and so on. Also at the very end of the TITLE line you will notice in brackets e.g. (Wb1,2,3) this tells you which type of SYSTEM the TITLE may work on. (WE CANNOT GUARANTEE IF TITLES WILL WORK ON YOUR SYSTEM) There are too many systems to check them all correctly. @{b} H O W T O P A Y ----------------- @{ub} Please do NOT send any cash as it MAY go MISSING. Payment is accepted by Cheque or Postal Orders ONLY. (Minimum accepted Cheque / Postal Order value £3.00) We don't have credit card facilities as yet. Make all Cheques / PO`s payable to A M I C O M =========== Send To:- A M I C O M (Dept Cat), 143 Weeland Road, Sharlston, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF4 1EB @{b} D I S K P R I C E S -------------------- @{ub} ALL OUR DISKS ARE ONLY - 55p EACH (Free Postage & Package / Minimum order 5 disks or more) Catalogue update FREE - send your copy with ORDERS ...... @{b} P O S T A G E & P A C K A G E ------------------------------- @{ub} @{i} NORMAL POSTAGE (FREE) --------------------- @{ui} Postage is FREE on 5 Disks or more ANY LESS 80p @{i} RECORDED DELIVERY (55p) ----------------------- @{ui} Add 55p to your orders @{i} REGISTERED DELIVERY (£3.00) --------------------------- @{ui} Add £3.00 to your orders. @{i} ALL OVERSEAS ORDERS ------------------- @{ui} EUROPE - Add 25p per disk to cover postage. (25p a disk please) WORLD - Add 50p per disk to cover postage. (50p a disk please) @{i} CD ROMS POSTAGE --------------- @{ui} U.K. - Postage & Package is FREE for each CD ROM. EUROPE - Postage & Package is £1.50 for each CD ROM. (Max £6.00) WORLD - Postage & Package is £2.00 for each CD ROM. (Max £8.00) @{b} D I S C L A I M E R ------------------- @{ub} To the best of our knowledge we checked Titles/materials in our library are freely redistributable. However we cannot guarantee the distribution status of any Title/material or assume any liability for any such Title/material in our library. A M I C O M shall NOT be liable for damages,lost profits or any losses including incidental or consequental arising from use of or inability to use the software on any of our disks. A M I C O M do NOT sell the software which we distribute, only the disks, labels, copy service and distribution costs. A M I C O M reserve the right to delete or replace any disks within our library at our discretion. Faulty or unfit to distribute disks also apply. Refunds of purchase price or a replacement disk will be given also at our discretion. A M I C O M must be notified within 30 days of receipt about faulty disks which we will refund or replace at our discretion. A M I C O M makes no other warranties or guarantees conce- rning any of our disks or the contents within them. @{b} L A S T N O T E S ------------------ @{ub} If you find any of our disks are faulty PLEASE don't get too angry just send them back telling us of the problem and we will either send you another copy or another disk of your choice. (Or your money back if you feel that way). PLEASE make sure you check that the disk you bought was compatible with your machine. Our compatibility checks dont mean to say that they WILL work on your kind of System... THERE ARE TOO MANY SYSTEMS TO CHECK CORRECTLY... REMEMBER THIS we are always here to help YOU... Thats all... YOUR FREINDS at AMICOM Call KEV or IAN ... (TEL : 01924 - 864798) Byyyeeeeee..... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node fast "The Federation Against Software Theft" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo--------------------------+ | The Federation Against Software Theft | +---------------------------------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: The Federation Against Software Theft Phone: (01753) 527999 @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node elspa "European Leisure Software Publishers Association - Crime Unit" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo---------------------------------+ | The European Leisure Software Publishers | | Association - Crime Unit | +----------------------------------------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: European Leisure Software Publishers Association - Crime Unit Phone: (0990) 133405 @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node aformat "Amiga Format" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo----------+ | Amiga Format Magazine | +-----------------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Amiga Format Address: 30 Monmouth Street Bath Somerset Postcode: BA1 2BW Telephone: (01225) 442244 Fax: (01225) 732341 E-Mail: amformat@futurenet.co.uk (Include Department, or mail will be not be read) Editor: Nick Veitch Deputy Editor: Ben Vost @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node cuamiga "CU Amiga" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo------+ | CU Amiga Magazine | +-------------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: CU Amiga Address: 37 - 39 Millharbour Isle Of Dogs London Postcode: E14 9TZ Telephone: (0171) 972 6700 E-Mail: General@cu-amiga.co.uk (General Enquiries) Backchat@cu-amiga.co.uk (Letters Page) Q+A@cu-amiga.co.uk (Technical Help Page) Editor: Tony Horgan Technical Editor: Mat Bettinson @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node aminet "The Aminet" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo------------------+ | The German Aminet Mirror Site | +-------------------------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Aminet E-Mail: http://www.germany.aminet.org/animet/ Computer Setup: MASSIVE! @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node cis "C.I.S" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-+ | C.I.S | +--------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: C.I.S Address: 60 Dunkeld Road Goodmayes Essex Postcode: RM8 2PT @{ub} CIS are a group of Amiga fanatics who put together the Batman slideshow which I just bought. It is pictures taken from the animated Batman series that you see on the early morning cartoons on Saturday on ITV etc. The drawings are very high quality, and with their permission, I will be using some of them in future issues of this guide. I wrote to them a while ago, but still have not heard from them again. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node jw "Jodie Wilkes" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-+ | Jody Wilkes | +--------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Jodie Wilkes Address: 102A King Street Alfreton Derbyshire Postcode: DE55 7DD Date Of Birth: 28 January 1981 Computer Setup: A1200 External Disk Drive @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node sjr "Stephen J Ryan" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo---+ | Stephen J Ryan | +----------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Stephen J Ryan Address: 13 Westfield Avenue Highfurlong Carlton Blackpool Postcode: FY3 7LU Date Of Birth: 09 November 1976 Computer Setup: A600 2MB Ram + Clock 20MB SCSI Internal Hard Drive 2nd A600 which needs a disk drive Nintendo 64 @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node ct "Chazz Trager" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-+ | Chazz Trager | +--------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Chazz Trager Address: 252 Langside Road Glasgow Postcode: G42 8XN Date Of Birth: 28 January 1946 Computer Setup: A1200 Plus 8MB memory Upgrade (10MB In total) External Disk Drive 250 MB Hard Drive @{ub}@{i} I am interested to hear from any Amiga Users out there with a view to swapping Public Domain disks or have a chat, swop information etc. @{ui} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node jr "Jock Ross" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-+ | Jock Ross | +--------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Jock Ross Address: PO Box 14651 Lochgelly Fife Scotland Postcode: KY5 0PX Age: 52 Date Of Birth: 17 April 1945 Computer Setup: 2 MB A1200 8MB Zorro Accelerator 1.2GB Hard Drive 2 External Drives 8 Speed CD Rom Citizen Printer Amstrad Monitor @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node na "Nick Abbot - PD Plus" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo----------+ | Nick Abbott - PD Plus | +-----------------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Nick Abbot Address: 108 Zetland Road Town Moor Doncaster South Yorks Postcode: DN2 5EJ Date Of Birth: 9 May 1983 Computer Setup: A1200 + Blizard 1230 50MHZ + 8 MB SCSI CD-ROM Drive (External, 2 Speed) Amstrad DMP 3000 Dot Matrix Printer Hewlet Packard 500C Deskjet Printer (Lucky him!) 3 GB IDE 3.5" Hard Driv (Brand new) Cumana