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from the NZ Enzso programe
a great site with info on anything and everthing that is Split Enz related
Under the Wheel
Fantastic fan run Split Enz site
Everything that you ever wanted to know about the Enzso project, plus some wav sound samples of Eddie and Enzso in action
Split Enz Now!
The Offical Split Enz Homepage
Pandora's Music Box
THE Best place to get Eddie CDs
Play it Strange
Lyrics and guitar tabs to most of Split Enz songs
New Zealand Music: Anne-Marie's Kiwi Music Site
Some great pics of Eddie Rayner, as well as the Finn brothers, Mike Chunn, Dave Dobbyn and others
Distant Sun
A great Crowded House site, run by Neil Finn fan, guitar legend Jeff 'KillEye' Koid
Tounge In The Mail
The offical Crowded House homepage
CD Now
If Pandoras Music Box doesn't have your CD, try these guys


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