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Though I didn't know Dana personally, she had an immense impact on my life.
I saw Dana, two weeks before her passing.
She was only thirty years young but, appeared to be a much older looking woman, so frail and week yet, Dana had enough strength left inside to walk; with two canes, her mother on her left and her sister on her right.

Dana was very ill, still, she had this warm, lively and bright glow, that surrounded her entire being.

When I found out Dana passed away, my first reaction was, "Oh my Gosh!"
Denying on one hand this could also happen to me. On the other hand, I knew the full truth.

After speaking with Dana's mother, I found out much more about her.
Dana loved people and animals. She was a kind, warm hearted person who would do what she could for anybody. If you needed her, she would be right there by your side, to support and care for you.

Dana, is greatly missed by her family and friends.
AND all who just knew, "of" her.

I watched Dana struggle.
I did not learn.
Then, unfortunately, Dana passed away.
My inward realizations didn't become clear until my own struggle worsened in February, 1999.
It is because of Dana and my own struggle with Anorexia Nervosa, that I spend a great deal on developing my Eating Disorders Pages.
I really hope to help someone, anyone.
Whether you are a family member or a friend of someone with an Eating Disorder, a sufferer/survivor, a professional in the medical or mental health business, a student doing research, or anyone.
I devote my time on these pages to. . .YOU.
God Bless and Take Care!

We miss you Dana!

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NOTE: I am not responsible for the ads on my pages. I do apologize for some!

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