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A bit of info about the music:

All music was composed using Octamed 4.0 on an Amiga 1000, using only floppy disks and 2 megabyte RAM. All sounds are either borrowed from other modules, downloaded from various internet locations, sampled for me by other friends, or created by me using either the Octamed sample editor or synthsound editor.

You may select which area of the archives you wish to access below:

/\ The B.C. Toolbox
Items needed to hear my music are located here. Go HERE first before you try to listen to my music, if this is your first visit here!

/\ B.C. Original Music Archives [AMIGA] LHA files [PC] ZIP files
A complete listing of all my original tracked music, composed by me within the last year.

/\ B.C. Module Remix Archives [AMIGA] LHA files [PC] ZIP files
A listing of remixes I have done, of other people's module music

/\ B.C. Covered Music Archives
A complete listing of popular music (mainly technopop) that I have redone. These are all ZIP files (so no need to muck about with LHA ... *grin*)

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