External Disk Drive A Joypad & Mouse A600, A500 Sony Playstation @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node ga "Geoff Aitken" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-+ | Geoff Aitken | +--------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Geoff Aitken Address: 60 Bellfield Crescent Kirkcaldy Fife Scotland Postcode: KY1 3AR Date Of Birth: 17 March 1967 Computer Setup: 2 A1200's 4MB 33Mhz Memory Board / Accelerator 8MB Memory Board 2.4GB Hard Drive Amstrad Monitor External Disk Drive Zappo CD Rom (2 Speed) Mannesman Printer A500 with 1MB Upgrade @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node alanh "Alan Hennebery" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo----+ | Alan Henneberry | +-----------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Alan Hennebery Address: 7 Westcourt Caherslee Tralee Co. Kerry Eire Postcode: No postcodes in Eire E-Mail: 9620516@ul.ie Date Of Birth: 07 December 1978 Computer Setup: 2 MB A600 250 Mb hard drive (2½") Star LC-100 9-pin colour printer Squirrel SCSI interface MediaVision 'Reno' CD-ROM (2 speed) @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node ajackson "Andrew Jackson" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo---+ | Andrew Jackson | +----------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Andrew Jackson Address: 7 Nut Tree Close East Huntspill Nr. Highbridge Somerset England Postcode: TA9 3PN Date Of Birth: 15 February 1980 Computer Setup: A1200 Blizzard 1230 with 16MB RAM (18MB in total) 20MB IDE Hard Drive (Soon to be upgraded) SCSI 2 Speed CD Rom Drive External Disk Drive Sound Sampler @{ub}@{i} I have owned an Amiga for 2 years now - I first owned an A600 and then in June / July 1997 I bought an A1200. Most of my time is spent on swapping PD in my library called Gunsmoke PD. In my library I have just over 1000 disks which include Utilities, Games, Slides, Anims, Coverdisks, Music, Fred Fish, Diskmags etc. I also own Aminet Set Box 3, 5, Aminet CD 16 & AGA Experience CD Volume 2. @{ui} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node awhiteley "Andrew Whiteley" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo----+ | Andrew Whiteley | +-----------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Andrew Whiteley Address: Flat 7 Wyychway House Bullring Deddington Oxfordshire Postcode: OX15 0TT E-Mail: Andy@wwhse.demon.co.uk Date Of Birth: Computer Setup: A1200 with 10MB RAM Blizzard 1230/4 Accelerator Board 230 MB Hard Drive 2 External Drives Zappo CD ROM Supra 28,800 Fax Modem Black & White Hand Scanner (for pictures, not hands!) @{ub}@{i} Andy is the programmer of the excellent diary and planner, Remdate, which I of course, have registered for, and I suggest you do the same. He also wrote the game Tetren, which in my opinion, is the best Tetris style game I have ever seen. It only has 30 levels, which you may think is hard, but you will find it VERY VERY hard to complete this game. I have sent a letter to him, asking for the passwords to the levels. I can only get to level 10, and belive me, it was hard going. You will have to bribe me very much, as I will be not giving these passwords out to anyone, you know. This man spent ages writing this game. The least you can do is play it properly. Note to Andy:- Is my advertising fee in the post yet! This man is also GOD! At the start of October, my Hard Drive broke down and was completely wiped! This man came to my rescue, and supplied me with a disk which has saved my computer from extinction! I can only thank this man from the bottom of my heart. @{ui} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node jpercival "Jamie Percival" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo---+ | Jamie Percival | +----------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Jamie Percival Address: 6 Bulmer Place Hartlepool Postcode: TS24 9BQ E-Mail: hartlepoolman@hotmail.com Home Page: www.geocities.com/siliconvalley/5887/ Date Of Birth: 2 December 1979 Computer Setup: A1200 240 MB Conner Hard Drive 2 Amitek External Drives @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node ahmed "Ahmed H S" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-+ | Ahmed H S | +--------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Ahmed H