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The Poets and Painters Group Pay Tribute


To Alan Repol
Who passed away with AIDS
September 10 1956 - May 6, 1999
A wonderful Poet and Beautiful Painter

Also, to your mother who passed away, (Not of AIDS)
April 1999
God Bless her soul.


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Stick Man Rides Again
By Alan Repol

Acrylic On Board - 45.7 X 60.9 cm

*A Poem: 4 Jenni*
From: alan repol

Who R U
What do U do
I'm really quite
I want 2 know U
U R a little bit
different than all the rest
but that's the kind of
people I like best.

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*Show Us You Are Still Here*
by: Jenni

May you light up the stars,
So we can see your presence,
Just as you did when you were here.

May you show the world,
Your kind heart and will,
Just as you did when you were here.

May you speak your wisdom,
In to the pit of our hearts,
Just as you did when you were here.

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*I Will Always Remember You*
by: Jenni

I will always remember your strength,
Your kindness and care.
I always knew that you were there.

I will make this page plain and simple,
Like you always wanted things to be,
"Just plain and simple, that's the key."

I will remember what you said,
I hold your words very close to me,
I will not give up my fight,
You didn't yours,
You showed me life has many open doors.

I will miss you Alan.
Thank you for being the person that you were!
With Fond Memories, Jenni

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*He Was*
by: alan repol

He was a cantankerous curmudgeon
a grumpy old fart, he didn't care 'bout nuthin'
a man without a heart.
he hated children & he kicked his dog
he wouldn't give U the time of day.
he never laughed or even cracked a smile
he had no compassion, he didn't feel a thing
he was a miser, hi wouldn't waste a penny
he saved his soap scraps & bits of string
a crusty old crank, who never said thankx
he saved candle nubs & pencil stubs
pieces of paper & every receipt
he wore his shoes till they were part of his feet
he was ill tempered, he wouldn't listen
2 anyone or anything, he abused the clerks
with his words, he chopped them down
then complained about their service.
Then one day he saw the light
he knew what was wrong, he knew what was right
he started 2 smile & he cracked a grin
& it felt so good, he did it again
he started talking 2 his neighbours
& kibitzing with the children
laughing, singing, swinging on a swing
he bathed his dog & got new shoes
he became quite jovial; this was something new
everyone wondered what brought on this change
such a difference. Everyone questioned him &
asked him why? He wouldn't tell them he was about 2 die.

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