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"May you walk with the spirit of the wolf.
To be your guide and protector always."

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^View Duncan's Site^ (Used With Permission) ©Duncan Long

On my links pages - The stated, "quotes" come directly from the named sites
OR from the details included in my research.
Since I am the only one working on and researching for these sites...
I will have more links added in time.
Thank you for your patience.

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Anorexia Nervosa|Bulimia Nervosa|Compulsive Overeating

NEW! Bigorexia|Males & Eating Disorders|Online Help|Offline Help

Eating Disorders In General|Discussion, Chat, & Support Groups

My Poetry|Art, Poetry & Other Writings

Dana Johnson
April 2, 1964 - June 4, 1994
Daniel Steven Coates
March 17, 1964 - Dec. 24, 1996

A Tribute To The Carpenters

Eating Disorder Web Rings

Proud Member of the Equality Project

Alan Repol

Sept. 10, 1956 - May 6, 1999
AIDS WebRings


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