S Address: Has not returned questionnaire, so cannot give out address. Computer Setup: A1200 Apollo 1230 Lite + 4MB RAM 450 MB Hard Drive @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node nikola "Nikola Tomic" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-+ | Nikola Tomic | +--------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Nikola Tomic Address: Has not returned questionnaire, so cannot give out address. Computer Setup: A1200 fitted into a PC Desk Top Box Blizzard 1230/4 + 8MB Fast RAM 420 MB Hard Drive MIDI Interface GVP 8 Bit Stereo Sound Sampler @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node plathwell "Paul Lathwell" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo--+ | Paul Lathwell | +---------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Paul Lathwell Address: 3 Sweetbriar Close Gadebridge Hemel Hempstead Herts Postcode: HP1 3PA E-Mail: paul@thenet.co.uk Age: Unknown Computer Setup: Unknown @{ub}@{i} Paul is the author of the great utilities, Onform, Dysk-Stik, and Addressprint. I have already registered for Onform, and I am just about to register for the rest of the programs. Please contact me for copies of these highly recommended utilities. Although Paul does not really want to swap PD, as he ha an Internet account, he would like to hear from all users who wish to register his programs. @{ui} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node sbrown "Simon Brown - S & S Computer Supplies" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo--------------------------+ | Simon Brown - S & S Computer Supplies | +---------------------------------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Simon Brown Address: C/O S&S Computer Supplies (PD) 79 Woodnook Road Appley Bridge Wigan Lancs (01257) 402201 Postcode: WN6 9JR Date Of Birth: 19 January 1968 Computer Setup: Are you ready? 2 A1200 each with 68030 50 Mhz CPU's plus 10 MB RAM 3 External Drives 1.2 GB Ultrthin IDE Hard Drive in one A1200 720 MB 3.5" IDE Hard Drive in the other Zappo Twin Speed CD ROM Quad Speed CD ROM Tower Case with 200w PSU A500 A570 CD ROM 2 Phillips CM8833-II Monitors Speedom 28,800 Fax Modem Microtek Flatbed Scanner Cannon BJC600e Printer Cannon BJC610 Printer CD-32 Zip Drive Squirrel SCSI Interface in one A1200 Viper SCSI in the other Approx 40 CD ROMS @{ub}@{i} If this list is correct then I think that we have found the latest Lottery winner! Obviously, he runs a computer business, and these machines are used for work, but it would be nice to have them anyway! @{ui} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node team17 "Team 17 Software Ltd" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo---------+ | Team 17 Software Ltd | +----------------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name:Team 17 Software Ltd Address: Longlands House Wakefield Road Ossett West Yorkshire Postcode: WF5 9JS Computer Setup: Probably even better than S & S, but unfortunately unknown. @{ub}@{i} I bought Alien Breed 3DII, and there was an error on the Editor disk, as there was with every copy. I wrote to these guys, who posted me out a new, fresh, working copy. My life is now complete, nearly! @{ui} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node rfyri "Ragnar Fyri" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-+ | Ragnar Fyri | +--------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Ragnar Fyri (Won-Tolla) Address: Idunns vei 15 1370 Asker Norway E-Mail: ragnar_fyri@hotmail.com Homepage: www.homeless.com/homepages/wontolla Date Of Birth: 12 January 1957 Computer Setup: A1200 Blizzard 1220/4 (Total 6 MB RAM) Seagate ST9145AG FTS (Far Too Small) Hard Drive Squirrel SCSI Interface Sanyo CRD-254S1.02 Quad Speed CD Rom in a standard box 2MB Amiga 500 Plus Cumana extra drive Cheetah 125+ joystick Canon BJ10 printer GVP Impact Series II A500-HD8+ hard disk (1 GB disk and 2*8MB SIMM memory) 250 MB Viper streamer IoMega Zip drive @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node genocide "Genoicide" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-------+ | Genocide (Morgoth) | +--------------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Genocide (Morgoth) Address: 49 Brampton Road Tottenham London Postcode: N15 3SX Date Of Birth: 23 July 1976 Computer Setup: A1200 2 MB A600 1 MB A500 (KS 1.3) Twin Speed CD ROM Colour Hand Scanner 486 OS/2 PC (YAH, BOO, SUCKS TO YOU - WE HATE PC's!) Apple Macintosh (Unsure of HD or memory, but probably massive!) @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node rmusson "Roy Musson @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-+ | Roy Musson | +--------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Roy Musson Address: 32 Ailsa House Fairhaven Green Idle Bradford West Yorkshire Postcode: BD10 9ND Date Of Birth: 26 August 1949 Computer Setup: 6 MB A1200 (2 Chip & 4 Fast) 2 External Drives 450 MB Hard Drive Citizen Colour Printer @{ub} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node icf "Ian Charles Fyvie" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo------+ | Ian Charles Fyvie | +-------------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Ian Charles Fyvie Address: 8 Skye Court Ravenswood Cumbernauld Postcode: G67 1PA Date Of Birth: 30 June 1951 Computer Setup: A1200 500 MB IDE Hard Drive 2 External Drives Quad Speed IDE CD Rom Acorn Colour Monitor with Internal Stereo Speakers Citizen ABC 24 Pin Colour Printer Roboswitch Mouse / Joystick Switcher Wizard 240 Watt PSU Apollo Pro Accelerator Card 030 40 Mhz 16 MB Fast RAM Black & White Hand Scanner with Printer Auto Switch Joystick & CD32 Joypad @{ub}@{i} Is conversant in using the following utilities: QuarterBack Tools Personal Paint Deluxe Paint Final Copy II Wordworth Pagestream Professional Page Design Works SnoopDOS Directory Opus 4 @{ui} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node mharman "Mark Harman" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-+ | Mark Harman | +--------------+ @{b}@{fg text} Name: Mark Harman Address: Pentrisoft 3 Highlea Close St. Leonards On Sea East Sussex Postcode: TN37 7SS Date Of Birth: 26 May 1979 Computer Setup: Amiga A1200 with 8 MB Fast RAM Blizzard 1230/4 68030 @ 50 Mhz (But no FPU) 340 MB 2.5" IDE Hard Drive Citizen Swift 200 24 Pin Dot Matrix B & W Printer Hoping to get a CD ROM soon, possibly the AT Q Drive @{ub}@{i} Mark is the author of Doubleclick, and also the President of Pentrisoft, the Amiga Programmers Group of which I am a member. If you want to find out more then write to either Mark or myself, and we will post out a disk to you, outlining the basic rules of the Group and joining etc. You could also look at the main Pentrisoft section on this disk. @{ui} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Pentrisoft Section" link pentrisoft} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode @node pentrisoft "Pentrisoft - Promoting Shareware & Its Authors!" @{fg shine} @@@@ ! oo ! +-oOO-(__)-OOo-----------------------------------+ | Pentrisoft - Promoting Shareware & Its Authors | +------------------------------------------------+ @{fg text} Below is a text file from the Pentrisoft Members Pack, which you receive when you enquire about joining. On it is textfiles about Pentrisoft, the latest Doubleclick, and some Pentrisoft logos for you to use. @{b}- What is PentriSoft?@{ub} PentriSoft is a non-profitmaking association for computer programmers whose aim is to help genuine shareware and freeware authors of high quality programs to succeed in the world market for software. @{b}- What platforms does PentriSoft cover?@{ub} In theory, PentriSoft is for programmers on all computers, but at the moment, we can only support those on the Amiga and Apple Macintosh. Although the two 'sections' of PentriSoft share the same name, logo and aims, things are kept fairly separate. @{b}- How did PentriSoft begin?@{ub} PentriSoft was the brainwave of my friend Stephane Gray. He is a Mac programmer, and has since enlisted many other shareware Mac programmers. I am now trying to do the same thing for the Amiga. See PentriNews_June, or DoubleClick! for more information. @{b}- How can PentriSoft help programmers?@{ub} PentriSoft can offer individual programmers a means by which they can contribute to the shareware system as well as providing the use of advertising, beta testing and programming tips from other members. Soon, we hope to offer some sort of evaluation system, and maybe later on, a distribution system, where programs are advertised and distributed `in bulk'. PentriSoft has members with years of experience in programming on the Amiga and Apple Macintosh, eager to offer friendly tips and advice to enthusiastic newcomers. @{b}- How do I join?@{ub} Simply return the questionnaire/Registration file to me at: Mark Harman 3 Highlea Close St. Leonards On Sea East Sussex TN37 7SS I will then send you more details, and maybe put you in contact with other programmers. You will not be charged for anything at any time, but it will speed up replies if you send an SAE. @{b}- What does joining PentriSoft involve?@{ub} By joining, you do not sacrifice any of your ownership rights or programmer fees, but you do benefit from a network of friendly fellow programmers, vastly increased distribution, and the right to use a symbol of software quality that can be displayed on program. From time to time, PentriSoft may put other programmers, working in fields in which you have experience, in touch with you so that you can exchange tips and advice about your programs. Please note that we reserve the right to end a programmer's membership at any time (but there'll be no need for that, of course...;) @{b}- Tell me more about the disk-mag `Double-Click'.@{ub} Well, the best thing is to see it for yourself. Articles are very welcome! @{b}- I know some other Amiga programmers; how do they join?@{ub} Get them to write to me (Mark) at the above address, or better still, give them a copy of this disk and ask them to return a duplicate of the questionnaire (or the registration program if that's what you've got). @{b}- I know some Mac programmers; how do they join?@{ub} This is important; do NOT get them to write to me; instead, ask them to write to this address: Stephane Gray Oaklands Rock Lane Hastings East Sussex TN35 4NY He will send them some more details. @{b}- I know programmers of other platforms; can they join?@{ub} Well, no is the simple answer. However, if there was someone of another platform who wanted to actually set up PentriSoft on another platform, then write to me, and I'll see what I can do. @{b}- More about us?@{ub} Stephane Gray, who originally came up with the idea, controls all things Mac related. Actually, I think he passed control over to someone else recently, but I'm not too sure. I (Mark Harman) am in control of the Amiga related section. I shall also mention Rob Forster, who isn't a programmer, but kindly beta-tests our programs. We are all 17/18 years old, studying hard for our A Levels. Who knows how we find time to do things like this... Both me and Stephane have released some PD programs, but haven't made vast amounts of money from programming (yet?). @{b}- What Amiga do I own?@{ub} I ought to say, since I'm asking about yours. I own an A1200, with 340MB Hard Drive, which I've recently upgraded to an '030, with 10MB of RAM. If you're thinking of upgrading, please do, it makes your life so much better! I also have a 24-pin printer to slowly churn out the various bits and pieces. @{b}-What programming language do I use?@{ub} I use AMOSPro, so I would especially like to hear from other AMOS users. Don't worry if you aren't, however; PentriSoft is for users of ALL programming languages. I also know a little C and ARexx. Stephane, by the way, uses something called `Hypercard'. @{b}- What programs have I written?@{ub} A lottery program (Lottery Numbers), a file encryption program (Protector), and even a biorhythm program (BioCalc), which are in the public domain. I've written various others, but just haven't released them yet (I just can't be bothered). And, of course, both versions of the viewer for DoubleClick! @{b}- What if I drastically upgrade my Amiga, or Get a New One?@{ub} The hardware questionnaire is only really for beta testing purposes (if someone wants to see if a program runs on a particular setup, or it has higher than average system requirements), so it isn't too important. Having said that, I'll always be interested to hear, anyway... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @{"Click Me To Read About Mark Harman" link mharman} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Penpals Menu" link pdcontacts} @{"Click Me To Go Back To The Main Menu" link main} ----------------------------------------------------------------------- @endnode
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